wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"He remembers the Terms of our Contract.

He remembers every detail we discussed

before I came to this level.

He has the Documents that show

I agreed TO His Terms." 


Desert Spirit





11/19/2013 - (9)


Desert Spirit


     Father, this is Your Day.


     The impact on my mind of this simple thought is profound. As I begin my studies now, it is this single thought I begin with, because it answers every question I have about anything. In fact, if I were to ask myself ANY QUESTION, and attached this single thought to it as the Answer, then all of my questions would end.


     If it is His Day then it is a day in which He will have His Way. He will have all that He wishes to experience through me. I read long ago that before my spirit came to this level, before I incarnated into this body as David, I made a “plan” with Creator of the experiences I would have in my journey. And this always was a great mystery to me as I felt I could not only not remember this plan, but also why I would experience the things I have or will experience with my time left on this planet.


     But what makes it so understandable to me today is the fact that He was the Planner, and I was only agreeing TO His Plan. In other words, it was His Wish to experience what He would experience in every day of my journey on this planet, and I would be in agreement with wherever He wanted to go, and whatever He wanted to experience.


     Essentially it is that He needs me to provide the vehicle, the body, and needs me to participate in the journey, but it is His Plan that decides what will be the experiences to which I agree to also experience.


     At first this sounded somewhat insane, until I realized that if He is the Planner of the experience and the experience is to lead me OUT OF FEAR and point me back to Him and TO MY Self, then He has, within the Plan and within every experience, also placed the way THROUGH THEM, or placed the solution to the perceive difficulties I thought I faced.


     Father, this is Your Day.

     It is Your Plan.

     It is Your Decision what You wish to experience that I experience with You.

     It is my agreement that I experience what You wish to experience.


     In the total and utter acceptance of this Fact I am free to ALLOW You Your experiences and share them with You.


     Now it says, “God is Love.” Then, it must be that part of His Plan is to awaken me to this Fact and remember it AS I PASS THROUGH every experience He wishes to experience through me. It means that every outcome, every solution to every perceived difficulty is already decided and written and that the outcome is only part of Love. It means that only joy, freedom, happiness and peace can come OUT OF EVERY lesson He wishes to experience.


     So today I begin the section called WHAT IS A MIRACLE? And it says the miracle makes the path smooth and gives a gentle remedy. So if I have conflict it is only because I am not in agreement with what He wishes to do in every experience I encounter. I think there is ANOTHER way to come to a smooth outcome and a gentle remedy, ones I manufacture, and they never last and they never bring a true, timeless joy or freedom.


     But His Experiences through me, if I go along with Them, will lead me to a greater freedom with each step. And even if I do not go along with Them, He is still going to have His Way.


     So why fight Him or the experiences He wishes to have if I AGREED TO THEM with Him? Why do I constantly break MY PROMISE I made with Him?


     I accuse Him of breaking His Promise, but I am the one who CANNOT REMEMBER THE AGREEMENT I made with Him, and therefore I think He has broken His Promise. But it is I who keep breaking my promise TO Him to allow Him His experiences through me.


     He remembers the Terms of our Contract. He remembers every detail we discussed before I came to this level. He has the Documents that show I agreed TO His Terms.


     And so if I break my promise I made WITH Him, I am the one who suffers, not Him. Yet even in His Plan does He KNOW I will sometimes forget Him and the promise I made with Him. And so He constantly reminds me this is His Day and I can share in the joy of it with Him if I just surrender all my ways and ideas of what I think is best for me.


     In the Plan we made, He placed EVERY OUTCOME, every solution to every “problem” I would perceive or experience. But He enters these situations boldly and fearlessly, because He already KNOWS THE OUTCOME to them. And His Outcome benefits everyone who is part of the lesson. He already SEES the outcomes will be liberating and joyous.


     So I do not have to figure out anything. I just have to accept and be in agreement with Him about passing through the experiences. He has placed IN every experience the solution. And so the purpose FOR the perceived difficulties of these experiences is to SHOW ME HOW EFFORTLESS He can solve them, and this becomes the Game, as He calls It, that happy children plan.


     It is written that the game of fear is gently laid aside as I come to play the game with Him. He has an experience He wants to enter into. As a witness TO the experience He brings, I see danger, I see fear and I see uncertainty and even unfavorable outcomes because I have projected all MY IDEAS OF WHAT IT MEANS onto the experience.


     But He sees Another Way, and this other way of seeing He offers to me. It is called “corrected perception” or “the blessing in disguise”. If then He sees the outcome, I would only be able to experience His Outcome when I do not resist the experience, remain in the day and remember it IS His Day.


     I cannot remember our agreement. I cannot remember our plan. For me it is a forgotten ‘plan’. I cannot remember what I decided to agree to with Him. BUT He REMEMBERS EVERYTHING for both of us. And He says, “Do not worry. I will help you remember your part to which You agreed with Me.”


     And so He also remembers the solution He wove INTO every situation, every experience He Designed that He wishes to share with me. And this becomes the Journey of Joy. I will to be part of His Joy in His Journey. I will to step back, in trust, in faith, and let Him lead the way. I do not know where I go, but He does, and He remembers and He has promised me that every outcome will increase my trust in Him and my love for Him.


     I may not trust myself, but I CAN trust Him if I am willing to join in His Journey of Joy and allow Him to have His Day every day.


     If He wants to go, I will go with Him.

     If He wants to stay, I will stay with Him.

     If He wants to wait, I will wait with Him.

     If He wants to rest, and do nothing, I will rest and do nothing with Him.


     Whatever He wants to do I will to do with Him, because it is His Day to do with as He Pleases.


     There is not a single reason in this world why I should not allow Him His Experiences and surrender totally to Them. For what part of me can suffer except the part that thinks it is separate FROM Him?


     Only egos suffer. But I am not an ego. I am formless. I am spirit, like Him. I am not a body, and this costume is the one to which I agreed to take on and allow Him to use.


     He does not want or need a body, but He wants and needs ME and this body to fulfill His Plan for me and for the salvation of the world, in a world of bodies, where the restoration of my sanity, away from fear and back to Love is all that matters.


     And it is this to which I agreed.

     Now I remember.