wilderness path

a significant inner journey

Once buried in the dark depths of adversity,

I have now been lifted by the Phoenix,

into the fresh air and light, into the new, into new experiences,

into new beginnings.

Desert Spirit



Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Tonight I review the TAROT that was Given to me which speaks of the ending of the old, stagnant, tired and dark and entry of new beginnings. And the I-CHING that spoke of clinging to truth. For these two readings are on and the same.


As I study tonight, I review the day's events and the Animal Energies that visited me; the Red-tailed Hawk and the Raven.


And I think of the Chilean miners who have been freed tonight from their tomb deep below the surface of the earth where they have been trapped for two months, where they worked to dig for gold, in the gold minds of Chile.


And I think of my lesson as I recite the mantra once again,


"Give me your blessing, holy Son of God."


Raven - If Raven has flown into your life, you can be sure that something unusual will be happening; something out of the Void from the Great Mystery.


unusual - not usual or common; rare; not frequently encountered; scarce; unusually good; excellent; to be eager


Red-tailed Hawk - Embrace the power of fire and come alive with passion and energy for Life. Ignite your fire.


And what is the fire and passion except the Spirit that I am, and its use of power Given by Great Mystery? How will I use it now, tonight, within this lesson?


Based on my recent travels to the north on a motorcycle, and based on the recent Tarot reading AND I-Ching, this encounter with the Raven and Hawk as well as the suggested event or events that are potentially available to me, an unusual event, a rare, not frequently encountered event or experience, it seems quite appropriate here and now in this time of my earthly journey these are all coming together. I look in all these events for the blessing the Inner Teacher would reveal to me through them.


And so with this fire in me and potential available, with this power and energy present and offered to me to use, I look to the clear path ahead of me, as it is with the Hawk. He flies effortlessly with no obstacles to hinder his flight, in spite of the hecklers that chase him and squawk, nipping at his tail, the five Raven that find his presence a threat.


The Raven seem to demonstrate the world and its hostility, its aggravations, its discontent, its complaints, its dissatisfaction to which the Hawk pays no mind, nor will I.


I will stay on the clear path that lies ahead of me, leaving the squabbling behind and ignore it. For this fire in me speaks of the new exciting times ahead into which I now move, trusting, accepting that THIS IS MY TIME OF NEW BEGINNINGS in which delay, stagnation, loss, lack, darkness, uncertainty LEAVE ME, and LEAVE MY WORLD/MIND/LIFE.


In this Divine Opportunity I all forth and claim the Gifs that come OUT OF the Void, that Great Mystery my Creator now reveals and releases into my care/life/world.


Come forth with the unusually good and excellent event or events that You have held, waiting to release them into my care and my life experiences. For ALL THINGS NOW POINT TO ONLY THIS profound event/blessing.


Tonight I recall the early morning hours of the previous night in which I sat and patiently waited to witness the first Chilean miner and his extraction from what could have been his tomb. Deep in me, like deep in the earth where the miners resided for months, I felt this yearning and deep need to be a part of this experience, to watch it, to view their release into freedom. And as the first one came up, riding in the small cage appropriately given the name the PHOENIX, and was greeted by his young wife and young son, and as they wept with him, so did I find the cleansing tears wet my own cheeks. For I did not know I was witnessing my own soul's liberation. And yet each night and each day I have asked,


"Give me your blessing, holy Son of God."


Once buried in the dark depths of adversity, I have now been lifted by the Phoenix, into the fresh air and light, into the new, into new experiences, into new beginnings. And THIS I witness as the Chilean miners' liberation is completed.


I see now, in hindsight, their release IS MY RELEASE. Their freedom is my freedom. Their trust in God/Spirit/Creator/Great Mystery in times of adversity is my trust in God in times of adversity, and my release into new life, new beginnings is theirs.


I am lifted out of the darkness.


MY lessons/tests/overcoming and inner healing OF MY MIND is seen in the positive outcome of THEIR LIVES, if it is true that one mind affects all minds.


Thank you for this blessing, holy Son of God.