wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Desert Spirit


      Today my Lesson begins under the heading, THE HOLY INSTANT AND SPECIAL RELATIONSHIPS:

"The holy instant is the Holy Spirit's most useful learning device for teaching you love's meaning. For its purpose is to suspend judgment entirely. Judgment always rests on the past, for the past is the basis on which you judge."

suspend - (L, sus, under = spendere, hang) - hang under; to exclude as a penalty from an office, school, etc, for a time; to stop temporarily; to hold back; to hang by a support from above; to hold in place as though hanging; in Tarot, the Hanged Man.

judgement; judge - to conclude prior to investigation; to assume; to know without prior understanding or explanation, as in "I know..."

      There IS ONLY Order in the Uni-Verse, the One Song, Life. Then, "All things are lessons God would have me learn", yet this "learning" is not about THINGS, but about oneself. And so without a willingness and open-mindedness to investigate ONESELF, there cannot BE an understanding of the Knowledge of Order, nor how the Spirit World guides and interacts IN and ON the physical, material plane, that which we call "earth".

     In my morning study, today, as I entered this new section of study, my phone began to ping, an indication someone was attempting to contact me. Seeing this as a distraction TO my study, I picked up the phone to turn off the volume, only to discover a previous elderly woman, for whom I did service, was contacting me.

     And so I immediately perceived the Lesson the Teacher was introducing, "in a form I could understand". For unless one is IN relationship, one cannot apply and thus demonstrate the principle OF the lesson.

      And so the following discussion ensued:

"What is that concoction you gave me to fight weeds.....Dawn, vinegar and something else. Forgot the measurements too. Was it a quart of each? Thanks.Tebby"

      So use a sprayer....one gallon of white vinegar and one cup of salt. I have never used soap. It is not good for the soil or water supply. Weeds do not need soup to wash themselves. With the cool weather coming you may not have many weeds with which to contend.

"I have a kind of a sludge mess next to bamboo that keeps spreading. The pest man suggested dawn. I tried a spot with just the vinegar it it seemed to help, I tried another spot with the dawn and it seemed to help. I tied another spot with both and that really did the trick but I don't know how much to use."

      Just spray on the area with a sprayer until it is moist and is soaking into the area. Check it in a day or two and if need be, treat it again. The solution does not kill weeds. It just suspends their access to water. That is why you have to use it periodically to maintain the suspension of the growth of the plant.

"Well this isn't a plant. It is like a green sludge. Why, where from or how I dont know. I tried raking but if there is a piece left it seems to grow after a while. Has-been going on for a long time. Got a couple of spots in the lawn area that now has. The sludge transferred from that area via spot on the wheels of tractor I think and has taken up residence in some places. Wish me luck to try and eradicate."

      It is a plant, perhaps algae. If it grows in nature it is part of the plant life. Do some research. Go to the computer and see if you can identify it.

      Or a wiser approach would be for you to ask the Nature Spirits of the Forest to assist you. They know what it is. They can tell you what to do about it. Maybe They will tell you to leave it alone. You have nothing to lose by trying to contact the nature spirits and follow their guidance. It would be better than always trying to kill things.

"That might be true if it isn't trying to take over."

      I would imagine it is the only approach you have not tried.

"It has been growing for years while I did nothing, now is expanding."

      We cannot control nature but we can be in harmony with it. When human beings discover this the world will be a much better place and we will have a different relationship with Mother Earth.

"Probably very true."

      The Wise teach that everything external is a manifestation of something internal, something inside you, in your thinking. It can be conscious but often it is unconscious and not readily seen or understood. But you may not want to consider this because you will resist the idea something outside IS inside you.

      So what is inside you that has been "growing for years" that is now taking over, some growth in you that is taking control over you and your life?

      What in you is taking over your life, something you are trying to control inside you but cannot?

      What are you still trying to manage that has made your life unmanageable?

      What is changing that you do not want to change, inside you?

      You have a new neighbor building a house next to you. How do you feel about others encroaching on your "privacy" like a green slime creeping closer and closer to you?

      If you discover the internal source and take steps to correct that thinking, then the outside will take care of itself.

      People are full of cancer. They go to the doctor to have it treated or removed. But what is eating them inside is their suppressed thinking about which they do nothing.

      If you came to realize EVERY SICKNESS and every thing external that bothers you is inside you, you would heal yourself completely, never take medication again and liver your life in peace and freedom from fear.

      Then you would spend the remainder of your earthly existence sharing your experience with others. And they would tell two people, and so on, and so on, and so on...

      A priest will never tell you this truth.

Most of our sickness comes from  our mind. I know that. But their are exceptions as with anything. This green sludge, algae, bacteria....whatever it is does not like vinegar.”

      No, there are no exceptions except the ones you make. This is inside you, an unwelcomed, uninvited guest over which you think you have no control. Only fear and closed-mindedness will prevent you from going there, inside your mind and thinking, to consider and investigate this.

Thought for the Day:

Trees think not like humans.

They are true to themselves.

Trees are true to themselves.

Humans are not true to themselves.

Humans exploit trees.

Trees do not exploit humans.”