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     Generally I would not use the space of this sacred site for such a revelation, but is essential because my personal feelings about this are irrelevant.

      So I find myself in the presence of an Ebay seller who thinks he is “saved” from whom I purchased paint who was upset at feedback I left. He replied with all sorts of justifications. He is one who posts religious dogma in his listings and sends little drawn pictures of crosses in green ink on the packages buyers receive.
     I messaged him asking him many, many questions. He told me I must not be saved because I used the word “Impersonal” to describe “his Jesus”; he likes to call him “my Jesus”; his own little personal heriloon he keeps in his back pocket whom he claims is his “personal guide and savior”, as most of the Bible thumpers do who call themselves “born again Christians”.
      I want to throw up when I hear this.
      He wanted to teach” me about “Jesus” whom he says wants to have a personal relationship with everyone and everyone is saved by “Jesus and blah, blah, blah ...the happy horseshit of the delerious. So according to him, he is "saved", AND he has “Jesus” in his back pocket to carry around with him, a commodity that he attempts to sell to everyone, even through his Ebay account.
      So I explained to him he is a fool, and asked him if “his Jesus” would be offended I said so, or if “his Jesus” needed him to explain to everyone about each person’s salvation.
     Here is some of that dialogue:
 Why does Jesus need you to explain His Plan? As for "your Jesus, the Impersonal will never be yours with which you can claim a personal relationship.”
"Now about my Jesus, if you don't have a personal relationship, the reason I know you don't is your wording "the Impersonal" because He is not Impersonal, He wants personal relations with His loved ones."

“Oh, I see. So you assume you understand what "
he" wants and so you have to speak FOR the Eternal? How arrogant. How can you have a personal relationship when you do not even understand what the Impersonal is? Is this WHY you think you have a personal relationship?

What is personal that does not separate FROM the Impersonal?
Is it not that you THINK you have a personal relationship BECAUSE you know nothing OF the Impersonal? So you become a spokesperson for the Carpenter, claiming you think you know what HE wants? Perhaps HE does not need you to speak for HIM, fool?
 "You noticed that I did not say you were not 'saved’ as you stated that I was not."

"To 'be saved' is to 'be safe'. Think you are safe? Well, let us see. You think you are "
saved / safe" while you proclaim the Creator has a Plan? Is that not a bit of a contradiction? Do you think you are in charge OF ‘God's Plan?

 "Your listings contain the phrase, “God has a plan for you, and you the personal fool think you are the distributor OF It? Could it be that you THINK you are 'saved' is your liability, sir? How can a drowning man full of arrogance save himself? Do you think the Impersonal can ‘saveyou as long as you do not understand or acknowledge the Impersonal?"

"Everybody is saved, the problem is that some do not want to believe in His saving GRACE and accept Him as Lord and Savior."

"Well thank God we do not have to rely on you. Perhaps you do not believe THIS DIALOGUE is part OF that? So does your dogma speech not make YOU the Savior? You are not spreading dogma? Do you not realize you have no idea what you are talking about? Do you NOT see that you speak with a mouth full of dung?”

"Now about my God has a plan for you, look at these messages we are having. I get to tell you about my Jesus and we may have never met. Just think about my saying on the card."

 "Your God??? That is what they said about the ET’s when they started visiting the earth 100,000 years ago. Could it be this what you say is a bit backwards? Perhaps my messages were SENT TO YOU to open your mind?

"Perhaps your self-righteous arrogance has been called into question? How can He proceed to teach you about Salvation when you think you are Its author? How can you proceed while you think you are ‘saved? Who will save you from your definitions of salvation and all those you mislead with your deception? Who will save us from YOU?

"I don't think I would / will put these messages on due to this is between Jesus and us."

"Oh, I see. So ‘your Jesuswill not approve? And this is not part of ‘your God’s plan? They will have a conniption fit when They see this on our website perhaps because it will make you look like the fool you are and the foolishness you speak? Did you not just say everyone is saved? So now you want to HIDE your words? So I will post all this for others to see.

"If you do not want to hear about Jesus anymore? I guess this will be good by."

"Think you that the Impersonal Who sent me to you needs you to speak for It? Perhaps Yeshua wants you to open your mind and hear more about what you know nothing about? Do you not see you are like the false prophets who spread their personal belief system to any jackass who will listen?

"Perhaps Sananda had something to say to those like you? Would, ‘Be gone Satan, I have no use for you be appropriate here? Would it NOT apply to you or WOULD it apply ONLY to you?

“Do you think Impersonal Wisdom belongs at the feet of swine such as yourself who claim personal salvation while denying the Impersonal Who brought salvation?

"Do you think Salvation is NOT impersonal or IS impersonal? How can what is brought TO the world be OF the world? Perhaps ‘MY SALVATION IS NOT OF THIS REALMsuggests that your personal definition of It IS of his world?

"Perhaps you have been listening to fools and now have become one? Perhaps you need to sell your wares elsewhere, luke6v38?

"Now YOU have gone too far. There was no reason to call me a fool. Until you say your sorry for that remark, DO NOT and I mean DO NOT email again.""

LOL...does the wind obey you when you put up your hand to stop it from blowing in your dirty face because you find it offensive?

Would you call a rock a tree?

Would you call a tree a bird?

Would you call resentment, avoidance and arrogance salvation?

Would you call the Impersonal personal?

Would you not call the personal Impersonal?

Would you claim you are saved / safe while afraid of words?

Would an open-minded person see he is a fool?

Would a closed minded person not see he is an idiot?

Do you wish to see how I have combined our ‘discussion’ into a Word document to share with all others and will be posted on the link I will send you  shortly? Would you consider this is Requested of me to do FROM the Impersonal?
Would ‘your Jesusand ‘your Godhave it any other way? And how would you know otherwise if you are unaware of the Impersonal Law OF the Impersonal, to Which They belong?
Perhaps you will consider that THEY are in charge of the undoing of your ego-thought system, and not you the fool? You can view all I have compiled when I complete the posting. I will send you the link.

Perhaps you should take up your fool-filled folly and concerns about this with ‘your Jesusand ‘your Godand report back to me?

Would you not want the world to see your words and your resistance to Truth? Would you not want others to see how UNSAFE your so-called "being saved" is?
      So he became offended that I called him a fool.
      So the Lesson today offers, “Every thought you keep hidden shuts communication off…. This is why I have to say what I see. I cannot pretend I do not see a jackass instead of an angel. When a Cheetah sees a Gazelle, he chases it, knowing it is his next meal if it can catch the Gazelle. It does not chase a Hippopotamus.
      I asked him, "Then shall I call you an idiot? Is that better for you? Do you call a zebra a squirrel?”
But fool and idiot sound offensive to people.”
      Of course, because THEY HAVE PRIVATE THOUGHTS. Imagine how Peter felt when Yesuha called him “Satan”? They WANT the personal. So I gave him the impersonal, but even if you extend the impersonal TO them they can only translate it with the personal mind. So it is offensive to them.     

     They will not allow a serious dialogue. They want to impose their conclusions and beliefs and bullshit and defend them and will not allow the mind to be opened to ANYONE ELSE or ANYTHING ELSE. “I am right and you are wrong”. Their whole reason for existing is to express THEIR PERSONAL VIEW and trample on anyone who challenges and questions them.

     So there has to be another way to communicate openly. But YOU WILL ALWAYS ENCOUNTER THOSE WHO WILL INSULT YOU RATHER THAN hear the truth. And inevitably they will find the truth insulting, and say to you, “You are a disgusting human being…” while a parrot is sitting on their head and shitting in their hair and they are not minding it one bit; a curious metaphor; “shit-for-brains”.
      And this exercise of extending the impersonal will always wind up with your ego trying to convince you that you are wrong and should not call people names and should be quiet and not say things that disturb people and blah, blah, blah.
      Stink Vine / Skunk Weed will crawl all through your Azalea’s regardless of what you say or do to it. It is more persistent than are we. It understands the principle of one-mindedness as it wishes to be nothing else. You will never find an elephant that wants to be a fireman or an accountant.
      But now this Communication is available in an instant because there IS NOTHING ELSE BUT His Knowledge in whatever way Truth expresses itself through you.

      Sometimes I have to back off until there is clarity to speak, the Energy present is so strong. It was that way in the beginning when I first started sharing in A.A. and then in the present material we study.

      It is not reckless or full of predetermined phraseology. It is exact, like a surgeon’s scalpel.

     A holy instant is a timeless moment of perfect open communication in which giving and receiving with Spirit Realm are present, affecting ALL minds, not just those who are clinging to their personal thoughts, predetermined mania and belief systems, claiming they are "saved" by their "personal guide and savior".

     How can he who says to me, “Now you have gone too far” know he is “saved”. How can he who has "his Jesus" sitting in his closet who is "saved" be threatened or feel threatened? How can “the saved” not feel safe in the use of a small four letter word? This is exactly what occurred to Helen. And she would break communication, screaming at Him, “ENOUGH!”, and then would return days later to continue receiving His Communication.

      So it is Written,
Every thought you would keep hidden shuts
communication off because you would have it so.
It is impossible to recognize perfect communication
while breaking communication holds value to you.
      This He told her because she kept cutting Him off, screaming at Him because she did not want to hear the truth, like E. and M. and Ebay guy. Essentially He was calling her a fool, insulting her so-called “intelligence”.
And what does “gone too far” mean? Far where? Where is that criteria that measures far and close?”
      Why does a person sell a house you partially own, not tell you her intended "plan", take all the money and then reveal it three days later and then say “Well I cannot do anything. I have a contract on the house and it will cost me 3000.00 to remove it.It was God's will...”?

 What does he mean by ‘too far’? Where is that point where ‘far’ happens and not far is still good? So does that mean ‘perfect communication’ has not limits and ‘breaking communication’ is limited by ‘far’?”

     Gone too far is “I will allow you to speak to me until you go near my sacred cow then I will break communication with you.

     It is like B. and the others voyeurists who visit here occasionally, stealthily, hiding behind phantom bogus email accounts, sending me one liners, reading the contents of the website “in private because no one knows I am here…

      Their infatuation and obsession is making them sicker.