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 Sunday, January 10, 2021

Subject: From Imogen and Errol: What I (Imogen) Received over the Capricorn Full SUN-Moon Cycle +++


     Hi to you All,

     Here is what I (Imogen) received over the past Capricorn Full Sun-Moon Cycle (end December into early January 2021). The pandemic will be carrying on through 2021 in order to keep Waking UP humanity to its higher Responsibilities, while the Jupiter and Saturn transits through Aquarius bring in new Inspiring Revelations and People-Power Revolutions and pioneering creative activities and projects. Thus the 'death and rebirth' process carries on.

     As we predicted in 2020 there would be three Pandemic Waves in 2020 and indeed November-December-January the 3rd mutated Wave has hit and many countries including S Africa, US (350,000 'passed on'), UK (100,00 'passed on'), Germany, Israel, France, Japan (a huge Wave), etc,etc have gone into new lockdowns. Two more Waves will come in this year. Five 'does the required Work'. But JUPITER will bring in an equal degree of LOVE-LIGHT-REVELATION-REVOLUTION-FREEDOM and far more.

     So Heaven and Hell will be the 2021 Evolutionary Process - for true Pioneers of the new Incoming Age of Aquarius more so Heaven - for the unconscious 'masses' more hell (See what happened in the US - we predicted this in 2020 re 'civil war' in the US although with Mars having moved into Taurus on January 8 this violent force will now dissipate as Trump 'reaps what he has sown')

What I (Imogen) Received over the Capricorn Full SUN-Moon Cycle


(When you see * this is our personal addition

to the guidanceI [Imogen] have received)

     ‘Normal was actually quite shitty. We were killing the Earth we were killing ourselves, none of us were spending enough time with our families. The best way to describe it is that pharmaceuticals are selling more mood-stabilising drugs than ever before – and that is ‘normal’ and we want to run back there? We think its is time to re-imagine our world’ (John Sanei – author of the S Africa Covid-19 series FutureNEXT. This great series includes economic, social, ecological, etc input by futurist S African authors. FutureNEXT is available from takealot.com)

     Here is the ‘information’ I received over the Capricorn Full Sun-Moon Cycle. This is connected to both

2020 and 2021, as these two years are obviously inter-linked re the Pluto impacts of 2020 (death/ending of the old, outdated corrupted system purging out the shadow into the light etc) and 2021 and the Great

Conjunction in Aquarius (rebirth/new beginnings/new revelation/new uprisings and revolutions). 2021 will be a year of both Heaven and Hell (so to speak) because the 2020 impact carries on as Pluto remains in Capricorn until end 2024 (third week November 2024) and Neptune remains in Pisces until end January 2026. Both these co-ruling planets of Pisces (and thus the outgoing Age of Pisces) will take these cycles to fully complete their completion of the Age of Pisces, although we could say that this is more for the masses and the old corrupted dying political>economic>social and religious system. This is still the ‘hell’ of the dying of the old humanity and world. Nevertheless everyone will still be influenced by this ending cycle as we all are part of humanity.

     The Heaven is the Jupiter>Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, and especially JUPITER, because Jupiter moves through the whole of Aquarius in 2021 (In fact Jupiter will move through the whole 30-degrees of Aquarius from the very beginning of 2021 to 14 May, and then it moves into Pisces [final 12th sign], before it moves back into Aquarius on July 29 until it completes this transit at the very end of December). This is a very accelerated Jupiter transit through its own soul-ruling sign Aquarius, and this will manifest as Rebirth>Renewal>New Beginnings>Love>Light>Wisdom>Intuitive Perception>Greatly Expanded Knowledge>Understanding>Revelation (and thus Apocalypse – New UpRising / Revelation) / People Revolution (around the Planet) / Pioneering changes in many fields of human activity / Grace / Abundance / Healing and even Miracles.

     (Awakened people will already be experiencing this to whatever degree It should be understood though that this great evolutionary leap updates and expands consciousness in relationship to everyone’s ‘level of consciousness’ sort of like one’s move from primary to secondary school to university to living what one has learnt and so on). The law of evolutionary ‘spirals’ governs the above.

Entering the Door into the New Age of Aquarius

      In 2021 the Door to the beginning of the new Age of Aquarius ‘Opens’ to those people who have (consciously or unconsciously) dedicated themselves to serving the greater good of the Earth and Humanity. This Door will be closed to those who remain selfish, greedy and abusive of Life>Earth>Humanity>Nation. As the Christ said ‘The meek shall inherit the Earth’ (The ‘meek’ are not the weak – the ‘meek’ are those who serve the greater good). One-third of humanity will be ‘held back’ from entering the new Age, and will not be allowed to return back to this Planet for 1,000 years (This is a clear statement by the Tibetan Master DK re the divine Plan for humanity. ‘Where’ these people will be transferred to – well – that is up to the Superhuman kingdom).

     Thus the saying in the New Testament that ‘Lucifer will be banned for 1,000 years’, Lucifer being the Lord of matter or the selfish material forces. As Christ said 2,000 years ago re the swap over of Ages from Aries (Jewish/Roman Era) to Pisces (Christian Era) ‘I come with a Sword to separate the old from the new’. Same as today re Pisces to Aquarius. ‘Man plans – God holds sway’. The Sword is the symbol of God’s Will. 2020>2021 are the two major years of CHOICE for all humanity – either people Choose to enter the new World cum Aquarius Age and thus move forward or they Choose to remain back in the past Pisces Age. If we look at the human world we will see how this Choice>Decision is being made by everyone (* If we look at the US this can be clearly seen, etc, etc.)

      Here is what I (Imogen) received:

      As far as the masses go there will have to be a rigorous re-assessment of their individual and personal lives via the ongoing impact of the pandemic, lockdowns, ongoing economic collapse and all its human and social repercussions. There will be ‘no going back to what was known as normal’. This intensive transformational process will require internalization, re-thinking, going within and changing their lives, and giving up the ‘crutches’ of so-called superficial false sophisticated living. This way of living has destroyed much of humanities potent inner life. The terrible scourge of 2020, and ongoing through 2021, is a very powerful and painful WAKEUP CALL (* This is what can be the ongoing ‘hell’ of 2021.)

·         Those who ‘see through’ what this time really stands for – getting rid of so many outer world reliance’s and attachments, all the ‘stuff’ that detracts from ‘going within’ and seeing our real selves and our deeper purpose, will enter through the door into the beginning of a new age for humanity. 2021 will be one of the most creative inspiring enlightening joyful years of people’s lives for those who have the surety and inner knowing that this is so.

  • The minds of humans, as a result of the above superficialities, have become like ‘limp parts’ of human nature and human living. Humans need to GROW their Minds in order to Wake Up, and to activate their unlimited creative consciousness (* The JUPITER transit will be doing just this) Those people who are fixed in their ‘lockdown’ way of looking at life and thus have the wrong attitude to what is happening and why will not be able to feel and experience these energies for they will still desire to live a ‘normal’ life and go out rather than ‘go in’ as they still see all life as being ‘objective’ and need diversions to escape from themselves.

     (* We can see this clearly with Trump’s supporters who are ‘projecting’ all their problems and insecurities on to ‘others’ and as such opening themselves to the virus and other diseases ad many will not make it through this year and pay a heavy price for their ignorance, immaturity and ugly violent projections In this regard it should be noted that that Mars moves into Taurus on January 7. Taurus is a feminine-earth sign and Mars is in ‘detriment’ or ‘losing’ its normal masculine aggressive violent (Mars) power in Taurus after its (Mars) long 6-month transit through fiery aggressive masculine Aries. Thus this violent idiotic uprising by Trump supporters will fall away once Mars enters Taurus and Mars loses its energy. In fact Mars was at the very end of Aries on January 6 when the Trump supporters went on the rampage in Washington DC. Can we imagine what would have happened if it would have been the BLM folk doing this? Hundreds would have been killed by the police. Democracy has been proved a sham in the US and Russia, China, Iran, and even the Western nations must now realise that the US is no longer the superpower of the world but a nation on the very edge of hypocritical collapse. The US military takes its oath on the US Constitution to ‘defend the Nation from enemies Foreign and Domestic’ and if Trump and his Administration and lunatic lackey’s are not ‘domestic enemies’ who is? My guidance earlier this year was that ‘Trump would be ousted from the White House’ so let us see what now happens).

  • The Virus is mutating because of the human ego’s unwillingness to ‘surrender’ to the restrictions that are necessary to ‘protect’ themselves selves from being infected. In other words human ego’s have to abandon, ‘willingly’, the desire for so called ‘normal’ thinking and living. In this sense ‘surrender’ implies the need for human ego’s to sacrifice their desire to maintain a normal comfort zone life. This ‘surrender and self-sacrifice’ includes the wearing of masks, keeping social distance, at times lockdowns, washing hands, giving up excessive use of TV, IT and the social media, partying, worshipping sport, film and celebrity stars, and superficial living as a whole. It will be necessary to get back to a pre-computer IT age (in the appropriate sense) in the process of creating a more simple, natural, ecological, creative, and service-orientated lifestyle. Which is in fact the way people will need to live in the new Age of Aquarius. This will begin to manifest in 2021 and onwards as the pioneers of Aquarius begin to live this way of life and demonstrate the new Way Forward. Due to the virus mutating the vaccines will not work as planned and many people will not be protected, but these people will not realise this as how can people know ‘who is protected and not’? The virus has a Purpose and it will not cease from fulfilling this Purpose until humans learn the required lessons (* As the S Korean medical expert on the virus said ‘The virus is more clever than humans’).


  • The ongoing destruction of the modern world and nature must come to an end, because we are all part of the natural world. Humans get their life-giving oxygen from the natural world and their life-giving prana (life-force) from the Sun. Humans thus need to breath differently and properly, which is a science. and which is given hardly any attention in modern day society Huge numbers of people are dying from ‘not being able to breath’, re: the virus and also re pollution (* Huge numbers of people die every year via air pollution, and many get asthma, and lung and chest and blood diseases). This is not only a tragedy but a symbol of people not taking the time to ‘breathe properly’ – to ‘breath-in’ life force and oxygen and to ‘breath-out’ carbon dioxide, The life-force from the Sun is converted by the body’s intelligence into Vitamin D, and every Cell in the entire body needs Vitamin D to survive (* Vitamin D is the chemical equivalent of life force. The human body has 40/50 trillion cells and every cell needs life-force and Vit D. Vitamin D then travels through the bloodstream and enters all the cells and organs of the body, which also boosts the immune system). In other words people are ‘suffocating’ all the time due to the above critical situation, and not only via the virus, and this is not even given any recognition by society, governments, the allopathic medical profession, business, educational institutions, etc. (*Why are children not taught this science and how to breath correctly? Correct breathing [or three point yogic breathing) entails breathing-in deeply into the  stomach, diaphragm, chest/lungs [3 seconds each breath], and then holding for 3 to 5 seconds, and then breathing-out the opposite way for 3 seconds each. This way of breathing is very important at this time of the pandemic. It should be done outside in nature).


  • In 2021 ‘People-Power’ will become a major dimension of the changes that will occur as a result of the Great Conjunction in Aquarius. There will be ‘people power’ uprisings and revolutions around the world. The Superhuman and Angelic Forces will overlight and empower these revolutions. They will be a re-activation of the 2018/2019 revolutions, with Greta Thunberg and other young women/men leading the way. The Women’s Movement, the BLM and Peace Movements will also be a major part of this revolution. They will spread like wild-fires all over the planet This might be called the spreading of ‘positive wild-fires’ (* It might be added that the positive wise revolutionary keynote ‘NOT IN MY/OUR NAME’ was imprinted into human consciousness by the Superhuman Kingdom. This is how these Forces influence humans via the Imprinting of Powerful Inspiring Ideas ad Keynotes. It should be obvious that these type of People Power UpRisings and Revolutions are very different to the ignorant violent Trump-rabble that invaded Washington DC and the US Congress and Senate. One idiot bragged that he sat in Nancy Polosi’s seat in the US Congress when he was in fact in the US Senate. These people represent the old outdated world that is kaput. Trump will now, hopefully, be Impeached or the 25th Amendment will be invoked and he will be forced to leave Office. As I (Imogen) was informed ‘Trump will be ousted from the White House’. In other words, re 2020>early 2021, the Light Forces have gained victory. From January 28>>> this will become far more obvious)


  •  In relationship to the ongoing pandemic those people who ‘fight to stay normal’ will pay a very heavy price and many will pass on (* Earlier last year I received the following information ‘Those who continue to serve the old world will die’, and this obviously implies to people who will ‘fight to stay normal’ because ‘normal is over’. In the Trump supporter rampage in Washington DC people were encouraged to not wear masks or keep distance and many will become infected and die. Ignorance is deadly bliss). The virus is mutating (on a constant basis) as it is an instinctive intelligence and is very clever and invisible (* women will understand this) and the vaccines will be fooled as a result, as vaccines are static and non-changing (* Psychologically it is interesting to note that the vaccines work like men. A protein is introduced into the body via the vaccine which is aimed at fooling the virus and thus allowing the immune system to ‘kill’ it. The virus acts like a woman – it instinctively knows what is happening and ‘mutates’ and changes its way of operating to fool the vaccine. Who is more clever – the virus or vaccine? Apparently the virus. Ha ha. Very interesting female-male psychology. Duality governs all ego/body life, and thus too with the virus and vaccines. In today’s world it is women who are taking power and control and men who are falling away. In our global network there are 95% women and 5% men and it is the women who are playing a far more potent role in ongoing Change. It is old-fashioned ‘white-men’ who form the huge majority of Trump’s moronic supporters. They are losing power and this is why they are acting in this destructive>self-destructive way, instead of giving in with humility and giving way, with joy, to women). This is because the feminine based virus has a Purpose to ‘force humanity and all humans to change its/their thinking, emoting, acting and living patterns’ and until the required changes occur the virus will not go away
     (* Fascinating to note that although the vast majority of scientific expert opinion is that the virus jumped from a bat to a human in a Chinese wet-animal market, and then pandemiced, governments and the media has hardly paid any attention to this ‘cause’ re the wholesale abuse of the animal kingdom. And this not only of wet-animal markets, but also the evil of animal trafficking, and, for example in Zimbabwe and S Africa, the huge slaughter of elephants and rhino’s, and the ‘domestic farming’ of lions and other wild life for sale as hides/animal parts/etc for Chinese medicine in China, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. There are said to be around 800 such ‘domestic wild animal farms’ in S Africa alone, mostly lion-farming. Breeding lions and the killing them, and then selling their ‘body parts’. Total Evil. Nature and the Virus are taking their ‘sowing and reaping’ revenge. The wholesale abuse of the animal kingdom and also the mineral and vegetable kingdoms, and of course the human kingdom, will no longer be allowed to go on, and the virus is doing its required work. Since when is the human kingdom exempted from paying the price for its massive abuse of creation on earth? Those people who want to ‘return to normal’ are regarding the above catastrophe as ‘normal’ and can thus be validly accused of directly contributing to this abuse of life on earth. ‘The reaping of the sowing’ is what is happening, and any human who imagines that humans can get away with this ‘mass murder’ is living in a grand naive illusion).

      I (Errol) have been given the following two Imprints in this month. 2021 will be a year of Heaven ad Hell re: both the carrying on of the hell (of the old world) of 2020 and the incoming of Heaven this year re the Jupiter transit. And the Imprint ‘Don’t Worry - Be Happy’. This in a very clear and strong way. The transit of Jupiter will obviously activate everyone’s life re its activation of placements in the birth chart (re the particular placements and re the ‘house’ Jupiter is moving through). People need to understand that such activation’s only occur for the individual (or couple or nation) when such placements are activated in the birth chart at the particular dates of the transits. For example on January 28 Jupiter will be in exact conjunction with my Sun sign (8-degrees Aquarius) and will thus activate my Sun sign (my entire personality life) in a very big expanded abundant graceful fashion. I know from this potent activation and ‘date’ (28>>>) that I will get a huge amount of work (chart readings, etc, plus some extra out of the blue surprises) because JUPITER is connected to this in terms of its influences.

     January 28 will be most potent as it occurs on a Thursday (Thorsday) which is ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter is exactly conjunct the Sun in Aquarius on this Full Sun-Moon Aquarius day. So JUPITER energy will be streaming into the Earth and Humanity on this very super-special day (at 7.17 pm GMT. Adjust to local times), combined with double-impact Aquarius Energy. JUPITER governs the Soul/Inner Life of Aquarius so very new updated expanded Revelations (Apoca-Lypse) will be entering human consciousness on this evening and onwards through February and 2021. Certain global events will occur that are Jupiter-based and since the Sun and Jupiter ARE the two planets that bring in LOVE and WISDOM and Global Consciousness (= Christ Consciousness) these Events will manifest this Energy into the world and human affairs. This date will thus begin the real unfoldment of Aquarius Energy into humanity.

      PS: From what I (Errol) have intuited and so far experienced 2021 will manifest Heaven and Hell experiences and events in very quick timing. One moment Heaven and the next moment Hell. Jupiter (Over-World) and then Pluto (Under-World). So it is very important for conscious people to Flow between these two states of consciousness, and not get caught in the Hell but maintain the Flow-in-Heaven (Soul). Also to remain detached from the ongoing collapse of the old dying human world, for all these people have CHOICE. And to remember that ‘death’ does not exist and those who are passing-on are simply moving from the physical to the astral world and more subtle evolution. Everyone can and will pass-on at some time and no one knows when this will occur so good to see the many NDE’s or OBE’s (Out of Body experiences) on UTube to gain full confidence o the fact that ‘death does not exist’ and the great Love and Light that one enters into at physical death and leaving one’s body. Many doctors and nurses are going through great trauma seeing so many people ‘dying’ and thinking that these people have ‘died’, when they have only ‘left their physical bodies’ and are in the Light. Doctors and nurses (etc) are not exempt from learning the Laws of Life, and one major Law is that ‘death does not exist’.

      PPS: The other day we met an old friend in a shopping centre who was supposed to be ‘conscious’ (?). To our surprise she said she was a Trump supporter, and yet when we asked what she knew about the whole US situation she knew very little (if anything) at all about what was really going on. One cannot be conscious and awake IF one does not THINK and take responsibility for the greater life that one is part of, and to support Trump is to admit to not being conscious or awake. No one can WAKE UP if one remains asleep. People should be very careful about claiming to be awake if one does not THINK DEEPLY and SEE and INTUIT what is really going on in the world. To support Trump is to support the old dying forces and to link into this ‘death’ cult, and thus not be able to link into the ‘AWAKE Network of the New Age’.