wilderness path

a significant inner journey


 Desert Spirit


Date: 10/14/2021

From: S. 

     Hey David! Just wanted to say hello and see how you've been keeping. What have you been working on lately? At work and at home. :) 

      At work I am doing service work for elders and others who are unable to do the things they ask of me, specifically spreading 2 1/2 pallets of mulch yesterday and today…..250 bags.

     At home started building 1970 Chevy Impala, the second car I owned. It was white with green interior so I am going to paint it those colors. What about you? Anya showed V. my models. I think I will have to send him one. He likes 1969 Chevelle. 

     Oh my god that's a lot of mulch! I've seen it around but never knew how it was called. Mulch. 

     Ah very nice! Please do share process photos. I remember you talking about it. 

      Anya, V. Russian names can sound so funny lol. Slavanya haha! Your models are amazing so no wonder he likes them! 

     Thanks for asking! W. and I are installing cameras around the house for peace of mind. Have been doing some handyman work last weekend. Will be climbing the house this weekend!!

     Cameras for what? 

     When we are away from home we want to be able to keep an eye on things. We have pets too.

     Are you having troubles there? Break-ins in the neighborhood?

     Well, once someone walked over to my car lol, so definitely a good idea to keep an eye on the driveway where there is lots of traffic. Our neighborhood is very lively!!

     Do you have an alarm? You might also want to ask for Protection from the Universe. Otherwise those devises are meaningless and useless. Man-made devices will not protect you, because they are not designed to align with your energy. So if you are fearful or if you rely only on yourself, which means your protection is limited, so will those devises be limited in protecting you.

     We don't. Perhaps we should consider getting a alarm system. I'll chat with W. I agree that there are other forces at play here, and that all security devices in the world will not protect us from ourselves. I'll think about that. Thank you David!”

     I am only suggesting if fear is the motivation behind your purchases and actions, what outcome does your fear have in store for you? Where do you think this is going to end? In peace and security? 

      Your actions stemming from fear cannot lead to peace or security, because it is conflict and insecurity that is dictating your actions. So you are essentially and potentially manifesting an outcome you think you are preventing. 

Your fears that are dictating you to install these devices will ATTRACT the things you fear that you think the devices will prevent and protect you from. Then when you have on the devices “evidence” of a potential conflict, perhaps a break in, you will say “You see? It is a good thing we got these devices”. 

      And so you will convince yourself they helped mitigate a potential problem, when in fact they and your fear perpetuated and manifested the problem. 

      But you are free to believe otherwise. 

     Morning David! Nice to hear from you too! Thank you for sharing this with me. You know, I completely agree. If one thinks that something bad will happen and starts preparing then something bad WILL happen. W. and I were thinking of getting you a dash cam for your Ford lol. Not a good idea!”

     No I do not want one.

     A gift is not something YOU think someone else needs. A gift is what someone tells you what they needs and then you supply it. That is a gift. How can you possibly know what someone needs unless you first ask them? Otherwise you are making assumptions.

      For example, if you want to supply me with a gift, I will tell you what I need. Then you supply it. 

     So I need 10 batteries for pump house; each battery is 350.00 dollars. So that is 3500.00. Then I need an inverter. The inverter I chose and need is 1500.00. Plus I need travel money by truck. So that is 3000.00. So total I need is:




Total: 8000.00

      So now you know what the gift I need is that you can supply. And you may say, “Well, can I send you a pair of socks? Do you need a pair of socks?” So be careful when you start thinking what others need. You hardly know what you need. But thanks just the same. 

     Thank you for sharing the wisdom David! I agree. I wish I had an extra 8K that I can send your way.

      Nice to hear from you.

     If one thinks that something bad will happen and starts preparing then something bad WILL happen.

     It is not “something bad”…it is YOUR energy…..YOU are attracting it to yourself like a magnet. That is how energy/power works. It is not good or bad. There is no good or bad.  There is just energy and power and how you are using it. 

     I agree! I apologize for using the wrong terminology. Hmmm...what is right or wrong?

     Here is something I sent to another person who was speaking about wrong or right; about making mistakes: 

      Mis-take - So according to the word, a mistake is that which is mistook, meaning received incorrectly; a misperception of the perceiver, meaning you. But everything is open to interpretation, is it not? 

      I will tell you that I too have made many mistakes. But I have learned that the biggest mistake I ever made was in thinking I COULD make mistakes. I do not think that way any more. 

      I learned there is Order in the Universe and I am in and part OF that Order. And so even what I think have been mistakes have taught me something about myself. 

      Still more than this, in spite of the mistakes, in spite of all the chaos of my earthly journey, it has quietly led me to cross Anya’s path and her mine. 

      And this was no mistake.