wilderness path

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"The energy of sadness and depression is inside us.

Looking outside in the world for the answer is not wise."

Desert Spirit






Saturday, October 31, 2015

Desert Spirit


Good morning.

     In my study this morning, I received inspiration I will share with you stimulated by what you revealed yesterday.

     I perceive D’s passing also as part of a great lesson for anyone who would look at it deeply and see how it can help us in our own respective lives. What I mean is that D's demonstration of how he lived his life and how he decided to depart from this place can be useful to us to the degree we can learn FROM it.

     So I will elaborate a little on this. It is not a question of what we think is right or wrong for someone else, but what is right or wrong for us.

     The lesson from my Guide that is given to me to study today is this:


Why do you believe it is harder for me to inspire the dispirited or stabilize the unstable?

I do not believe that there is an order of difficulty in miracles; you do.”


     Basically what Spirit is saying to me is that I do not trust Him, that I do not trust this message He gives ME today that I share with you. So if you will, consider this is a message that Spirit wishes to share with you, and refrain from thinking this is an opinion given to you by my personal identity.

     What inspires feeds our spirit. When we are dispirited we feel there is something not right in our lives. A dispirited mind produces low energy; self-condemnation, fear, sadness, depression. We attempt to counter these feelings in various ways; humor, distractions, chemical stimulation, entertainment, self-denial, and even reading “inspirational literature” or engage in “positive thinking”.

     The problem is always in us, yet, the solution is often not SEEN IN us because we think the PROBLEM IS OUTSIDE us. And so we seek outside for the solution.

     If I feel dispirited, I will seek externally to feel better, to find a way to uplift my spirit. This is the deception. The dispirited or hopeless or sad or depressing feelings are inside, and so the solution FOR them must be inside also. When you smell something foul in your toilet, do you look in your garage for the source of this foul smell?

     As our spirit carries the body, this dispirited feeling, this hopelessness, this sadness or depression manifests IN the body. Why? Because the energy OF sadness, hopelessness and depression is INSIDE us, in our minds, in our thinking processes and is not coming FROM the outside. Then it is only logical to look inside ourselves to the source OF this discontent, and seek there for the solution.

     The energy of sadness and depression is inside us. Looking outside in the world for the answer is not wise. This energy of our minds that produces feelings of sadness produces distortions in the body because the energy is not flowing properly. Have you ever experienced nervousness and this produced a sick feeling in your stomach, or nervousness made your palms sweat? The energy OF nervousness produces effects in the body. They MANIFEST in the body. So the cure for this is to find out how to correct this distortion of energy in us.

     Now D manifested a lump in his throat. We can say, “Oh, this is cancer from smoking”. Regardless of what we THINK causes it, the energy that represents cancer is collected energy that is not flowing properly. Ulcers are a good example of collected energy in the stomach. Heart conditions, blockages in the arteries are examples of energy that is not flowing properly to the heart or from the heart. Bad cholesterol in the arteries is also a collection of matter that is not flowing out of the body.

     So it is clear in these MEDICAL conditions that the energy in the body is not being properly used, thereby producing conflict in the body, what we call “medical conditions”. We then, ignorantly, look TO the medical experts to fix it, and never consider WE are the cause OF it.

     When D had his operation for the cancer, he followed up with chemo and other therapeutic remedies that the medical community told him would correct this condition. When he was all done with treatment, he felt he “beat cancer”. Yet what produced this distortion in energy in his body was never sought OR corrected. Consequently it stayed with him. He did not “become healthy” after his treatments. In fact, he did nothing to correct his mental conditions. He in fact exacerbated his condition.

     Beyond his treatments he continued to pollute his body with medication, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. It is insane to not care for the body after going through a very traumatic treatment for cancer. He never took steps to correct how he thought; about himself or his place in the world, or how he thought about others. He HAD all the “answers”.

     D was someone who would hear what another would say, but never listened to it.

     Now the medical community’s cure for D’s cancer was worse than the cancer itself. His teeth began to fall out due to the chemo/radiation treatments. And so this set off a chain of circumstances that produced more depression in him until his only “solution” was to destroy the body and think he would release himself from this pain.

     D went to the other side without any changes in his thinking. When he discovered he no longer had a body, he did not know what to do. He was exactly in the same place in his mind without his body.

     So it is clear that the inside has to be changed before any real changes can occur outside.

     Now you are at the crossroads of your physical existence and essentially are in the same place D was in. You can argue that your medical condition was not caused by you but caused by a blood transfusion. But it does not matter HOW the condition was established. What matters is how you now address it. Do not place all you faith and trust in what the doctors tell you, for their job is only to correct the effects of your condition. They do nothing to address the cause.

     So what is the cause? Your spirit came to experience this lesson through the body. Your mind says you contracted a virus through no fault of your own. Cancer did not HAPPEN TO D. D manifested the condition. You manifested conditions that brought about this virus in your blood.

     The FIRST STEP IN RECOVERY from anything is to come to self-honesty, and acceptance that YOU are responsible for what you experience. Until then no change can take place. But if you accept this, IMMEDIATELY a door in your mind opens, and the energy begins to flow freely. It is the first step in the restoration of the immune system.

     At the physical level, the treatment for your condition suggests you should not practice certain types of behaviors – do not drink is suggested. If you are addicted to the chemical alcohol, this will be a huge obstacle for you to overcome, not only physically, but psychologically.

     So begin by asking yourself what and how you would be without drinking. Just try to look at your life in that perspective. If you cannot fathom it, then you can see that a life without alcohol could be life without a virus. But you cannot conceive of that right now because it is something new. Are you beginning to see how easy it is?

     Alcohol weakens the immune system. The treatment for your condition is to strengthen the immune system. It is the same treatment used for AIDS; that is, to strengthen the immune system. AIDS patients, along with the drugs they are given, are encouraged to LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, which includes making changes in how we think of our mind, body and spirit. Those who do can place the condition into remission.

     Then the cause for your condition is a weakened immune system. This suggests that a strong immune system, theoretically, could have PREVENTED the contacting of the condition.

     In other words, if you had a strong immune system when this event occurred, even a blood transfusion in which you potentially could contract a virus would have not touched you.

     What I am suggesting is that a strong immune system COULD NOT BE COMPROMISED, regardless of the virus. So the issue, clearly, is a weak immune system.

     As I said, we are spirit, and the energy of the mind is weakened as we identify more with the body than with the spirit as our reality, and with a mind can do anything IN the body. The concept of “positive thinking” was developed in the 70’s and 80’s as a cure-all for “negative thinking.” However, it is only a cover of paint on a rotting building.

     Positive thinking does nothing for negative thinking, because negative thinking is what TELLS US TO THINK POSITIVE. When J agrees with everything I say, it does nothing to change her thinking. Agreeing with someone means nothing. Application is needed.

     Our responsibility to ourselves and to our spirit is to strengthen the immune system of the mind.

     In order to do that we have to look in our minds as to the source of our weaknesses. If we can do this, on a daily basis, we can actually manifest a healthy immune system in the body that would literally cure the body of ANY VIRUS that would attempt to infiltrate it. We can reverse the conditions IN the body.

     If we look only to the medical community for our cure, we are doomed even before we begin, because the problem is not one medicine can correct.

     So how do we proceed to strengthen the immune system in the body? We must begin by being willing to see where the weakened mind has affected our immune system. And to do that we will need an Intelligence that exceeds our own, what I term “a Higher Power”.

     I have already introduced you to the idea we have Spirit Guides. This Guide will help you come to discover where the immune system of your thinking is weakening your immune system in the body and begin to take steps to correct that. It hurts you not one single bit to consider this approach WHILE YOU ARE SEEKING A MEDICAL ANSWER. You can still do this while you are consulting with a medical professional.

     There are very basic things you can do to increase the strength of the immune system. First, start taking care of your body. Stop drinking alcohol. Stop smoking pot. Start eating healthy. These are very basic steps you CAN do, ONE DAY AT A TIME.

     If you feel you cannot do this on your own, consider attending a support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous. They will help you with your temptations to drink. If you feel you can stop on your own, test it yourself. If you feel you have to drink after a week of not drinking, or after a few days of not drinking, then you are addicted.

     J. can support you in this. There are Alanon meetings she can attend to help her deal with the issue of enabling. This will give her the opportunity to be responsible for HERSELF while you are taking responsibility for YOUR health. The combined strength of our respective energies can produce effects in your physical world that would be seen nothing less than what Spirit calls a “miracle.”

     Which brings us back to the lesson today:


Why do you believe it is harder for me to inspire the dispirited or stabilize the unstable?

I do not believe that there is an order of difficulty in miracles; you do.”


     I am offering you these insights that are Given to me today. My Guide tells me in the above lesson that I have little trust and hope in the Words that come to me that I share with others. So He encourages me to extend these words and trust they will be useful to others. So I cannot be concerned if you agree, disagree or argue with them. The point is that you have nothing to lose by considering these thoughts I share with you.

     I care about you both. I cared about D also, however, he took very little interest in what I offered him. As a result he never made changes to his internal or external life, and consequently it led to his premature departure from this level.

     The lesson says that the Spirit sees no difficulty in how the mind can affect the body. WE, not Spirit, have the mental blocks that make miracles not possible. A miracle would be that our immune system would be strengthened that would eradicate any virus that attempted to live in our bodies. Yet it is we who must be WILLING TO CONSIDER THE MIRACLE IS POSSIBLE.

     The Sprit and the power of Its Mind, within us, manifested a Universe. Look at the planets; huge masses of rock weighing billions and trillions of tons, floating in empty space. Does that not inspire you? This same Power can clear the blood of any disease, WHEN WE ARE WILLING TO CONSIDER there is nothing impossible for Spirit. It is WE who introduce the idea of impossibilities by trusting our lives to a pitiful system of medical cures that helps no one.

     We have to start with ourselves. If you are willing to get better, and do just the small basic things I have suggested in this message, then the Universe will see that you are sincere, and will move to assist you in every way you will allow It to do so.

     Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It is a new day, and you can begin in a new direction.

     This has NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION. It has to do with discovering the pure spirit that you are, and taking steps to begin to express this.

     You wish to fly like the Eagle? How to do that has been explained to you clearly in this message.

     You have nothing to lose but a weakened immune system.

     Peace to you my brother, today.