wilderness path

a significant inner journey

"We do not want to be inconvenienced. 

We humans, collectively, have become complacent. 

We want things our way. 

We do not want our comfort zones violated. 

And often we do not care how that affects others, 

and our actions become very irate 

and even dangerous to ourselves and others." 

Desert Spirit




Desert Spirit



      We are very grateful that you have joined us in our united efforts to come to inner healing through a regime of internal cleansing and thank you for your patronage. However, we wish to convey that inner healing and inner correction of dysfunction in the body must be addressed not only at the body level, but at the mind and spirit level also.

     We have emphasized in the past that cleansing is not only of the body, but of the mind and spirit also. In the interest of our own willingness to come to inner cleansing of the mind, body and spirit, I will offer you these insights I wish to share with you. And I would ask that each of you who receive this message keep an open mind in doing so.

     We want to communicate to you that we humans collectively, are experiencing changes on our planet that we have not previously seen in our lifetimes. And that these changes will continue as there is a new consciousness being introduced to this plane. This means that not only changes are taking place on the planet but are taking place in each of us individually, in our minds and in our spirit. These changes in consciousness within us will produce many life experiences we may have not previously experienced.

      As our consciousness changes, so do our individual worlds correspond to these changes. We outgrow things, and as we outgrow them they become no longer important. This can pertain to people, places or things. We all have experienced these inner changes that affect our outer world. And as we collectively are entering a change in consciousness on the earth, it is going to affect not only the earth but also our individual lives. And we will each have to take steps to adjust ourselves TO these changes.

     We have seen and experienced this during the recent hurricanes not only in Florida but in the rest of the country and the world. During the Irma hurricane, we lost our electrical power and consequently this affected how we live on a daily basis. When our lives, collectively, are disrupted, we all experience many feelings, and often we react very negatively and even with a great deal of impatience and hostility.

     We do not want to be inconvenienced. We humans, collectively, have become complacent. We want things our way. We do not want our comfort zones violated. And often we do not care how that affects others, and our actions become very irate and even dangerous to ourselves and others. 

     When Irma passed over Florida, there were many disruptions to our lives and others lives. We experienced the many hostilities individuals displayed when people could not find gasoline that resulted in long lines at the fuel pump. People turned against each other rather than turned towards helping each other. I wonder how this will be when things really become unstable on the earth, which ultimately they must?

     When we experienced a loss of electrical power due to damage to the electrical grid, we were without our basic comforts, and as we were unable to cool the home, it made our lives miserable. Since our water supply is connected to a well pump, there was no way to draw water or take showers. We considered going to the river to bathe. Even careful planning left us without those basic resources; drinking water, food, fuel that we stockpiled before the storm arrived.

     Unable to keep the items in the refrigerator cold, we lost the food and could not store it. Since many business lost power also, there was no way to keep frozen foods, or perishable items. Entire inventory of product had to be thrown away and was not available for weeks. Bottled water was not available. And as the days progressed and people began to run out of their stockpiled supplies, they became desperate, angry and afraid. And desperation breeds violence.

     So these are just a few of the challenges we recently faced, and mankind, human beings, all of us will soon be facing even further challenges as these conditions on the earth continue to change. Earth is experiencing a consciousness awakening, and we individually will have to adjust ourselves to these changes accordingly.

     As these conditions continue to change on the planet, we will have to make changes in our thinking primarily, but also in our perceptions of ourselves and others, our behaviors, attitudes and lifestyles because it will no longer be business as usual. For those individuals who have grown complacent in having things their way and are reluctant to change, these changes will be very unpleasant and uncomfortable, even fatal.

     And so we will have to begin to take steps to adjust ourselves to these changing times. We will have to learn to work together, rather than individually. We will have to make internal changes to compensate for the external changes we individually and collectively will be manifesting and facing very soon.

     We therefore invite you to join us, so that collectively we can face these challenges we all will face together. It is more effective for individuals to work together rather than by themselves to meet the difficulties all of us will ultimately be facing in the near future.