wilderness path

a significant inner journey


 "If fear is the guidance that justifies owning weapons,

one cannot know the Kingdom of God within."

Desert Spirit





Desert Spirit


Hello Mr. B.,
After our brief conversation yesterday in which you asked me, Are you a Christian? Do you believe in Jesus?”, I was inspired to offer you a reply as I have asked Spirit to guide this message I extend to you.
Before you continue to read this, please ask for Eyes to See and Ears to Hear this message.
Please give this message the respect, the time and space it deserves that it took for me to write it to you.
Allow your spirit to hear and see this message, rather than deduce what it says according to what you already think and believe. These words come from a Vertical Thought System, meaning, they do not come from the time level of horizontal thought. The words do not come from the brain or the intellect, but they do come THROUGH it.
These words DO NOT COME FROM BELIEFS. These words are a direct experience of contact with the Kingdom within me, as it is written, “The Kingdom of God is within you.”
If Jesus is within the Kingdom of God, within you, then Jesus must be within you. If you make direct contact with him, then, you will never step into a church again. Nor will you ever ask people if they believe in Jesus or if they are a Christian. And you will hear this message clearly.
Now I first will say that those who BELIEVE do not know. Yet those who KNOW need not believe. 
This then suggests that those who believe have not had a direct experience WITH that in which they believe.
Yet those who have had a direct experience with that in which they believe do not need to believe any longer.
If a person “believes” in Jesus, he may not KNOW Jesus. He may not have had a direct experience WITH Jesus. Yet a direct experience with Jesus would end a believe in him. And one would never need to profess himself to be a “Christian” if he had this experience.
So in answer to your question, no, I do not believe in Jesus, because I have come to direct experience with him. And it is he, Jesus, Yeshua ben Yosef, who offers you these words through me.
You may believe this or not.
It makes no difference to me.
It will be yours to figure out.
But if you believe in Yeshua, or Jesus, then you can ask him right now, “Jesus, did you send me this message today through David?” When he replies to you in your mind, in your thoughts, you can tell me what he said. You can share you direct experience with Yeshua with me. I will share my discoveries with you, my direct experiences.
These are not beliefs. You, however, can believe or not believe them.
My Lesson today reads,
I and my Father are one with you, for you are part of us.
Do you really believe that a part of God can be missing or lost to Him?
I reach TO him, Yeshua, within you. I reach to Creator, Him Who reside with him in you. I offer this message to Them within you. You may make contact with Them within you, just as the authors of the many books did, when you end your need to hear it from the preacher or from others.
To know that a Being of Higher Intelligence is within me and that I am a part OF It allows me to investigate your questions.
So I ask myself, “What IS a ‘Christian’? What does the word mean?
Christian - a believer in Jesus as the prophesied Messiah, or in the religion based on the teachings of Jesus; of or professing the
religion based on his teachings; having the qualities taught by Jesus, as love, kindness, forgiveness, humility, etc.
So a Christian is one who believes in the teachings of Jesus. Yet many believe IN the teachings and do not LIVE the teachings. If you believe IN Yeshua, and his teachings, are you committed to LIVE his teachings?
For the world will hate you for it. But be of good cheer if they do.
It makes little difference to believe IN something and not have the direct experience. I have been out of body in full consciousness. Last week I had the experience twice. In full consciousness I left the body.
I know the spirit survives physical death. When you have this experience, you will know that you to will survive physical death. UNTIL you have this experience, you will either believe or not believe I had and continue to have this experience.
So you asked me if a man broke into my house and threatened to rape my wife, what would I do? I explained to you that this is hypothetical, that it never happened to me.
But someone DID threaten me with a gun, and in that moment of facing death I sought to remember the lesson of the day. The question must be made in the context of one’s belief.
If a person believes in Jesus or lives his teachings, what would he do in the face of a threatening situation? What did Yeshua do with the mob threatened to stone to death Magdalene the prostitute? Did he defend himself? Did he pick up a stone and threaten back? Did he decide to go to war with the mob?
You said, “I would blow his head off...

Is this in alignment with Jesus’ teachings? 
Would Yeshua expect this of you? Would peace of God within you guide you to blow his head off? Does the world need more guns, and more violence? I am just asking.
That to which one gives his or her energy is what one values. To give energy and value to fear would promote the inner need for weapons.
I am aware that “Unless you become as little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”
Would a child carry weapons to defend him or herself? Would a child say “I would blow his head off...”? How does one go from blowing another's head off to becoming as a little child? 
FEAR, not Love, owns guns. Where there is love within, where the Kingdom is within, there is no need for a weapon. We justify the use of violence and work it into the teachings so that we can deceive ourselves about what we think we are.
One cannot pick and choose what part of the teachings one will live by.
We either must adhere to all of the truth, or none of it. There is no compromising in the teachings of the Carpenter.
A true Christian would not ever ask another person, “Are you a Christian? Do you believe in Jesus?” For those who speak the same Language recognize each other.
Did Yeshua call himself a “Christian”? Have you come to this world to do your Father’s work?
In the old days those who lived by his teachings did not speak of them in public, for in those days they would have been killed. Instead, they would draw the fish symbol in the sand. In this way each one would understand the other, without words.
Is it not written, “I and my Father are one. The Kingdom of God is within you”?
Have you discovered His Kingdom within you and Yeshua who resides there? Truth must be LIVED not just believed in. We cannot pick and choose what part of his teachings we will live based on our personal preferences. Would Jesus say to you, “Are you are Christian? Do you believe in Me?
“Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.

To blow someone’s head off means one has fear. 
If fear is the guidance that justifies owning weapons, one cannot know the Kingdom of God within.
Peace is within the Kingdom of God.
The Kingdom of God is within.
Peace of God and Love of God is within His Kingdom within.
Therefore peace is within.
Love is within, where fear and weapons cannot exist.
Blessed are they who have Ears to Hear and Eyes to See.
Where there is peace there is no need for weapons.
One Nation Under God means ONE WORLD, not one country.
If you have made it thus far in this message, I applaud you.
In closing let I will share with you that the Bible, and all spiritual teachings, can only be understood from the level of vertical thought. The modern Bible has been through about 9 different translations. Most of the original writings have been removed or changed. And that is not to mention the many books that were eliminated from the original Bible by the early Church. It may inspire you to find and read “The Lost Books of the Bible”.
The brain and intellect will never understand what comes from Spirit. This is why there are religions, and “professional interpreters” of scripture. They do it for money.
If you make contact with the sacred teachings, you would never step foot in a church again. For you would see the hypocrisy of man’s abuse of Wisdom. 
If the Kingdom of God is within me, then it is also within you. Within the Kingdom God resides, with his Son, Yeshua, and all other saints and ascended ones.
Yet I am also God’s Son, as are you. And so I reside in His Kingdom also. Consequently I reside within you.
These things I do so will you do, even greater than these will you do.”
We will have to do equal to the things he did, even greater things. What could be greater than what he did? One first must discover the Kingdom of God within himself or herself. Then one would know what to do in the world.
The world does not need more fear.
The world does not need more guns.
The world needs each person to discover the Kingdom within him/herself. Then the need for dogma, man-made religion, churches and professional interpreters ends.
Within the Kingdom within each person, there is no sin.
There is no death.
There is no fear.
There is no guilt because God Creator did not birth them.
There is no Satan, except in minds of those who have birthed the erroneous idea into reality, for them. That to which one gives one energy is what one values.
You must become as perfect as you Father.”
The Father created you like Himself. He has not fear. He does not think like us. We do not think like Him.
Christ is the Son of God. You are a Son of God. Therefore you, as all others, are the Christ, at the Highest Level. This we have forgotten. This Yeshua came to help us remember, and reclaim.
I and my Father are one. This I do must you do also.”
To think like Him is what Yeshua came to teach. To think like Him makes one a messenger of peace.
My peace is not of this world.”
And the world will hate you for this. But be of good cheer, for he has overcome the world of guns and violence. And so will you.
If this message causes you conflict, ask Jesus, Yeshua ben Yosef within you, to explain it to you. You will have to sit in meditation in order to hear his Voice.
Yeshua says your dearly departed has found his way into the Spirit World where Others have received him.
He has not been “committed to hell”. That is not what the Bible teaches. It is what ignorant, foolish mouths have spoken that is false.
I would also encourage you to share this message with Mrs. B. In fact, share it with everyone.
I have come to clean your garden.