wilderness path

a significant inner journey


Desert Spirit


      My love, you are in a far away place, where once you resided in your youth, and has been Returned there. For it must be true that, “All things are lessons God would have me learn. And so with less than a week before your return, today you say to me, “I am not myself; I do not look like myself; I do not fit here…” 
      When we are out of our own energy field and kingdom, mingling our energy in another's kingdom, it affects us, like fish out of water. 
      In any environment where YOU CANNOT BE YOURSELF, you do not belong there. That is what “dying to the past” means. Death card is your PAST dying, not YOU dying TO or FROM the past. So this has to be remembered when the nostalgia tries to call you back to your past. That life was over the last time you were there. 
      Those who live by a horizontal thought system do not understand the vertical thought system in which consciousness shifts, expands, ascends. The past and their association the body and ego-thought system is of horizontal thought. They do not have the ears to hear, or the eyes to see Another Level. They only know you AS a past. It is never going to be different with them. Ever. 
      They are who they are in their life. Let them have their life. Your life is here with me in Another Level of Understanding. 
      It is only OTHERS’ IDEAS of what I SHOULD DO in another's life that causes conflict in relationships. 
     My biological sister, L., claims, “No one wants anything to do with youbecause of HER IDEAS OF HOW I SHOULD BE with them. That is not Spirit’s Way. Yet why would they? They are caught in the addiction of alcoholism, drug addiction, prescription medication, and the disease of self-centerdness that only knows "me and mine, the curse of the special relationship.
     I would expect a real relationship, not a special relationship of “family” that would be founded on recovery, sanity and truth, wisdom and Universal Laws. Yet they too remain in the realm of the lower energies of the horizontal time bound thought system of ego/personal mind.
      And so unconsciously this is affecting you, your mind, and you say “I am not myself; I do not look like myself; I do not fit here”. What a joyous revelation!!! BE GLAD therefore.
      To not be oneself we express in a physical way. We may even look different to ourselves when we are “not ourselves”, 
      People say to me , “You do not look like yourself today…” That is because I am a chameleon. 
      Chameleon changes color to blend into his environment, AS A DEFENSE against predators, but to also hide itself IN those environments. 
     So the other sister, S., was all upset because she could not come to see her 17 year old son, N., when he was on life support after he crashed into Pine trees on a Japanese motorcycle.
      She called when I was there. I said “There is NOTHING TO SEE HERE …” 
      She said “But I never got a chance to say goodbye”. But this kind of thinking makes DEATH real and ETERNAL life unreal. 
      I said to her “The spirit is right there…always present….why cannot you communicate with it? You pray to an invisible God but you do not know the spirit of the offspring you claim to love, N., who is here alive and well also?” 
     When speaking to others, they are so convinced, "God took my BIll...he is in Heaven now..." as they show a somber, depressing frown on their countenance. One would think there would be JOY in their understanding that their loved ones were supposedly in a better place than they. The fact of the matter is no one knows what the hell they are talking about. They just repeat stupid things and never even think about what they are saying.
      It is foolish, all this attraction to death and passing of “loved ones”. To truly love someone they are NEVER DEAD for you. And you see them standing on some street corner as you drive by somewhere and you say “Oh my God, did you see him standing there? It was my papa! 
      For the one who lives by Truth and Eternal Laws, they are ALWAYS ALIVE AND PRESENT. 
      This is in accordance, directly, with my Lesson today, as the Teacher reveals,
We have said that to limit love to part of the Sonship
is to bring guilt into your relationships
and thus make them unreal.
     Limiting love to parts of the Sonship… 
     For the body, it is movement to an inevitable ending. But for spirit, for me, today HERE AND NOW is ONLY a holy instant, a timeless moment extended into eternity in which ALL THINGS ARE new and renewed. 
     NOW is only MOVEMENT within the Eternal, renewing, refreshing, revitalizing all things, all minds, all of life. The world needs this now. 
     Today I breathe in the holy timelessness on this moment, for it is all there is. For what else COULD I have a desire? 
     And here nothing of time can touch me. 
     This I share with you my beautiful only true love. 
     Be it so.
     “It is done in this way.”