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"Who will break the chain of this sickness called 'tradition'?

In the misuse of the concept, tradition becomes an upholding of

sickness, sin, dependency and weakness."

Desert Spirit






Desert Spirit


Thursday, October 10, 2013





     Today my Lesson reads,



There is no conflict, for my will is Yours.”



     Yet as I enter this new Lesson I encounter a perceived conflict, and so let this be my investigation into this perceived conflict, that I  may find a blessing within the disguise of this conflict.



     My conflict is birthed by the words of she the sister who speaks to me about a relationship with a sibling, he the elder brother who displays signs of alcoholism. The brother makes his request to the younger sister, and the sister who clearly is subservient to the brother’s whims explains the brother requests strong liquor to be delivered to him in her plans to visit this family.



     My question to the sister is why she would promote, sponsor and uphold the wishes of an alcoholic while attempting to break free from his dominance. For the addiction is sacred to the addict and its promoters. It seems there is an issue with the sister that involves “pleasing” the brother, and any challenge to resist his requests could potentially, according to the sister, lead to a separation. Rather than endure a separation from he upon whom she is dependent, she considers giving in to his insane request to deliver to him the poisonous potion that keeps them both weak and confused.



     When asked why she would sponsor and contribute to the addiction, her reply is, “It is tradition.” When I hear this word it singes my mind. And the memory of my youth while on a high school field trip to see the movie, “Fiddler on the Roof” comes rushing back to me in which Tevye sings of “tradition”.



tradition – (L, tradere, deliver) – the handing down of beliefs, customs from generation to generation; a story, belief handed down this way



     The definition stirs in me the words of sacred scripture in which it is Written, “The sins of the father are handed down to the third and fourth generations”. And so it begins to dawn on me that “tradition” is the continuation of the separation and upholding of the “sin” no one ever questions.



     Today my Lessons says there is no conflict, and so this investigation into the word “tradition” brings me to clarity that traditions are not questioned or abandoned and are what preserves the sickness. Yet is there not a right use of this concept called “tradition”?



deliver – (L, de, intense + liber, free) – to set free or rescue; to assist at the birth of; to hand over; to distribute; to strike; to throw



     So now I am thinking of Traditions as they are written in the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, which lists Tradition One as,




Our common welfare must come first; personal recover depends on A.A. unity.”




     Today the word “tradition” consumes me as I discover its meaning, to deliver, as well as a birth of something, which suggests a tradition would lead past the known and into the new and the unknown. For how can a tradition be handed down and never bring a birth of the new if it is a continuation of the old?



     A tradition, in the true sense of the word, is a setting free; it is DELIVERANCE and not a DELIVERY. Yet the tradition of which the sister speaks imprisons BOTH to sickness; the one who requests the poisonous potion, and the one who delivers it to him. This use of tradition is a promoting and upholding of the addiction, and each of them needs the other to continue in the sickness of dependency and addiction.



     He requires the poison to keep him from liberation from it, and she requires the role in order to keep her brother “happy”. He who asks FOR the poison is not free, and she who delivers it TO him is not free. Then, their idea of tradition is to keep each other prisoner to sickness and dependency.



     Both are weak and dependent on each other that becomes a masquerade for “love”, upholding each other’s sickness, sin, weakness and dependency. Giving power TO these, they seem to be impossible to escape. Giving power to them is the ill-use, or misuse of Your Power.



     Who will break the chain of this sickness called “tradition”? In the misuse of the concept, tradition becomes an upholding of sickness, sin, dependency and weakness. He who is too weak to break free OF the addition seduces she who will feed his addiction. Where will he get his poison if she were to break this “tradition” and say “NO!” ?



     Now I must uphold Your Tradition and say, “No, I cannot and will not side with this tradition, but I will offer a correction of the misuse of tradition, that all minds may receive deliverance from this habitual thinking.”



     I say NO to the disease. I say NO to this insane tradition as I see it is not productive for me to be part of the upholding of long, unchallenged traditions, as the “sins” of the father are passed on, unnoticed, from the third to fourth generations.



     Now if tradition can be used to heal the minds of all Sons of God, then I perceive it to be the action of my Lesson; that reveals, “There is no conflict, for my will is Yours”. And if this lesson has been arranged for me to extend my discovery, let it be MY tradition to offer a healed perception to my own mind within which others suffer and struggle. It becomes, “The blessings of the Father are handed down to the third and fourth generations.”



     I come to demonstrate what may be Your Tradition, which suggests, “Our common welfare must come first; personal recover depends on unity.” It MUST COME first. I will to be united in recovery and not in sickness.



     What can I offer that would break the chain of “tradition” that has continually supported sickness and separation? What belief or action would I hand down to other generations that would deliver the mind from sin and sickness?



     A tradition is a deliverance and not a delivery.



     In the true sense of this word, a tradition is the birth of the new, and not the continuation of the old, to which another agrees submissively. It is a breaking free FROM the sickness rather than a supporting of it.



     Now if Your Tradition is to deliver me FROM sin, rather than uphold and continue it, then traditions come to be a transformation that gives freedom and redemption FROM sickness and sin to both, to all.



     I move forward from this and leave them to their “traditions”.



     Now in the conflict I perceive regarding tradition, I will be free of THEIR “traditions”. I cannot and will not be part of this “family” that clings to tradition as some kind of sacred robe. I extend Your Tradition to all minds now.



     It is quite effortless to say “yes” to the tradition of sickness. And it would require a great deal of self-discipline to say “no” to this insane practice. Now let the tradition be deliverance from sin rather than the continuation of it, and handed down to all generations to come.



     Now let the challenge begin.



     So be it now.

     “It is done.”