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"The more we fill the mind with wanting, the more we want.

It is the promoting of an eternal emptiness"

Desert Spirit






Saturday, October 27, 2018


Desert Spirit


     Today my lesson reads,


 Waiting is possible only in time, but time has no meaning.”


      So how does one respond TO a Truth?

     How does one extend It?

     How does one live Its principle?

     How does one go beyond the idea, beyond intellectualizing, beyond believing it?

      So you asked about coming to the earth, and I said it was a choice made by the Higher Self, by the spirit that you / we are, yet although it is IN OUR MIND somewhere, there seems to be no conscious memory OF the decision to come to the earth.

      Yet according to Spirits we decided the Path we would walk, with God and with the Elders, and all the experiences we would have in this world, and all the things we would come to discover.

      So if time does not exist, then in a single holy instant, any NOW moment, we can reclaim or remember that moment we decided to come to earth. Yet the unconscious decision to come to earth, and all the experiences we have agree to, means ALL DECISIONS HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE. And this is one of the Lessons in the Course.

      If it is true ALL DECISIONS HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE, and all are for my highest good, this means THERE IS NOTHING TO CHOOSE OR DECIDE.

     How then do we proceed through life when we THINK a decision must be made?

      We claim, “Your Will be done” and then wait. Waiting only means that we postpone time ideas where conflict may arise. We do not respond to conflict. Conflict is temptation, a deviating into time.

      To postpone time and not deviate into conflict is to wait. That is what the true meaning of WAITING means. Waiting is not connected to time. A holy instant of NOW is eternal. The Course calls it “silent readiness”. We call it “waiting”, but our waiting is always about time ideas and this promotes impatience.

      So if the Contract HAS DECIDED THAT ALL DECISIONS ARE ALREADY MADE, then there is nothing to choose. Even if you need to use the bathroom, it is Provided, effortlessly.

      This the Teacher calls “the happy dream”, an earthly experience in which there is no need to decide anything, because His Will and my will are IN EVERY EXPERIENCE in which I have chosen to partake.

      Then if a disturbance arises, it is only for me to discover the blessing IN the disturbance. That requires my participation in introspection, in seeking Contact with the Elders Who walk with me.

      If all decisions have already been made, then all things will “unconsciously” unfold. Conscious decisions, therefore are only preferences that ego thinks it can “choose”. Conscious decisions are ego’s desire to GET or acquire HAVE WHAT IT THINGS we need. It does this because it is empty and can never BE filled.

     But everything has ALREADY BEEN DECIDED, as in “Thy Will be done”, and so there IS nothing to choose, to decide, to select. It has already BEEN Given.

      To see everything through the lens of corrected perception means one is WITHIN His Will which is also my will. It means that spirit is in a state of grace forever, and choices are decisions are only part of ego’s traps and temptations to keep us in time ideas and forever wanting, waiting to get, etc.

      The holy instant, NOW, releases me from all time ideas. There is nothing to decide. There is nothing to choose. There is nothing to get. In Fulfillment there is only a desire to release, let go, undo, as the Course calls it. We have to EMPTY the mind, not fill it more with more wanting. The more we fill the mind with wanting, the more we want. It is the promoting of an eternal emptiness. Can you see the trap of such an insane idea?

      ALL DECISIONS HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE, and it is THIS I have come to experience in the earthly journey.

      So relax.