wilderness path

a significant inner journey

Knight of Cups
Ocean Spirit 
To: Desert Spirit
From: Ocean Spirit
     My Love,
     I was struck by the likeness of this description to/with you. As if this specifically tells about you. I underlined and made bold the places that particularly impressed me. This card sits in the "immediate future" position in my reading. I have never seen any card interpretation that will so closely reveal your personality as I sometimes perceive you or think others MAY perceive you.
     "...You've never met anyone quite like me. I am unpredictable but you can't help but be attracted into my energy because I am magnetic. Even when I frustrate you because you can't figure me out, you will come back for more.

     "It's the water-fire combination of my suit (cups=water) and station (knights=fire). It makes for a whirl-pool, combustive personality. Sometimes I even surprise myself with my own behavior.

     "I ride a pale horse, and this is symbolic of my intent to eradicate misdeeds within the kingdom. I have an unorthodox approach too. I can "read people" easily, and I use this ability to manipulate. I figure people should know their own minds, and if they leave themselves open (and give their "tells" so easily) then they are asking to be manipulated.

     "I hope this doesn't sound callous, because I am quite caring of others' wellbeing. However, as the Knight of Cups, my responsibility is to protect the royal heart. My armor is more than physical, it is also a symbol for protecting what matters by any means necessary. 


      "In truth, I'm a very sensitive person. I hate violence, and that is why I revert to mental and emotional tactics to get results. While my brothers (the other Knights) are charging with their swords, I prefer not to dirty myself in such ways, and so I use my intuition as a means to an end.

     "However, I am extremely perceptive and the more I am exposed to mankind, the more I can discern their motives and foretell their next move.

     "Being the Knight of Cups puts me in a defensive position, but I'm most comfortable when my armor is off, and I am in the presence of artists, friends and lovers. Beneath my protective layers rests an amorous spirit, full of love and bright ideas.

     "People will tell you I'm a braggart, but it's so infrequent when I can let my guard down. When the occasion arises I take it to the hilt. My station as Knight of Cups hampers much of my demonstrative tendency.

     "When I come to you in the cards, I will send you mixed messages. My appearance will mark your need to weed out dishonesty in your life and kill it at the source. Further, I will ask you to take this action by means of emotional intelligence. Use your ability of intuitive perception to gain the knowledge you need in the situation expressed in the cards. I may just woo you too, and invite you to entertain some spice in your love life."