wilderness path

a significant inner journey

Desert Spirit


Hello P.,

     Thank you for the exercise.

     So please keep in mind that this is Step 2 and as the Steps come from Higher Intelligence they will elongate time, meaning that the effects may seem to prolong time in your earthly existence, and you may even feel you are stagnant and just rehashing the same things over and over again.

      But so has the sun been rising and setting for eons of time, and with each sunrise all things have undergone significant change. For it is the nature of Life to evolve. And for us this means we are forever in a state of flux, of a constant evolutionary process of awakening TO this Higher Authority, forever expanding, forever renewing, under the Sane Guidance of the Spirit World.

     When nothing seems to make sense to you, remember only one thing: "There is Order in the Uni-Verse and I am in It and an inherent, significant part OF It".

     Many want proof or a sign of SIGNIFICANT change within the spiritual path, just as they desire in a physical existence. It is the reason for all the distractions with which humans are inundated. It is all to keep you distracted FROM you.

     This desire for MORE is not only counter-productive but a trap. For who would want or expect a witness of change except those who feel they MUST change? And yet we are not here TO change, but to discover the Changelessness of what we are as Creator gave It.

     So our foundation, that upon which we must build an understanding about ourselves, in truth, in life, in reality, is not physical.

     Yet we seem to be grounded IN and influenced BY nothing BUT the physical, and this is very difficult to not only understand but reverse. But that is what awakening is; a reversal in the thinking processes.

     It is akin to dripping water, one drop at a time, on a piece of granite rock; eventually the drops will carve a perfect hole through the granite, given sufficient time to do so. And yet each drop, each step affects the granite, even if it is not visible to the naked eye.

     The physical level of matter is the lowest of energies. It vibrates very slowly. And so as you uncover what the Step calls out of you and as you look upon it, you cannot help but discover why humans are sick, weak, tired, exhausted without meaning in their lives, why they age, why there is so much camaraderie, activity, senseless wandering, unessential busyness. It is this endless baggage we carry that fuels everything we think, say and do.

     You can begin to understand this through the many experiences we have IN the world of matter. You start to understand things, like why an airplane weighs your bags when you attempt to fly somewhere. Everyone's bags are weighed. The combined weight of each person, the baggage they carry, and the fuel and cargo the plane carries has to fall into a specific parameter in order for the plane to lift off. Should it violate the threshold of what is an allowable weight means the plane would not even get off the ground, or if it could, would eventually crash.

     We too will have a difficult time ascending to insight with such a profound amount of clutter weighing us down. And often we crash and burn, only to dust ourselves off and try again.

     To discover the awakening to Spirit is not to discover anything NEW, but the discovery OF Newness will SEEM new, and very different than anything previously one has understood.

     There is a movie, KARATE KID, who starred Ralph Macchio. He is led to a Karate Master who will train him to become an excellent student of Karate. He does not do this by teaching him karate. He does this by teaching the boy how to wash a car, how to wax a car, how to stain a porch, and so on. However, the given tasks seem to have nothing to do with learning Karate and the boy becomes discouraged very quickly.

     And so it is with us.

     You are not the body you see in the mirror. You not the personal identity you have chosen for yourself. You are not the person with the personal attributes that define who and what you think you are. And all your desire to maintain, protect or prolong it is counter-productive to Sanity. All that you feel that makes up who you are, all those with whom you engage with on a daily basis, are part of a learning experience designed to restore you to Realty.

     And what is Reality? Reality is not physical existence. Reality is Formless. It is Spirit. Man is not in charge of anything. Spirits are in charge of everything. Spirits decide all things. Your discouragement of "authority", regardless the form it takes, is mere fodder upon which you feed your discontentment.

     You are spirit, created in an by a Spiritual Elder, Who Guides you, what may be termed "Father". In fact, your Spirit Guide(s) will introduce Itself/Themselves to you as you invoke the willingness to make this relationship real to you. And so it will be with Creator, the Source, also. Do not call the Father "Father" unless you know this as a truth. For it would be like me calling you Sally. For how do I know you are not Sally? And would you not find that offensive?

     You are a spiritual, formless expression of Divine Intelligence having a human experience within physical matter.



     You need not even believe It, because you cannot change what is true anyway. Nor can your belief nor non-belief affect It.

     WITHIN the mind OF this being you call "P." is all that has been placed there, by you, with the "assistance" of others. And so as you have allowed this to take place, it is your responsibility to uncover it, look upon it, come to understand the nature of it, see the power you have given to it, see how and why you have collected this information and all the corresponding experiences attached to it, and then allow Higher Beings to do Their job of realigning you TO the right us OF your spirit and your mind.

     In this vein of thought, you will begin to see yourself, others and the world quite differently. Yet it is very subtle. Changes in the psyche are slow but consistent, so the process cannot be rushed, any more than you can tell the Sun to move faster to the 11:00 a.m. position. This is why the program of recover is "one day at a time". It is why sacred writings offer "For you there is no tomorrow".

     All you now understand, about yourself, about others, is going to change, significantly. Yet the significance of this change will be so subtle you will not be able to decipher it, except in hindsight. And so this is why it seems mundane, the exercises of introspection.

     Do not be discouraged about where you have been, where you are now, or where you are going. It is all useful. All of it was/is essential to bringing you to where you are now, today. You only need to show up and participate.

     Once you have developed, through Spirit's Assistance, a better understanding of Vertical Thought and your relationship to It, your communications with YOURSELF and with others will take on new meaning, as will the role Assigned to you on the earth plane, until your task is fulfilled.


      On a final note, P.,

     It is Written, 

"Nothing happens by accident,

and chance plays no part in God's Plan".

     We did not meet by accident. We agreed TO meet, in this lifetime, and promised each other, Peter, you, me, to find each other in this lifetime.

     No governments, no rules, no laws, no borders, no family, no religious affiliations would ever interfere with our coming together. Ever. It was Written in the Stars prior to our incarnation. Reach for this Understanding within yourself. The memory is there, still within you, of our past associations.

     We agreed to meet in this lifetime to be participants in what Spirit has prepared us to Receive, and Give, first to ourselves and then to the world.

     Respect Them for this and given thanks.

     You may think this is not possible, far-fetched, a belief...but the fact is we DID meet.

     You can deny all else, but you cannot deny we have been brought together, and in this understanding do not underestimate the Ways of the Wise.

     They know all things.




Bachman Turner Overdrive


     Slava says, “Thank you David! I wonder what does "hold back the water mean". Does it have a figurative meaning?

      To burn is to have passion, to be on fire about something, to have determination, a yearning to express something that is true and real, not to be passive, not to be superficial, not to be false, not to hide one’s true thoughts and feelings about things and about oneself, to be authentic, not to pretend, not act and behave one way and think another way, not to be a fake, to be consistent in all levels of one’s being…

      “Hold back the water” can mean to not water everything down, to not make everything and everyone nice and soft and pleasant, to hunger and thirst for truth and what is real, not to be satisfied with just enough to get by, to yearn for what lies beyond the borders of one’s assumptions and limitations and frailties….

“Hold back the water, I gotta find time to burn...”