wilderness path

a significant inner journey


“Even they who terminate their physical existence by their own

hand have something to teach.”

Desert Spirit




Sunday, November 01, 2015

Desert Spirit

     This has nothing to do with religion.

     This is not about a belief system.

     Someone once said to me,

“I am a spiritual being having a human experience.”

     In this single sentence explains all I will ever attempt to convey in words.



 Today is a new day. Today the words of the Wise offer me,


The Kingdom is perfectly protected and perfectly united

and the ego will not prevail against it.”


    The World of the Spirit is perfectly protected. Man cannot affect it. The Level of the Unseen is perfectly united, in spite of man’s division amongst himself.

      Today I come to receive this truth and respond to it in the fulfillment of my part in the Great Awakening of man’s mind to his spirit, to his divine nature.

     Thank You for this day and all lessons You will have me learn. What will You have me do this day, where will You have me go, what will You have me say and to whom? Your Will be done. Decide for me for my life and my physical existence.

     Now I do not know if anyone thinks that the Kingdom IS perfectly united and or protected. Who would travel all the way to Connecticut with two motorcycles on a trailer, stay at a filthy hotel for four days, only to witness the beautiful colors of the fall leaves and riding in the Connecticut mountains?

     Out of this experience has come communications I have shared with these beings --  Jean, Bobby and Krystle -- that have directly addressed what all of them speak about in regards to their perceived individual suffering; drinking, co-dependency, depression, a meaningless existence imprisoned in a job from which they are bound, from which they feel they cannot escaped, failed relationships with others, a feeling of worthlessness, a senseless existence in this world, and the absence of any relationship with the spirit, from which we all, to a greater or lesser degree, suffer.

     What may have been seen as a time to share what some of us enjoy, what we call “motorcycle riding”, has evolved into a serious discussion regarding the passing of one being from this world to the next world and the subsequent thoughts and feelings associated with it.

     I feel it was to be more than just riding motorcycles and eating food together in noisy, crowded places. I feel it was/is essential to introduce the thoughts and impressions and feelings about how this meeting in Connecticut has affected me, how the taking of one’s life affected us, and how we might learn something about ourselves in this regard.

     And so I have extended to them how Dennis’ passing affected me, what I have learned from it and how it has shaped how I feel about my own life and existence in the body on this plane.

     In Alcoholics Anonymous it is written,


If you want what we have and are willing to go to any length to get it,

then you are ready to take certain steps.”


     I have come to discover MANY on this plane have what I want. Certainly in A.A. this was true for me, as I have retained my sobriety IN A.A. since 1985, a span of 30 years. Their wisdom and experiences and understanding of themselves and of greater things than themselves have shaped and influenced my own thinking. For others DO shape and influence our thinking. Yet it should not be that these influences make us dependent ON them, but make us INDEPENDENT to discover who and what WE are, as spirit, to discover our own wisdom and embrace the function we have come to fulfill on the earth.

     Yet there are many who have what I do NOT want.

     And so every being on this earth, every spirit that is encapsulated in flesh and physical matter, and those who are not, be it human, plant, animal, mineral or the unseen energy of the wind and sun, as well as Those I term “spirit guides”, have something to offer, express, demonstrate and teach from which I can derive meaning.

     Even they who terminate their physical existence by their own hand have something to teach.

     Today I wonder why only the spirit within the human costume destroys itself, its body, its environment, its relationship with other bodies/spirits and why have we not come to live as Nature does, in harmony with the earth and with ourselves and with others.

     And so this, the challenge, has become the purpose of my existence here and life.

     I will not walk through this life with blinders on, afraid to speak, too afraid not speak. I will not socialize and congregate for acceptance. I will be the independent voice.

     If nothing else I do on this plane, I will live as the life force I am. I will utilize my place and time in this physical existence to awaken to what is greater than what the physical senses can grasp, what Creator, what Life has given me to use, and utilize it in the time I have left on this planet, extending this understanding to all who care and are willing to listen, willing to hear it and use it, and even to those who do not.

     Now today to You Who are the Guide do I ask – what say You to me, Teacher, regarding these things I express? And Your words to me appear:


I have called and you will answer.”


     I claim my willingness and power to answer You Who call to me today, that I may fulfill my part now, and extend it now to You within whom all minds and spirits are joined.

     What else can I do?

     What is more meaningful than this?


     Now the lesson continues. And You offer me,


I understand that miracles are natural because they are expressions of love.”


     What do I express that would possess another to fall silent to the words I offer? They express concerns about their family, their health, about their respective work, about the mental state of a friend and about their own concerns. In reply I extend my experience, strength and hope and the wisdom of 30 years of recovery, under Your careful guidance. Certainly there must be something in this that can be salvaged and used for good.

     How is it that such an expression is not part of love?

     Obviously the messages are highly disturbing to the ego and must be not for the ego they protect, and so ego will not allow the spirit its desire for truth. The spirit starves while the ego bastes in its arrogance and pride.

     Nevertheless, if miracles are natural as the tree leaves changing colors and their falling to the ground, and as natural as the expressions I have given them, then I leave the consequence, the outcome to You to Whom I have extended these messages, and allow You Who are in charge of this spirit/mind awakening process to use the messages as You find it beneficial to us all.

     Now I extend, not to separate minds but to join them in honesty and sincerity and seriousness. It will require more than just agreeing with my word in order for them to affect the life we live. And willingness will be the necessary tool to implement.

     What do you have to say to this, Teacher?


     I am the Farmer. Now I have planted the seeds. Let them fall where they will. The fall season is the harvest season and where the soil is prepared for new crops in the spring. Now the soil has been tilled and the many seeds given will be planted in the time of the new crop. In the spring, the new will be born. But for now, it is a time of winter, of regression, of slowing down, of saving energy, of early evenings. It is a time when all things go into hibernation. Let them hibernate and contemplate. For when the winter season departs, the new will arise to meet the day in gladness.”


      Now my lesson reads.


My calling you is as natural as your answer, and as inevitable.”


     So be it. Thank you for the many lessons You give and will have me learn that I receive in my expression of them.