wilderness path

a significant inner journey

 The Scorpio Cycle and the Unfolding

Astrological Configurations and Predictions

for 2020 into early 2021.

Errol and Imogen



Soul-Based Astrological and Numerological Revelation


     The Earth and Humanity are now in the Scorpio Monthly Cycle re November (the 11th month). The US elections were on the 3rd of November (11). Thus we have the numerological energy-vibration notes of 11 (=Pluto) and 3 (= Jupiter). On November (still 11) 12 (= 1+2=3) Pluto (11) and Jupiter (3) make their 3rd and final exact conjunction in 23-degrees Capricorn (The 1st conjunction was 5 April [5+4=9] and the 2nd conjunction was 30 June [3+6 = 9]. 9 is the note of Mars).

     This Pluto-Jupiter conjunction or mergence>integration of Pluto (Shadow/Shadow Forces/Underworld & Jupiter (Light/Light Forces/Overworld) Energies is the final conjunction of planets in Capricorn in 2020, and thus the final fusion of opposite Light-Shadow planetary energies this year. It thus holds the final ‘key’ to the whole collective initiatory process of 2020 (20+20=40, the number of initiation). As a result we can expect certain events to occur on November 12 (and onwards) that are the culmination and resolution of the whole Mysterious 2020 Year.

     Up till November 12 Pluto has been in the ascendant but after November 12 Jupiter starts to move ahead of Pluto (as it is a much faster moving planet than Pluto) and thus Light/Light Forces move(s) ahead of the Shadow/Shadow Forces, and the Shadow Forces slip back and begin to disintegrate, meltdown and fall apart (keynotes of the ultimate purpose of Pluto). It is a paradox that Pluto purges the shadow into Light [as re 2020] and then, finally, melts and brings it down and destroys it. This is the great mystical paradox of Pluto – it purges the hidden shadow into the Light of awareness, and then burns it up via its Fiery Power. Pluto is Kundalini Fire.

     As Kundalini Fire moves up the etheric spinal cord it purges/pushes out and purifies the energy Centres and also melts down and burns out these impurities. The same process goes for the human race and nations, and the Earth, which all have their energy Centres and their (feminine-based) Kundalini Fires at their base Centres (See the section below re Mars moving ‘Forward’ on November 14).

     Initiation requires and is this battle between Light>Shadow (be it collective/national or personal), and the final culmination of this Battle is Triumph of the Forces of Light. Thus the soul keynote of Scorpio ‘Warrior I am and from the Battle I Emerge Triumphant’ (The Lord of the Rings is of course a wonderful symbolical depiction of this initiation process). The final 3rd exact conjunction of Pluto>Jupiter will bring about this culmination or climax of the 2020 collective initiation.

     By November 12 Jupiter (the Light) has caught up to Pluto and then they finally fuse and climax, and Jupiter starts to move ahead of Pluto. This climax = the breakthrough of the Forces of Light, or the ‘breaking of the spiritual waters’, is the final process before the coming ‘seeding’ Rebirth of the New Child of Humanity on December 21, when Jupiter and Saturn make exact conjunction in the very beginning of Aquarius.

 The Mercury Equation

      All the conjunctions in Capricorn occurred in the 3rd decanate (20 to 30-degrees Capricorn) which brings in the potent sub-influence of Virgo and its ruling planet Mercury (re the ‘earth’ signs Capricorn>Taurus>Virgo, and especially the planet ruling Virgo). Mercury has to do with ‘communication(s)’ in every sense – including political, economic and commercial communications and interchanges.

      Thus the power of political communication – this is where Trump’s shadow power lies. He knows how to impact the unconscious complexed masses (In this election around 55% of white women voted for Trump, even more than 2016.) Why? How can women vote for a man who is so ugly in hair, face and body and words and action, including his crude, abusive language towards women? This reveals that many white women (in the US) have not changed at all over the years. They are still fast asleep. And as such they still love to be enslaved and abused, or else they would not vote for Trump.

     The female shadow is thus just as unconscious and dangerous as the male shadow. 2020 has purged all types of shadow into the light, which is what Pluto is all about). If the shadow is not recognized and transformed the light cannot get in. ‘Light can only get into cracks – into cracked ego’s’. Why is the US material-superpower and so many US men-women still so fast asleep? Why is racialism towards non-white skinned people still so potent? Fascinating shadow-revelation indeed.

     For fast asleep people the rest of 2020 onwards is going to be a very painful time. 2020 was also a time of ‘radical testing’ to force humans to wake up and become responsible – those who failed to pass through this doorway are going to pay a dreadful price for ‘time is no longer on their side’. 2020 is the year of the ‘final testing’ and the US elections [etc, etc, etc] were also a ‘test’ to see who had woken up and who was still asleep.

     Two-thirds of humanity will not make it through the ‘door into the New Era’ because they chose to remain asleep and remain selfish and irresponsible. Mercury has also got to do with the way humans Think or think. Do we Think high constructive positive Thoughts for the Greater Good, or do we think lower destructive negative selfish thoughts. ‘As We Think/think so we Become/become’. And as we Think/think so we Communicate/communicate and Act/act and Live/live. This is the vital Mercury equation in 2020 (right through to the end of the Year).

The Mars through Aries Transit

     On November 14 Mars goes ‘Direct>Forward’ (Mars has been ‘retrograde’ since 9 September - = 9/9 – double note of note of Mars) and on the same day Saturn moves into 27-degrees (= 2+7 = 9) Capricorn, the same degree of Pluto in the US Independence Birth Chart. Saturn thus ‘brings a karmic stop’ to the Pluto/Shadow impulses of the US, while Mars begins to move forward in Aries.

      This Mars transit will bring about a huge and violent clash in the US (and other countries) between opposing forces, especially in the US (Trump of course will instigate this civil war by claiming that that election victory of Biden-Harris was invalid). Nevertheless this clash is necessary because it will reveal this dark shadow of the US and hopefully force the forces of law and order (who now know that Trump's days are over) to take on these dark forces and bring them down.

      The ‘white supremacist movement’ in the US will be at the forefront of this backward outdated rebellion but it will of course fail. In fact it will have to be the FBI and National Guard who take them on, which might in the end result be a good thing because by this time everyone will know that Trump is finished and has no more power (In Imogen’s meditations she was shown that Trump would be ousted from power and would be forced to leave the White House).

      At the same time the New Pioneering Forces of Humanity and the US (Etc, Etc) will also move forward with positive Martian power, for Martian Force can be used for dark or light purposes. November 14 is of course two days after November 12, so Pluto-Jupiter and Saturn and Mars all come into action at this critical time ‘open the door into the new human wave’ and also finally block and finish off the dying power of the Shadow forces. In other words a quick intense short-lived civil war, which will be very disturbing to all, but also necessary as a climax to this duality battle.

      Since end June Mars (planet of red-fire, conflict, battle, power, will, anger, fury, fiery initiating>pioneering expression) has been making a very unusual extended 6-month transit through its ruling sign Aries (masculine fire, pioneering initiating force>action, power, will). Here we have the numbers 11 (November) and 5 (14/1+4), and 5 is the note of Venus, the Earth’s Twin Sister or Higher Self, indicating that from November 12>14>>to November 21 (when the SUN moves into Sagittarius) the Forces of Light/the collective/national Soul start to take over (Mars will make its final 90-degree ‘square’ aspect to Pluto on December 22/23/24.

      This will be the final 2020 quick climatic conflict between the Forces of the past/Pluto and of the future/Mars, although by this time the Forces of Light have already triumphed). Mars completes its transit through Aries on January 7, and then moves into earthy Taurus (Mars is in ‘detriment’ in this sign because it loses its fiery conflicting energy in earthy stable peaceful Taurus after its 6-months of Aries warfare. So after January 7 a cycle of peace and stability will set in).

 The Sagittarius Cycle and the Sagittarius

 New Sun-Moon Total Solar Eclipse

     On December 14 (Sagittarius Cycle) between 4.14>18 pm GMT there will be a Total Solar Eclipse. The Sun (in Sagittarius) is thus totally ‘eclipsed’ for a time and the energy of the Moon gains sway (Solar Eclipses occur at New Sun-Moon Cycles, when Sun-Moon are in the same sign. These Cycles are called ‘dark moons’ because the moon cannot be seen. It is ‘dark’ – symbolically and literally).

      Certain events occur at such TSE’s that are dark and negative, that cannot be seen initially, but then manifest a few days after the exact date. The ancients (and modern-day soul astrologers) regarded/regard TSE’s as portents of some sort of disaster as the Sun/Soul is ‘eclipsed/blocked out’ and the Moon/lower unconscious ego gains power for a period of time.

      Some sort of event will occur that will once again be another exhausting final 2020 ‘dark/shadow event’ which will be a final futile attempt to ‘block out the Forces of Light’ (Sagittarius is the sign of the Seekers after Truth and thus too the collective Forces of Light. It is ruled by Jupiter). Two weeks later on December 30 we have the Capricorn Full Sun-Moon, which will be the final peak culmination of 2020, in the positive sense of the Purpose and Goal of 2020 achieving final peak fulfillment.

      The Solar/Soul Force of Capricorn (sign of initiation) will then flow into the beginning of 2021, which are already being impacted by the new Energies of Aquarius, for on December 21 (2020) Jupiter and Saturn made exact conjunction in Aquarius. This will be the ‘seeding’ of a new Cycle of Aquarius Energies (a sort of update of February 1962 when seven planets aligned in Aquarius and thus the 60’s Aquarius-based revolution in ever facet of human activity).

      Jupiter (the higher soul-ruler of Aquarius) = new updated expanded Consciousness, Revelation, Illumination, Knowledge, Understanding, Vision, Ideas, Inspiration, while Saturn (one of the two personal>objective rulers of Aquarius) = practical material organization, order, discipline, action, structure(s), form(s), objective manifestation>expression of inner I/n>pression (Jupiter). Jupiter will take one year to move through Aquarius, and Saturn two and a half years. This new updated expanded Aquarius Revelation>Creation of new Structures/Forms/Organized Action will take humanity by surprise, and is the Out-Come of the final triumph of the Forces of Light by end 2020.

     In 2021 many people around the world, especially (but not only) young people, will leave the cities/towns and move into rural areas and form the new Aquarius-based (spiritual-ecological) Communities (most will be small and also decentralized, and also linked to all the other Communities forming around the world). Each will be individualized and independent, and also linked to other such Centres>Communities in their locality, country and plane. They will demonstrate, gradually via the experimental and learning educational experience and unique creative expressions, the new Way of Living (in the new Age of Aquarius.

     This is the real mature understanding of the Life in the Age of Aquarius). How this will all will be a revelation in itself, for it will come out of the blue and occur very quickly. Aquarius is a sign that moves very quickly (The other ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, which is moving through fixed-earth Taurus, and will thus ‘bring Spirit down to Earth’ via the whole ecological revolution. This will also accelerate in 2021/22>>).

 All the above will hopefully provide a much deeper Under-Standing of the deeper Purpose of 2020 and of the Pandemic>lockdowns>economic collapse>and all the human and social and global repercussions. The old and outdated and corrupted economic system will continue to collapse in 2021/22>25 and thus more and more people will leave the cities/towns as this occurs and will follow the lead of the 2021 pioneers and their newly-formed Community-living projects.

 On January 14 Uranus goes ‘Direct-Forward’ (after some time being ‘retrograde’) in Taurus and its new futuristic revolutionary ‘earth-based’ impulses start to quickly unfold themselves, especially via the climate change>global warming ecological-living movement.

      Then on January 17-19 Jupiter (moving through Aquarius/ air) goes into 90-degree ‘square’ with Uranus in earth-Taurus. This is actually a very positive ‘square’ (normally a conflicting aspect) because Jupiter rules the Soul of Aquarius and Uranus rules the objective expression of Aquarius (which is very positive in earthy ecological Taurus). In other words this ‘square’ is saying ‘Let the High Vision>Idealism>Inspiration of Aquarius (Jupiter) now seek to manifest itself into Earth-based Creative Activities, Projects and Forms’ (This includes Aquarius-based Community Living Systems).

     Then on February 17-19 Saturn in Aquarius makes 90-degree ‘square’ to Uranus in Taurus. Once again this can be a constructive ‘square’ in the sense that both Saturn and Uranus are externalizing planets – planets bringing the Inner into Outer Manifestation.

     In the true sense these ‘squares’ are indicating the need for the spiritual/inner life (Jupiter) and the external/outer life to be synthesized, for the two go together like two-hands, and like heaven and earth, and like man and woman, and like east and west. Common Sense. These ‘squares’ will bring together people who are focused in one or other (or both) sides of this coin, and they all need to recognize this obvious duality that is actually non-duality, for both sides need one another to achieve Synthesis (the keynote of Ray 7 that governs Uranus and Aquarius.

     The colour – Violet). Spirit-Matter Synthesis and Ordered Beauty (Spiritual Elegance) and updated intelligent Ritual are facets of Ray 7. Whatever occurs in January>February into March 2021 will be the ‘seeding’ of Aquarius Energies in 2021 and onwards.