wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"It takes a tremendous amount of insight and wisdom to understand

we are not in charge of our experiences,

that we did not decide or choose them,

that what we think are our decisions and choices about anything are merely justifications for excuse-making

when we refuse to see that Spirit is responsible for everything we encounter."

Desert Spirit




Saturday, October 01, 2011


Desert Spirit


     Spirit tells me this world, this plane, is ruled by darkness. What does this mean? When I think of darkness I think of ignorance, lack of understanding, a lack of awareness of what I am as spirit, in reality, and of what I am doing here. This I think of more than the idea of dark, ‘evil’ entities misguiding many, although this too must be part of the darkness of this world that is ruled by it.


     And so if the Higher Entities know the world is ruled by darkness, then They also must know who are those beings among us who are ruled BY this darkness, and that there is a need FOR Guidance at this level. Yet this Guidance is never absent from one.


     Guidance is not outside us, nor is it apart from us. Rather, it is a PART OF us. It is the Light of the Higher Mind in all minds that quietly leads us through all lessons, all experiences we come to unlearn. And this can easily be seen as the truth that it is by looking to past lessons, in hindsight, as to how we have always been  moved through perceived difficult times to a successful outcome, or an outcome that has always been for our highest good, an outcome that has allowed us to learn about ourselves from which we have grown.


     Today I discovered that our brain, the intellectual mind, the ego, has concluded that the circumstances we find ourselves in are directly related to the choices we make, the decisions we make. The false personal mind concludes this because we actually think we are responsible for what we experience. But this is false; it is misperception; it is self-deception.


     Then if this is the case, for what ARE we responsible? We are only responsible for HOW WE PERCEIVE our experiences. And if we perceive we are the decider OF them, then we are deluded, we are deceiving ourselves. And we do not see that the experiences are Arranged for us.


     The greatest misunderstanding a being can make on this plane is to think he or she has ‘free will.’


     If then our experiences are Arranged for us, and it IS our responsibility as to how we perceive this, then we could never conclude that we were the decision-maker of anything we experienced. We would have to see that since Spirit is in charge, then to perceive this Fact would place us in harmony WITH Spirit IN every experience we encounter. If we do not perceive this, then we are in disharmony, and in disharmony try to figure out how the experience came about, and why, and how to change it to our liking.


     If our experiences ARE Arranged, but we misperceive this by thinking WE arrange our experiences, then we must also be responsible for the outcome we see in hindsight as we pass through these experiences. We then have to take credit for the successful outcome that we did not see would come about from the experience we think we arranged. And if we already think the experience WILL LEAD TO successful outcome, then it would not matter what the experience was; we would be in harmony with all things and all experiences.


     But we are not.


     We are not in harmony with all experiences because we think we are the decision-makers OF the experiences, and decisions mean there is a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way which inherently are of opposition, which is a conflicting energy. And if we are the decision-maker of experiences then we are the decision-makers of the outcome. Good or bad, then, we must see it IS what we decided.


     The Wise teach us that because we are NOT in charge OF what we experience, that there is one very simple exercise in every experience we encounter that we can exercise – ALLOW.




     In allowing the experience we AC CEPT the experience. The experience is often a change in our lives, in our living arrangements, in our ways of thinking, in our work, in our place of residence. To ALLOW or ACCEPT the changes we encounter in the experiences we are Given is to be in harmony WITH these changes. To be in harmony with these changes is to be within the Music of the Universe that is orchestrating these changes. Where there is acceptance and allowance, there is no resistance.


     Where there is no resistance, there is freedom. Where there is freedom there is peace. Where there is peace there is love. Where there is love there is the recognition that the experience IS Given for our highest good FROM Love.


     If we do not see that Spirit IS in charge of every experience we encounter in our earthly journey, then we resist, in various ways, the changes. We attempt to stop them, understand why they are happening, try to figure out how to alter them, attempt to suspend the action of them, or arrogantly refuse to accept them and demand they cease to exist in our lives.


     We exercise an incredible amount of energy in resisting the changes that Spirit places into our lives. This energy is self-defeating and we often experience it as struggle, depression, anger, confusion, sadness, irritability, discontent, avoidance, blame, attack.


     In the presence of all this energy that is self-defeating, we attempt to find ways to medicate it, or deny it is what we are experiencing. We look for solutions for these ill feelings in endless ways.




     For that is the only way OUT of them.


     It takes a tremendous amount of insight and wisdom to understand we are not in charge of our experiences, that we did not decide or choose them, that what we think are our decisions and choices about anything are merely justifications for excuse-making when we refuse to see that Spirit is responsible for everything we encounter.


     Self honesty will reveal to us that these experiences HAVE been Arranged FOR us, and on another level with our approval. These experiences are NOT willfully imposed on us. We HAVE requested them. The proof OF our request for them is IN OUR EXPERIENCE WITH them.


     Then, when two individuals meet, it is not done by the ideas the two individuals share that brought them together. They may think they met because of THEIR choices. But this is false. It is Spirit Who brought them together. This implies Spirit has a REASON FOR these two beings to meet.


     And when these two individuals part ways, it is not done by the ideas the two individuals share that they think brought about the parting. It is Spirit Who has decided the relationship has served its purpose and is needed no longer. Spirit sees that it is no longer useful or valuable to these two individuals.


     In the time BETWEEN the joining and parting of two being’s lives, be in ten minutes or ten years, the personal mind of ego attempts to explain HOW and WHY these two individuals came together, what were the situations that gave rise to their meeting, and what promoted their parting of ways. And ego has an endless list of reasons as to why these two events took place, as well as how these two individuals could have made them different.


     What is the only point IN the joining and parting of ways that is relevant TO the individual and to Spirit?


It is this –


that Spirit made the joining possible, and Spirit made the unjoining possible, and everything  in between is irrelevant.


     These two beings then could BE TRULY FREE IF they both realized, “Spirit brought us together; Spirit led us apart for Spirit’s Reasons and not ours. And I accept this without regret and with gratefulness.”


     This then would truly be a demonstration off enlightened beings.