wilderness path

a significant inner journey

    "To give one’s power away, to ANYONE or ANYTHING

is to never discover who we are

and what our part is in the Greater Scheme."

Desert Spirit



Saturday, October 28, 2017

Desert Spirit


     Insight comes from not the brain, but TO the brain from the Mind of Universal Healing. It cleanses one of time ideas, and of the need to “learn”. It requires no time to receive, but it does require time to develop the perceptions that lead to discover insight is Given.

      An insight is timeless. It comes without warning, can be received in physical sleep or physical wakefulness. It can best be described as a moment when clarity penetrates the mind and lifts the spirit. In the body this is usually experienced as a huge influx of energy, followed by an outpouring of inspiration. 

     Insight is referred to as “a holy instant”. It presents a shift in perceptions which moves the mind “higher” into a purer consciousness. In a holy instant of insight, it generally takes a great deal of time to extend, or express the insight. A single moment of wisdom could fill all the books in all the libraries in the world. It is that vast. 

    To receive insight does not require one to pursue anything but rather is contingent on being able TO receive. The prerequisite for receiving insight is that there must be space TO receive. Consider receiving a new piece of furniture from someone. Yet if one’s home is already cluttered, there will be little space TO receive the new piece of furniture. The “gift” then becomes that which hinders, clutters and becomes an albatross. It becomes another item accumulated. And that which we accumulate, be it physical possessions or thoughts, is motivated BY an emptiness within. 

     Then, there must be space TO receive insight. And it is the task of each individual to take on the responsibility of emptying that which is cluttered in order to receive. The danger of this is that “emptying that which is cluttered” becomes an idea that is accumulated and becomes part OF clutter. 

     I experience an insight that is two-fold; on one hand it relates to the idea of “business”. On the other it relates to the idea of relationship. We, human beings, I am Told, are on this plane to experience that which we as spirit have come to experience what we are, IN TRUTH, and that this is the only, the ONLY function of our place on this plane, this planet. In A.A. it is said, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience”. The human experience is what the spirit comes TO experience that teaches the being IS a spiritual being. 

     The insight comes, “Everything you encounter, being person, place or thing, is Designed to teach YOU about what YOU are, “as God created you.

      In relationships, we tend to rely heavily on what OTHERS think ABOUT us, rather than how we think about ourselves. It is an unconscious action that places our attention and definition OF ourselves into the hands of others, whereby we expect others to define us FOR us. We rely heavily on what others say and feel about us, and based on this response from others cements our affiliations with ourselves to the perceptions and opinions of others. 

     In a situation that produces harmony, or feelings of happiness and peace, it can be said that these emotions are based on HOW OTHERS RECEIVE US, rather than being inherent IN us. The proof of this is that true peace, if it is what we experience, does not fluctuate or is diminished should others be displeased or in disagreement or conflict with us. The motivation FOR acquiring or seeking harmony, feelings of happiness and peace, even love FROM others are rooted in a misperception OF ourselves. 

     If I tend to be insecure, I will unconsciously seek others to assist me in making me FEEL secure. 

     The danger of this is that we tend to not see that this feeling of security that is “provided” BY another is intact as long as the other remains TO PROVIDE this security. This makes the other a victim of our unconscious motives to make the other a prisoner to our insecurity. Should the other be removed from our life, the feeling of insecurity returns, and we are again on the prowl for our next victim. 

     I have been “in the business” of internal cleansing since 1985, although this did not manifest as an actual duty until 1999 or sometime around there, offering herbs for detoxing the body. The prerequisite for this was is my past experiences and introduction to recovery and inner correction and inner healing through consistent introspection which was initiated in my contact with Alcoholics Anonymous in 1985. 

     It has not been until most recently that a shift in this “business” has led me to extend the fact that internal cleansing is three-fold; body, mind and spirit, and that most recently this insight has been extended to those individuals who come for healing of the body. 

     However, as shown in the dialogue below, it is not always well received: 


From: Mr. Stone

Sent: Friday, October 27, 2017 12:57 PM

     Five days after you return from vacation and begin shipping - you still haven't shipped our order?

      No sir, we have not. There are twenty people ahead of you.

     Thank you.


From: Mr. Stone

Sent: Friday, October 27, 2017 12:57 PM

     We have a business and can easily ship 20 orders in a day.   Can you only ship 1-2 a day?

     In answer to your question, Mr. Stone, we do not ship 1 –2 a day. We do ship 10-20 in one day, once our inventory arrives. Once the inventory is depleted and sent, we do not ship again until the next shipment arrives, which could be several weeks.

     Perhaps there is some misunderstanding, so I wish to clarify so things.

     We are not “in business to sell herbs to cleanse the body”. We are in the internal cleansing “business”.

    That means we extend our experiences WITH internal cleansing not only at the body level, but at the mind and spirit level also. To take herbs to detox the body, but to have a mind full of complacency, impatience, arrogance and time ideas is not cleansing.

     So our purpose, humans collectively, is to cleanse ourselves on all levels, not just at the body level.

     To cleanse the body but to not address the mind and its irritants is to place the cart before the horse.

     We have experienced many who come to us make their purchases, who do not receive their purchase in a time or manner in which they feel they should, which leads them to write their displeasures to us, asking us why we are not running our business as THEY feel WE should, asking us to accommodating their personal needs in a time and manner to which they are accustomed, asking us to basically pacify their complacency.

     Again, we are not on the planet to please others, to make others comfortable, to cleanse others, to pacify the discontent of others. It is the individual responsibility of each human being on the earth to make those changes within themselves. Taking herbs do nothing for the body unless there is a change in consciousness.

     Should you contemplate this for a moment, it may bring irritation in you, which proves the point. Obviously you are already experiencing irritation and discontent with us as we have not meet your criteria for the delivery of your order. And herbs cannot and will not correct this irritation, as all toxins originate in the mind.

     This is why I say we are not “in business of selling herbs to cleanse the body”. And why I say “We are in the internal cleansing ‘business’”.

     For further clarification on this, you may wish to visit our link on our web store at:


     I trust this will clear up our position.

     Thank you.


From: Mr. Stone

Sent: Friday, October 27, 2017 12:57 PM

     Please cancel our order and refund our money. I'd try to explain to you that you are a business and that gives you responsibilities, especially since you've already collected my money, but you'd probably dismiss that as mere irritation on my part. So just cancel my order, refund my money (by next Friday at the latest), and let's agree to disagree about how business should operate. Thank you.

     Sounds good, Mr. Stone.

     On a final note, that you feel we are not fulfilling our “responsibilities” is merely a perception on your part as to how YOU think OTHERS “should run a business”. As I said, we are in the internal cleansing business, which is not a business. It is a service we extend to others. Do you understand the difference?

     THAT is our responsibility. Our responsibility is to OUR function. It is not our responsibility to meet the criteria YOU feel we must meet.

     It was further explained to you, “Should you contemplate this for a moment, it may bring irritation in you, which proves the point”. That you may feel you are NOT irritated would not explain why you wish to cancel your order, which means you must BE irritated that an herb cannot correct.

     Nevertheless, if that is what you feel is appropriate, for you, then we will abide by your decision.


     Today many who come to receive what they perceive will heal the body are discovering that it is not sufficient to take herbs, supplements, exclusively to heal and that another level OF understanding of internal cleansing must be considered. Often this is met with resounding disapproval as they who come perceive they are dealing with “a business” and not a relationship with another. 

     As revealed, every situation is designed to teach ONESELF of what HE or SHE is, as spirit, and not as a body or an ego, or a personality, that we individually have designed FOR ourselves. Then, as others come TO request healing, the question becomes, “How do I perceive myself within a relationship with this individual who feels he/she is dealing with a business or business person who sells herbal supplements?” and not see our meeting, our being brother together is a relationship of two minds? 

     And this subtle shift comes in the understanding, “I am not a business person; this is not a business.” I AM the source OF internal cleansing, because the Source is the Motivator FOR this action. This shift in consciousness within me must take place in order for ALL investment in the externals may be reversed. From there I see myself perceiving myself as Creator creates the spirit, rather than how OTHERS perceive me. As I can no longer invest IN how others perceive me, I encourage others to incorporate this principle into their respective lives. 

     I was contacted by an elderly couple several months ago. They moved from Naples to Citrus County after purchasing a home that was on the market for a few years. The home, although in a very affluent community, had been neglected and the realtor had not maintained the property. A call from the new owner placed me in the service of providing to him the various services I offered at his request. The couple is very affluent. How do I perceive myself, and my life, in the presence of those who have a great deal of material wealth? 

     Do I perceive I am inferior to them, superior to them? Are they better or worse than myself? How do THEY perceive ME? All this is the judgment we impose upon ourselves when our thinking places us at the mercy of what we feel OTHERS feel about us or how they perceive us, and removes our attention away FROM our need to remember who and what WE are as part of the Universal Mind. 

     At the same time I am attending to another individual who has lived alone for over six years after her husband passed. Being completely dependent ON her husband while alive, now without him she fell into a depression over the years, sinking lower and lower into a mental state out of which she refused to lift herself. Although she was stern in her idea that “God took” her husband and that, according to her he was in a better place, this thought did nothing for her depression, loneliness and misery. Being overcome with misery and this sense of self-centeredness, she neglected herself and her home. 

     When the home health nurse called me to report a problem in the laundry room of the woman’s home several months ago, I discovered the dryer exhaust hose was eaten through by rodents, specifically rats, and now were entering the home from the outside. For the past two months I have been setting traps and catching rats, large ones. Yet in spite of these efforts, the home is invested and the source cannot be found.

     Attempts to clean out the home have failed, as she equates all her clutter with her deceased husband, and removing anything from the home produces huge resistance in her. Although she too has plenty of financial resources to accommodate the needed work, she clings to her resources to the degree it has bent her spine and caused her tremendous physical complications. The mantra she recites to me when I explain to her, as per her request, what is entailed to alleviate this problem and the cost is “I can’t.”

      How do I perceive myself, and my life, in the presence of someone like this?

      I discovered in this insight that regardless who or what others are, regardless of the environment I find myself, the one thing that is constant is WHO I AM, WHAT I AM and how I extend that TO others. In this understanding it is quite clear that OTHERS CANNOT AND DO NOT define us or our lives, unless we give them the power to do so. I then must maintain the truth of, “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me”. 

     The purpose of the earthly journey is to discover who and what we are, as we are created, NOT as a body, NOT as a personality, NOT as a gender, NOT as a religion, NOT according to our educational acquisitions or financial, social aspirations. For none of these are important to the spirit. 

     To give one’s power away, to ANYONE or ANYTHING is to never discover who we are and what our part is in the Greater Scheme. And as it is written, “The gate is narrow, and few ever find it”. Yet it is thenarrow-minded who cannot find the Narrow Path because the narrow-minded must inevitably follow the crowd.