wilderness path

a significant inner journey


     The Tarot Cards are mirrors of our inner world that offer reflection on our internal thoughts and emotions. The external world and its busyness serves as a distraction to our inner need for inner work and understanding, becoming an effect of what we feel and think. What we see outside, and what we experience in the world, is mirrored by our inner thougths and conditioning.

     Without this thorough understanding, the external world becomes a distraction to what needs to be addressed within us on this path we have selected to walk at the time level. Yet it is in an inheret seeking, an inner longing, a calling from deep within us that motivates us TO seek, prompting us to look outside, rather than inside ourselves for the answers TO our seeking. If a prompting to seek is INTERNAL, why do we look for the answers outside ourselves?

     For this reason, the Tarot does not offer "answers" to our external lives, but rather clarity within us. This inner clarity then begins to reflect in our external world, and we begin to realize we are the creators OF our external world, regardless of whether we are aware of it or not.

     With regard to our Tarot readings, we do not offer a "quick reading" as some places or some people do, as we feel this is a great disservice to the Tarot. We do not offer "reversal" of meaning of the Cards. You would not try to read a book by placing it upside down, would you? Would you paint a picture standing on your head? Then, this holds true for the Tarot. The Cards are read only one way - in their original upright position, just the way they were painted, designed and created.

     The insights we offer you in the reading will be thorough, intense, truthful, direct and not lacking any clarity. Often a reading will inspire as well as disturb. However, if we see every disturbance as a blessing in disguise, then we begin to learn more about ourselves and those limitations we have imposed on ourselves and our thinking, and in this regard are taking the necessary steps to weed out our fears and insecurities, and rise to be the eternal, changeless spirit that we are.

     If once you receive your reading you have follow up questions, you can continue to email to us your questions and we will correspond with you on whatever you feel needs further clarification as long as necessary. We do not place time limits on a reading.

     We wish for you to feel confident that YOU have received the answers you seek, although often times those answers can be challenging to us and will lead to more questions. That should not matter to you. Our purpose is to bring to light the things that seem to be unclear, hidden, denied or are confusing to you, but also to allow your mind to open to the insights we offer. This will then expand your understanding of youself, for which we are a catalyst.

     The only thing that is really required of you is your willingness to open up to a greater understanding of yourself. And even this your inner Guide will provide. 

     We are not here to tell you what the Cards mean, to you, for you. We are here to share what you have brought out of the Cards to youself, and through dialogue, come to a further understanding of yourself and your function on this plane. We amplify for you what you seek to understand through the Cards about yourself.

     We do not offer you answers to worldly problems, because those are perceptions of our inner conditioning, but rather offer reflection on those things you seek to discover within yourself. Understanding yourself through symbolism will make straight your path, and reveal your function and purpose on this plane that you have come to fulfill. For what else will bring you happiness than fulfilling what you have come TO do?

     The Tarot Cards are then used for this purpose. In the conventional use of them, the reader draws Cards for the recipient, and interprets the reading for the recipient. However, we feel this is a backwards approach to what the Cards offer.

     You, the recipient, will decide what Cards will be drawn. This makes you the active participant in receiving the message you seek from your Inner Self, or Inner Guide, reflected in the Cards you call forth. We offer in reciprocation the insights we Receive that are reflected in the Cards you choose.

     How will you do this? There are 78 Cards in the Tarot deck. In quiet, you will ask your inner Self what Cards you have come to be revealed, and Given to you in 5 numbers, between 1 and 78. We will draw these Cards you have requested, and will proceed to the reading. The 5 Cards represent:


1. Present postion

2. Present expectations

3. What is not expected

4. Immediate future

5. Long term future


     Are you ready to begin?

     Once you decide to receive a reading and send your payment, we will confirm your request by email. We will then communicate through email contact. Please provide a legitimate email address through which we can correspond and be sure to place us in your unblock list. Many email clients may block our email address. If you do not receive an immediate reply from us, check your spam folder. You can also contact us by phone at the number listed at the bottom of this page should you not receive an email reply within one day.

     We look forward to working with you along your spiritual journey. Good luck in your earth walk.

     We walk together with the Universal Mind Guiding us.

     To review an example of the extensiveness of our readings, go to 8/4/2014 on this site. The reading was done by a self-appointed "Tarot reader" named "Michael" who is not affiliated with our site. We reviewed Michael's reading for someone, and offered Michael our feedback on his reading.