wilderness path

a significant inner journey

                                          UNDOING OF THE EGO-THOUGHT SYSTEM

                                                                  Desert Spirit


Hello P.,

      Please spend time in asking Spirit Guides to assist you in receiving this reply to your email. This UNDOING OF THE EGO-THOUGHT SYSTEM is in response to your email with the subject RE-STUDY. Spend a moment in asking for eyes to see and ears to hear so that you may not fall into the darkness of the ego's desire to mislead you with its misinterpretations. For although it wants to "learn the spiritual ways", it hates God.

      Now let us proceed.

"Thank you for alerting me to my powerless behaviour of “consuming your guidance. Now that I see it, I have the opportunity to act upon it."

      But you are still collecting data and reacting to it. That is not unlearning, or undoing or application.

"So in my daily practice and my next steps I must be willing to experience the truth in order to know it. I cannot just consume a new belief and proclaim it a truth."

      But this is an explanation of what you are GOING to "do", which requires time, WHILE you are not doing it, which requires no time. If you think you are not presently expressing and experiencing a truth, what ARE you expressing and experiencing?

"So I see that I must be judicious in viewing my experiences and willing to abandon those which stem from a faulty foundation."

      Do you have the wisdom of identifying what you call "a faulty foundation"? How did you find me? You say "Through Peter", but how did you find Peter? When Peter was in Zimbabwe and he was communicating with me, did you know, ten or more years ago you would be encountering Peter? How did you come to cross Peter's and therefore my path?

     Talking about being "willing to abandon" is not the same as taking action of abandoning. I could say, "I must be willing to get out of this chair and abandon my indifferent ways" while eating a cup full of ice cream watching television for three hours. Talking about something changes nothing. It is for the "well-intended" individual. There is no passion in it. There is no heart-felt yearning.

"And so I begin to see the large scale unlearning that is required."

      How can you abandon what you have religiously practices for eons of time? Are you the Teacher? Do you actually think you can abandon anything? Spirit is in charge of the unlearning, not you. The very idea OF "abandoning" is a collecting of ANOTHER idea.

"I have begun to examine my prevailing beliefs and the obstacles I create to Self-discovery. On the archetypal programme I attended last year, I was invited to explore my deepest yearnings."

      How did that "correct" your collecting of "new" data which is currently your "deepest yearnings"?

"...my questioning revealed that my yearnings involved striving to overcome my 'not enough' feelings."

      So you continue to want more and think I can or Spirit can provide it?

"So, to apply myself to unlearning and self-discovery, I am beginning to immerse myself in the energies of honesty, openness and willingness (“HOW”)"

      How are you unlearning the "energies of honesty, openness and willingness" that you have been applying to your world and pursuits?

"... and asking myself––am I giving vital priority to my primary purpose?"

      But this is accumulating. Now you are telling me you know what a primary purpose is, which comes from Recovery and not of this level? Spirit BRINGS Recovery. Do you think They know a thing or two about the Process OF Recovery? If you were homeless, and starving, you may understand something about what is "vital".

"demonstrating and applying the principle of unlearning, by identifying and abandoning my inner barriers (my beliefs, perceptions, projections and attachments) to accessing the HOW energies?

      Is it your inner barriers; beliefs, perceptions, projections and attachments that are motivating you to "do" this?

"attempting to live the Truth being revealed to me daily by my Self-discovery?"

      Who is telling or told you, "Live the Truth that is being revealed to you daily by your Self-discovery"?

     How are you NOT living the Truth rather than think you can attempt TO live the Truth?

"am I taking the opportunity to strengthen my conviction..."

      You want to strengthen your convictions, which implies they are weak, but do not see that in which you have invested your strength?

Are your convictions weak, and if so how have you invested your strength in them? How powerful is your weakness? In what convictions have you taken the opportunity TO strengthen? What has convicted you to this practice?

"I feel that my primary purpose is to do my inner work day-by-day, to awaken to and follow my path to Self-discovery."

      Is this just more getting, the establishing of a routine? "Day-by-day" is not one day at a time. "Day-by-day" is a projecting of time. You are seeking to get, to accomplish something? What within you wants this and thinks a tomorrow or some other day will provide it, or eventually you will come upon it?

"I see that for me, the first step is to gain sobriety or sane mind,"

      You think there IS something to get, to acquire? "I do not have sobriety, so I must gain it." One cannot "learn" to be spirit. Do you think an elephant tells itself it will need to gain some sane direction if it expects to find the watering hole that will quench its thirst?

"and that this requires me to surrender my self-will to,"

      To whom or what do you intend to surrender? And is this what Guidance has Requested? You must surrender, then this implies that you are fighting or you are investing your power in something that is not desirable to you? Do you realize you cannot surrender to what is telling you TO surrender?

"and demonstrate trust in, my Higher Power."

      In what are you currently trusting? In what are you demonstrating you trust in this particular sentence, and in this email you sent me?

"The AA Big Book (pg88) tells me that “faith without works is dead”, so I must extend my sobriety.

      If not sobriety, what are you extending otherwise? If someone is telling you that you MUST do something, what are you doing otherwise? Who said to you, "You must extend your sobriety", assuming you understand the nature of sobriety? "You must get out of this chair" implies you are sitting IN a chair out of which you must rise.

"I am being challenged to develop my conviction by sharing my new experience with others,

      If you must "develop" convictions, are you saying you have none? What convictions have you otherwise already developed and have been sharing? The Wise offer, "Trust not your intentions. They are not enough." Why would it be a challenge to develop that into which you have already placed your power?

"In awakening mySelf,"

      What workshop taught you this? Do you think the Self sleeps? Or are you asleep and this study is just another nightmare out of which you hope to awaken?

"I am told that my awakening will impact all minds, including those of my lineage who continue to sleep."

      Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear, and find out the factual nature of something. Unless you do it will become just another idea turned into a belief system, and you will go to the pub with your friends and "share" these "new ideas" pontificating them to others. And the women will think you are so enlightened. You have no idea the many gurus who use spiritual material for seducing their victims.

      But what you are expressing NOW is NOT affecting them? Have they revealed to you how your current thinking is affecting them? Has your external world reflected this for you?

"Beyond that, I do not have any clear view on what I have referred to as my 'true calling' and whether this is the same as, or complementary to, my primary purpose."

      Then perhaps you would want to not engage in these many "practices" you have carefully outlined above?

"Is a true calling an occupation or role in which sobriety and its extension becomes effortless and natural?"

      So now you are asking something of a sane mind. Have you discovered the effortless and natural attraction ego has for spirituality?

"As an example, I have described my biological father’s true calling as his music, because I feel that it was the activity that demonstrated aspects of his Spirit: it was the thing that he loved best, had the most natural talent for and sharing it with others left him most fulfilled.

      Which he abandoned. So the world has its temptations that keep one asleep. Be aware that ego is more persistent than you are; its convictions are superior to yours, to which you are a slave.

"So I ask: what is the relationship between a primary purpose and a true calling?"

      If you had the answer to this, would you make it into another idea to pontificate? How "spiritual" do you wish to sound to others?

"I am aware of my relationship with a Higher Power,"

      And did you have breakfast with Him? Are you aware of your relationship with ego that has superseded your relationship with a Higher Power? Perhaps ego IS your higher power?

"In addition, on a more mundane level, I have affirmative experience of the reality of a Higher Power"

      It is amazing how mundane "affirmative experience of the reality of a Higher Power" has become.

"With this as a backdrop and, in terms of establishing a relationship with Truth, please could you assist me with my understanding by explaining your usage of the following terms:

“The Spirit World”

     The World of the Spirit; the Dimension of non-physical Reality; the Level of Higher Intelligence; Formless Expression of Life/Light/Love.

“The Wise”

       Those Who are not unwise; Elders; Teachers of the Spirit World (see above); Adepts; Avatars; Masters; They Who Reveal Themselves and Their Titles to you directly.

"a “Guide”

     One Who cannot be defined as a Guide; They Who guide but do not give commands or make demands; the Wise (see above); the Stars

"the “Seen"

      They Who are in form Whom one sees not with the physical eyes or hears with the physical ears; They Who are beyond the physical senses seen WITHIN physical matter.


      They Who are formless Whom one sees not with the physical eyes or hears with the physical ears; They Who are beyond the physical senses seen WITHIN physical matter.


      That Which makes it possible for one, in separation, to communicate to and reach the Creator; the Unseen, the Seen, a Guide, the Wise, and the Spirit World That allow one to reach the Source through Their Help, Mercy and Direction.


     The Indefinable; Timelessness; Light; Life; Love; Source; God; Creator; That Which reveals Itself to the individual as It is identified by Its Title Given TO one; That Which lies beyond the brain at the highest level of Life; non-physical Reality; Source of All Intelligence; That Which is responsible for extending Itself which makes one's own mind possible; the Ocean; each Individual Drop of Ocean Water as part of the Whole.

"I see that you refer to the Mind as being “eternal and formless”, the “Centre” and not the brain”. Please could you help me with understanding: What is the relationship between Mind and Spirit?

      Spirit is the Expression of Life's Movement of Energy; Mind is the Catalyst For Its Expression. Mind is to Spirit what brain is to the body. Spirit is creative expression whose origin is of the Mind in non-physical reality made manifest in a dimension of time and space.

      Brain is an interface which mind uses to communicate Higher Intelligence through it and through a body. In this regard, one does not need a brain to communicate Wisdom/Knowledge of the Unseen. A gardenia has no brain, but who would deny its expression is not of a higher level of intelligence? How does a calf tell its mother it needs milk? How does the cow wean the calf off the milk so that it may fend for itself? Do you know a Grizzly bear will abandon her cub on the very day of its one year anniversary?

"What is the right relationship between the Impersonal Mind and the personal mind?"

      The Impersonal Mind is anonymous, needs no identification. Personal mind (ego) is the medium through which the Impersonal expresses Itself. You say Gardenia (personal); it says flower (impersonal). "Jesus" is personal; I AM is Self; the Impersonal.

     The Impersonal does not wish to draw attention TO Itself, yet OTHERS who are not aware OF the Impersonal Nature of It make It personal, as in "Jesus is my personal guide and savior" or "He is the King of Kings and the ONLY Son of God". Ironically, one might say "The Impersonal is very personal about its Impersonal Nature", as much as one might say, "The personal is very Impersonal about its personal nature".

"Does the process of self-discovery subjugate the ego to the Impersonal and serve to minimise its role?"

      Only to the degree it (ego) has made itself an authority OF the Impersonal. However, everyone must follow someone's direction, and usually this lesson will be humiliating to ego but humbling to spirit. So be wary of not seeing humility as humiliation and visa versa.

"Or do they become aligned in a balanced and harmonious way?

      Yeshua was said to drive the money changers out of the Temple with a whip. What do you think?

      The see-saw is ego. The fulcrum is the Impersonal. It does not take sides. Have you ever seen MR. FROST, with JEFF GOLDBLUM? It is on YOU TUBE. Watch it. "Oh no, we have seen good come from evil an evil come from good". It was filmed in your country.

"Will the personal mind always be subject to disturbances and the desire for self-will?"

      Only until it comes to right-mindedness or a correction in perception. Then it is Prepared for entry into the level of True Perception. From that Level, it is an ascending to Knowledge, which one cannot define or determine. It is an ascension or ascending process whereby the integration of horizontal thought intersects with vertical thought ( + ) (the symbol of the cross).

      wrong mindedness; misperception = "I cannot conceive of a life without alcohol"

      right mindedness; correct perception = "I can conceive of a life without alcohol but not without A.A. meetings"

      true perception = "I can conceive of a life without A.A. meetings, but not without a Higher Power"

      Knowledge = I and the Father are One

"or is there a point at which awareness of Truth would replace the misperception that triggers such chaos?

      "Triggers" are good. They introduce one TO chaos. Chaos then becomes that which one resists until one surrenders in seeing Chaos is misunderstood Order.

"Previously you wrote, "It would be unlike anything you have ever thought of or heard or known.” I wish to explore the last sentence above. To date, my experience of asking questions of my Self and being Given Answers is that I feel a pervasive sense of relaxation (which I feel physically as a release of tension or lightness of being) and knowing, with a sense of certainty and well-being that naturally dispels any resistance my ego may proffer. This experience is distinct from that derived from any formulaic or logical answers. Does this sound akin to the experience you describe above?

      How difficult it is to place the Wordless into words, would you not say (highlighted in bold red)?

      It is why it is called Indescribable. It comes without time. An instant of truth, given to the mind in a split second, would provide enough knowledge that one could write a library full of books, and would be unable to hold that level of thought without a great deal of anxiety because the Inspiration is coming in so rapidly. It would take the length of a book to explain, in words, a holy instant. That is how immense it is. It is why Jesus spoke in parables and metaphors are often used by the wise.

"When I first studied the opening page of Chapter 5 of AA’s Big Book, the feelings I experienced were similar to those expressed in Step 3 of the Twelve Steps book (pg35): 'To every worldly and practical-minded beginner, this Step looks hard, even impossible. No matter how much one wishes to try, exactly how can he turn his own will and his own life over to the care of whatever God he thinks there is?' The questions I have been asking myself include: have my self-will and independent efforts helped me to attain sanity?"

      Why are you trying to attain sanity? What but insanity would motivate you to DO so? You are moving in the wrong direction.

"has my 'worldly success' in appearing smart (educated), attaining relative financial security and having a 'prestigious career' left me feeling fulfilled, independent and liberated?"

      Perhaps it is better to ask "What has not fulfilled me, not allowed me true independence and liberation from time, space, ego-thought system and the senselessness of man-made rules (laws)?"

"if I were to spend the remainder of my life continuing in the same vein or embarking on a retirement of selfish pursuit of material things, would I feel content with my lifetime contribution to this world?"

      What contribution would that be?

      Why not ask why you, currently, feel a lack of confidence? In what HAVE you confided that has perpetuated this insecurity? Are you confident Creator hears you not, or that you cannot hear It? How and why would Creator confide in you His Secrets? How confident do you think Creator is in entrusting His Laws to you and for what purpose? How confident do you think He is hearing you or making contact with you?

"have there been many days in my life where I have felt genuinely fulfilled, content and powerful?"

      Perhaps you might ask, "In what DO I feel fulfilled, content and powerful?" What brings you satisfaction that is lasting, unlike the orgasm that promises much, for a moment, and delivers nothing but exhaustion in the end?

"now that the door to Inner Correction is open, do I feel free to turn away from it?"

      Who says the door is open, ego? Just because you posted a picture of an opened door on your closed doors in your world does not make the door open, even if you have convinced yourself otherwise.

"I do not arrive at any affirmative answers!"

      Good. Now you are getting warmer. The perpetual questioning will bring about the Eternal Answer.

"This inquiry has not yet swept away all of my uncertainty and doubt, but with ongoing (day-by-day) reflection and the passage of time, I feel that the edifice of resistance is gradually crumbling and I am feeling more light and ease."

      Just because you sweep your floor once a month, does that mean your floor is forever clean?

"I note that the Twelve Steps book, in its discussion of Step 6 (pg 108) notes that, when faced with resistance, it is important to make a beginning: 'This I cannot do today, perhaps, but I can stop crying out ‘No, never!’"

      You may be amazed how much "NEVER!" will resurface. There is ultimately a "sacred cow" from which one will not so willingly depart. Yet prior to that it may take YEARS to even get close enough to the Alter upon which this heirloom is held in honor.

"You also wrote,'in this vein of understanding you will be Told EXACTLY what to do, and whatever changes are to take place will NOT BE fearful, mechanical, or behavioral and will be seamless and harmonious.”

      "Exactly" means just that. What is exact knows no opposites or polarities. It does not deviate.

"This reminds me of my defects of self-will, attachment to timelines and expectations, and my misperception of choice. Becoming aware of these flaws and their origin in ego, encourages me to slow down, follow the daily process, ask for guidance, and wait to be Given Answers."

      The Wise offer, "I can use all things you have made". Then we see how wise the river is to wash away the city and provoke individuals to not build their homes in a flood zone. And yet from several years ago they are still waiting for their insurance checks to rebuild their stilt homes on the wetlands fifty yards from the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana. What is in THEIR drinking water that elicits such stupidity?

"Each day in relationship with my Higher Power, I am Given guidance, which is simple, incremental and reassuring."

      Are you interested in the guidance that offers you "simple, incremental and reassuring messages" that keep you passive?

"It appears to me that, at times, I may be 'trying' to move too rapidly in addressing this task of becoming “willing to go to any lengths to get what They have”.

      You say "at times"???

"With reflection, I can feel that it is my ego wanting to understand the 'rules of the game', anticipate the next steps and take control, at which point I know to let go this urgency."

      Anything that pressures the mind with time ideas is not coming from the Timeless. Be aware of this. Ask yourself often, "WHO IS SAYING THIS TO ME?" But be aware also that ego will use this also against you.

"However, I am also aware that I should not delay, so is there any further guidance you would offer?"

      Do not drink, go to meetings, one day at a time. For you, there IS no tomorrow.

"I would appreciate your feedback and guidance on my thoughts and questions above, including you pointing out where my question is the answer."

      The question IS the answer, but not in the sense that the question would receive a reply TO it. The question IS the Answer. Did you catch it? It is right there.