wilderness path

a significant inner journey


“If you think another can make you sad,


then you will think another can make you happy


and will make them responsible for ‘loving’ you.



People like this do not love themselves.


They have not yet discovered the beautiful entity spirit that they are.


And they are lonely and bored.”



Desert Spirit






Saturday, November 10, 2012


Desert Spirit



     The questioner asks, “Does Atonement mean undoing? Is this the same as healing the mind of wrong thinking? Is Atonement the final aim of the path of the one who is seeking? Or is this the every day phenomenon that can happen any time? Am I responsible for Atonement or is the Inner Teacher?


     To atone means to undo. To atone is to question misperceptions. Misperceptions are disturbances in the mind stimulated by external circumstances. Misperceptions can be deeply hidden and therefore not make it up to the conscious realm of mind. These are the disturbances from where all disease in the body come. For misperceptions ARE dis-ease of the mind.


     External circumstances can stimulate these deeply hidden disturbances, and call them to the surface, to the conscious realm. When this occurs, the mind manifests them as external perceptions. They can then be dealt with either through an external lesson, or if one is wise, can be corrected through inquisition. The former is often time-consuming and painful. The latter can be extinguished in what Spirit calls, “a holy instant”.


     You are responsible for seeing misperceptions and questioning disturbances. Inner Guide is responsible for correcting your thinking, as it is revealed, “I am in charge of the process of Atonement.


     The questioner asks, “Ok, I understand. And is He responsible for showing misperceptions to me that I may not see?


     Your task is not to seek for Love. Who would seek for what they are? Your task is to make the inner journey asking first for Guidance. The Teacher sees what must be healed and corrected in the mind. There are inner places to which you will be reluctant to travel, and there will be “skeletons in the closet” you will want to leave there, and you will be fearful to venture there. So His Care will lead you safely there when you show a degree of willingness to BE Led.


     Your relationship with the Guide requires you to communicate your concerns to the Guide. You responsibility is to reveal what is confusing, what is disturbing, and allow Mercy to show you the correcting, healing and forgiving of your mind.


     Then it is your responsibility to strengthen this within yourself. How does one do this? By extending it. To whom does one extend it and how does one extend it without becoming a celebrity or a preacher? By remaining anonymous and open to anyone He sends to you. When He sends someone to you, then you become His Voice TO the other person, revealing their misperceptions about you and themselves.


     Often this deep dialog will result in the one who is sent to you to claim, “You are attacking me. You hurt me.” Yet this must be seen as the defense it is. For they are the words of an irresponsible being. They are the words of one who is not ready to accept the Atonement for himself or herself.


     Externalizing all their perception through disownership of them, they think others are the cause of THEIR pain, and that the world is something that is imposed on them. They claim victimization of a cruel external world and the “evil” beings that lurk there. But they also think from the external or from others is from where love comes.


     The ones who say, “You hurt me,” are really saying, “God is punishing me but I blame YOU for this.” It takes an incredible amount of integrity and courage to come to reverse this process of projecting and disowning of one’s inner turbulence. And there are very few who are willing to engage in this level of inner correction. As the Wise suggest, “The path is narrow and few ever find it”. It is narrow for two reasons; the first is because it is not external, and the second is because only YOU can walk it.






     The questioner replies, “Yes, to say ‘God is punishing me’ is not true. God is unable to punish. This is misperception, and is the same as an idea of sacrifice?


     Yes, and the same as the idea of sin. What is not withdrawn from the externals, which includes others, cannot be reclaimed and therefore cannot be healed. It is your responsibility to reveal YOU cannot BE hurt BY others. This leaves them with their own self-inflicted pain. For it must BE self-inflicted if it is not disowned or projected.


     The mind thinks the way to freedom from conflict is to place it outside itself, thereby teaching itself that denial and projection of conflict is synonymous with freedom. Freedom from inner conflict then becomes a lesson in blame, and this person will seek OTHERS like themselves to support this premise. With each action of denial and projection, this conflict is strengthened. For one teaches oneself BY what he or she gives away. They then congregate or form a support group and call themselves “like-minded,” or a religion. For only the weak can find strength in numbers.


     It is up to every being to heal their own mind, but this cannot be accomplished without the Healing Ray, as well as He Who is at the head of the Healing Ray. And the first step to this is to realize this is their inner turmoil, and second, that it is manufactured BY them and is what they have taught themselves.


     If they can discover this, then the next step is to question if one wishes to continue to be his or her own teacher. From there one can appeal to the Elder Brother for help, but must not decide HOW the Elder Brother will reveal Himself or in what context, or through what medium. And the Stairway to Heaven has been established.





     So in your own healing and in order for you to strengthen your inner healing, others will be sent to you to point them back to their Inner Teacher. But first they have to BE RESPONSIBLE for their inner disturbances. Without this basic preliminary step, no inner correction can take place, and no inner peace can be established.


     God does not punish, but it can be said that He does make you responsible for your own self-inflicted punishment.


     You cannot be healed until you come to be responsible for your own pain, and that is the message you extend to others who are sent to you. He will give you the words to speak TO others. So you never have to worry about what you will say. You will extend your own experience, your own strength and your own hope. And this becomes the only thing that you can truly share with another. Then you discover you do not need anything FROM another but only wish to give TO another.


     Today the Lesson offers,


I rule my mind, which I alone must rule.”


     Therefore, I am responsible for all the discomfort within it. If my mind seems to rule me, then this is the command I have given TO my mind. I rule over my mind by commanding my mind to rule over me, to make me subservient to it. When I teach my own mind to be an authority over me, then others will mirror this desire, and there will be others who will come to me and attempt to rule over me, to oppress me, to mirror authoritarianism. When I do not allow my mind to be an authority over me, then those who have not also done this will see me as an authority over them.


     If I attend to stop putting disturbances in mind, I will never allow someone else to put it in my mind. Would you allow anyone to come into your home with dog shit on their shoes? If not, then do not allow them to bring their garbage into your mind or world.


     In fact, corrected mind will naturally be removed FROM any energy that would be counter-productive to its healing. You may still encounter the sick mind, but you will only encounter it for the purpose of offering it healing. And you will never become a missionary or a do-gooder with a cause.


     If I stop putting alcohol in my body, I will never allow someone else to give me a drink of the potion. If I stop putting fear or doubt in my mind, I will never allow someone else to put fear or doubt in it.


     When you realize no one else can cause you pain, then you will realize no one else can cause you love either. But if you come to love your mind and yourself and all your internal enemies and make friends with them, then you will draw love to you like a magnet. You will draw the loving to you. Being fulfilled, you will need nothing from them, but you will share this love with them.


          If you think another can make you sad, then you will think another can make you happy and will make them responsible for “loving” you. People like this do not love themselves. They have not yet discovered the beautiful entity spirit that they are. And they are lonely and bored. They have not crossed the Bridge to Peace




     And if you discover you are this loving entity spirit, you will see they will want to love YOUR entity spirit, but not their own. And they will think they can ADD TO your love. They will think they love you, denying this is because they have yet learned to love themselves.


     Beings like this look for others to love them.

     Beings like this blame others for their pain.


          I will not allow the infected to spread its disease into my mind, and neither should you.


     But I will descend into the underworld to call them back from death, and I will go there with Sure Protection.