wilderness path

a significant inner journey


“There are no victims. There are only perpetrators of their own victimization.”



Desert Spirit




Desert Spirit

     I cannot be angry or upset for having those who reflect for me my own character defects. If I can be violated, I must be one who violates. If what is taken is done so without my approval or request, I must take without approval or request from others. If there are thieves, I am a thief. If I trust that all is as it should be, then I must trust it is true with all things. If I cannot trust others, I cannot be trusted.

     So those who are Sent to remove from my world what I have acquired must only be doing what they have been asked to do. And if nothing happens by accident and chance plays no part in God's Plan, then I cannot side with the ideas the world teaches me about being violated. I can only be violated if I think I can be harmed or taken advantage of. The only way for me to be free of what I perceive is to ask for a different perception. And so today I am open to a different perception in which this place They tell me is Paradise shows me only the lessons God wills I unlearn.

     Today I will receive willingly the undoing of the ego-thought system for myself, and as I do affect all minds. And I pray for those who have been assigned the task of taking from me what I am asked to part with, that I may not condemn them for their acts.

     In my study I discovered I have given away many things while in Gallup, New Mexico, things for which I have no more use. Now some things have been taken from me, and it should be the same lesson. If I truly am not attached to things as if they define my worth, then whether I give away what others will enjoy, or it is taken from my life, it must be the same lesson.

     I have lost things before, only to have them replaced with greater things. This goes for objects as well as people and the experiences I have shared with them.

     Today I will not side with what the world tells me about my experiences, but ask to remember, "ALL things are lessons God wills for me to unlearn."

     This day I end retelling the story of how I was 'violated' or victimized or had things stolen from me. Today I remember only what I give I give to myself.
     There are no victims. There are only perpetrators of their own victimization.