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"If you think you know what you are reading in the Bible,

 then you know how to build a UFO."


Desert Spirit






Thursday, November 21, 2013


Desert Spirit


     Hello D,


     Do not rifle through this message. Find some quiet time alone to study it and give it the respect it deserves.


     I was in my study this morning and wanted to share some insights with you.


     I am aware that you read the Bible and you feel the Lord is with you and so on, and that is good, as it is with many people. Yet what I have discovered over the years is that to understand anything of a spiritual nature requires US to develop ITS disciplines and understanding, rather than use OUR understanding to interpret what we think we are reading.


     In my understanding of things, and through my experiences first in A.A. and then within other spiritual disciplines, what the Spirit World offers man is FROM Their Level and not from man’s, or the brain’s level. It comes TO this level FROM Their Level which suggests It is not OF this level.


     In a very simple way we can see that UFO’s come from another level, and man is duped in trying to understand the technology from his level of understanding. And yet those who are building UFO’s know all about our primitive understanding and perhaps are responsible for all the latest electronic technology on the earth. In fact, it is apparent man cannot build these devices, and obviously there are higher beings incarnating on the earth bringing this technology here.


     So it is this way with scripture. This means that we at this level cannot interpret what is being offered FROM Their Level because it is not FROM this level. If you try to bring Their Messages to this level you can never understand it. That is what is meant when it says, “Truth is protected.” It is protected by the fact it is not OF this level, and therefore man will never understand what comes FROM Spirit Level until he surrenders his ideas that he imposes ON Spirit.


     In order to understand what Spirit offers through the various messages It offers, man has to develop an understanding, first, of HIMSELF, and not of the Messages Spirit sends TO man. It is written in your Bible, “Know thyself” and not “Know the Bible”. What you THINK you “know” about the Bible is therefore false, and this is why it has no power in your world or life. Truth must be LIVED, not falsely interpreted.


     If you think you know what you are reading in the Bible, then you know how to build a UFO.


     Ask yourself why with all this power available to you is your life not working the way you feel it should. Ask yourself why you feel powerless. Ask yourself why you feel desperate for “a job”. Ask yourself why your situation regarding work is no different in Washington than it was in Florida.


     Because the fact of the matter is unless YOU change, no matter where you go to look for work it will be the same. You have endless jobs, but for whatever reason you cannot keep them, and you will offer excuses as to why this is. But the excuses do not make you any wiser and you fail to understand why there is no permanency in these jobs.


     In order to know thyself you have to LIVE the truth of the Messages. But in order to live the truth of the Messages you must first realize what the Message is saying. And if you are interpreting scripture from your brain or from what others say, then you cannot hear nor will not ever hear what the Message is. The planet is littered with people who think they know what scripture says, and yet if you look closely you will see that it has not brought man any closer to knowing himself. In fact, it has separated man from his brother.


     I have repeatedly shared with you that the Messages Spirit brings comes from Its Level, and not from the world. Assuming the Books in the Bible are accurate, how can you even begin to say you understand what the authors OF those Books were thinking when they wrote those Books?


     If you see the insult this is, you would be shocked. An author writes a book, and you interpret what you think the author was writing and thinking. If you interpret what others wrote, you are implying you know how THEY think and therefore understand what they were writing. But can you say you know how YOU think and why your thinking has produced the world you experience, a world where you are desperate for work and yet cannot seem to find any?


     You read the Bible but do not apply Its teachings to your life. You read It from your level of understanding, and also from what others have told you, but you have no idea what you are reading or what the Messages say because the Messages come FROM Spirit TO man. And therefore in order to understand Spirit’s Message you have to go to that Level to grasp what It is offering.


     For example, in A.A., the founder, Bill Wilson, wrote the Twelve Steps. Yet when the literature was published, he never claimed credit FOR the writings. Are you aware that ALL “conference approved” A.A. literature was written by Bill Wilson, yet his name does not appear on any OF it? This is Bill Wilson’s gift to the world that came THROUGH him, from Another Level, but not FROM him.


     In his book, he wrote that he was Given the Steps. GIVEN. He did not come up with the Steps himself. They were Given TO him. What has the effect been on mankind of these Given Twelve Steps? A.A. is in over 147 countries and has transformed mankind, offering a way out of his alcoholism. Alcoholism is a mental illness more than a physical addiction.


     So the Steps treat the mental illness AFTER the physical addiction is broken by stopping the drinking. That is what scripture does. It breaks our addiction to the body and to the world because we are not a body. We are spirit. And this world is not our Home.


     So Bill Wilson was Given the Steps. Therefore the Steps did not come FROM him but THROUGH him. And it is this way with every spiritual teaching, including the Bible. And this is why in spite of everyone READING the Bible, no one is the wiser.


     What is coming through YOU? And from what level does it come? How do you like your life? Is it a demonstration of Another Level coming through you? You read the Bible. Why is Another Level not coming through you? Does Heaven come through you, or does hell?


     Many, including you, think the Bible can be understood by the brain and therefore you think “God” was responsible for “creating” the body. And you would argue, “It says so in the Bible”. In fact, this is the argument and defense ALL Bible readers give; “It says so in the Bible”. They ASSUME what they read and they repeat it as a truth. Yet they do not realize it also says, “God is Spirit. Worship only that.” And yet, how many worship the body and seek for meaning through it?


     It may shock many if they truly realized “God” did not create the body. In order to understand something like that you would have to go to Another Level, from where these Messages came, and ask to understand It from that Level. We must rise TO Its Level, not pull it down to this level. Look at what man has done with spiritual teachings. He has separated himself from his brother by building religions, and it is all based on the “reality” that “God created the body”.


     Your Bible also suggests that, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” And so have you discovered that blessing? Look at your life. Is it an effect of this teaching? What does your kingdom look like? And who rules in it? Can you say that your life is one the Lord guides?


     LS had triple bypass surgery three times, an indication of an ailing, damaged, closed and broken heart. Yet she thinks her “reading the Bible” is what will save her. And yet in the time she has read the Bible these things have happened to her. She takes various medications, has damage to the knee that requires an operation, is overweight and is a diabetic. So is this the result of “reading the Bible”? And why has all this reading not ended this level of suffering?


     She does not live the truth of the teachings in the Books, and neither do you. And if you realized that you only use the Bible to defend your sickness and irresponsibility to yourself, you would stop reading It and start doing some self-examination. I suggested to you to go see and work with a therapist. I suggested to you to go to 12 Step meetings. But you seem to feel you do not need these. You “know” better. And so nothing changes IN you, while you attempt to change the OUTER world your INNER world is manifesting.


     So today my study reveals,


                             “Perception stands corrected in His sight, and what was meant to curse has come to bless.”


      And what is interesting is the word CURSE. This sentence suggests that what we perceive to be a curse is actually a blessing in disguise when seen through Other Eyes. If we see something as a curse, then we will inevitably try to change it or avoid it. And in doing so, we are actually trying to avoid the blessing that the curse actually is. We would be trying to escape the blessing that is hidden IN what we think is a curse.


     So you can ask yourself, “What in my life do I see as a curse?” And go into that.

You are afraid to do the inner work, to look within yourself, to know thyself, in spite of the fact your Bible tells you that the Kingdom of God is in you. Does it not also say, “I am with you always”? And so why would you look outside for outer work that never stays in your life if you neglect the inner work that is needed?


     Has it occurred to you yet that the inner work is what is needed and will change the outer work situation? You resist the inner work by thinking you have to find a job, and yet you find a job, endless jobs, but never do they materialize for more than a short period of time. They are built on a sand foundation and disappear as soon as the first storm arises in you.


     Did it occur to you to begin the inner work and leave the outer work alone? Do you realize you cannot be responsible in an external job if you are not going to be responsible for the internal work that is needed? For that is what “Know thyself” means. That is what “I am with you always means. That is what “The Kingdom of God is within you” means.


     Do not say to me, “I know….” Do not agree with me. Your life is a demonstration of what you “know”.


     It says a curse is a blessing in disguise. If you cannot find work, but only have part time work and this part time work is just enough for you to pay your rent, then this is not a curse. It is a blessing. Spirit may be giving you the TIME and SPACE to start working on yourself, rather than you trying to fill it up with endless activity because you think you need “a job”.


     Do you not think “the Lord” could find you work? It seems to me the fisherman were called AWAY FROM THEIR JOBS AND THEIR FAMILIES to go with him. It seems to me that he even showed them how to fill their nets to overflowing. He does not see problems. He only sees blessings, or opportunities IN the “curse” to perform some great miracle. Yet the miracle is only in SEEING THE CURSE IS A BLESSING.


     So how do l live the truth that a curse is actually a blessing in disguise? I can share with you, in hindsight, that I saw my alcoholism as a curse, which actually was a blessing in disguise. So consider what you may see is a curse in your life, and ask Spirit to show you the actual blessing it represents by asking for new eyes.


     It also suggests, “The sins of the father are passed on to the third and fourth generations”. So would you consider living that truth? What “sins” have been passed on to you that you now carry and will pass on to your offspring? Even the fact that you think you are a “sinner” “because it says so in the Bible” you carry from a past. Even the fact of the “reality” of “evil” do you carry and will pass on. Yet we just discovered the “evil” is the “curse” and the curse is a blessing in disguise.


     The blessing is that a sinner is man-made and purity is God Created, and therefore what God created is pure. That you deem yourself a sinner, then, means you are a blasphemer because you define yourself to be different that what God created you to be and what you are according to the Great Designer.


     Did you discover that evil is really a blessing in disguise? Would you obey the teachings of the Bible and “Resist not evil” or would you avoid it? For the evil, and the enemies you must love, are in you. They are the hidden demons that have been passed on to you that you have not yet investigated or questioned.


     The sins of the father from which so many suffer include the idea of “family”. The idea of family has made you dependent ON it, and so rather than turn inward, you turn outward. Why would you need a job if you can just pick up the phone and ask for and receive instantly a solution to your problem? Have you not done that for years?


     How do you plan to break free of that addiction to “family” and borrowing money?


     If borrowing money is much easier and faster in the results it gives than finding a job, why would you need a job? The “sin” your families taught you is to be dependent on them, to borrow from them, and this has handicapped you.


     In your subconscious mind actively lives the teaching that you have taught yourself that borrowing money is easier than working for it. And you have even developed ways to cleverly present your problems to others so that people take pity on you. But no one ever said or says NO to you.


      I am the only one who is not part of your “families” that have taught you this dependency. And this is why you resist my messages. You do not look at yourself. So your inner world is shown to you through these words. This is not a curse. Thank Spirit for these blessings today.


     Perhaps you will find work when you end the addiction to borrowing money? I found another life, a life of sobriety, when Spirit assisted me to break the addiction to alcoholism and released me.


     I hope you will start considering you will have to do more than just read the Bible in order to know its truth.


     For the fact of the matter is the ONLY “job” you will ever want OR need is service to Spirit, service to God. And this service can only come FROM Spirit. Yet in order to be used in this capacity you first have to be disciplined. You have to discover what and who YOU are and stop thinking that by “reading the Bible” you “know” what “the Lord” is or what “God” is.


     It is written, Unless you become as little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. Children do not “know”. They come to learn. Unlearn the old and consider learning the New.


     You “know” too much and it has not helped you.

     Even to this you will say, “I know….”