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"The miracle IS service to God.

It does not take FROM others, but gives TO others."

Desert Spirit





Heaven’s Requirements


November 23, 2013


Desert Spirit




What is a miracle?

And the mind begins it conjuring.


What is intellectually understood has no impact, but a realized moment cleanses one.


With this thought, I offer my lesson today. As it is Written,



The miracle is taken first on faith,

because to ask for it implies the mind has been made ready to conceive

of what it cannot see and does not understand.”



     To call upon a miracle implies one is ready to see its reality. In this regard, the necessary conditions would have to first be established in order for the miracle to be needed.


     The miracle is, therefore, not an external event, but an internal one. For the conditions that require the use OF a miracle are internal. In fact, the request FOR it is the real miracle.


     Now the Lesson reads further,


Yet faith will bring its witnesses to show

that what it rested on is really there.”



     If faith is trust, then it is must be an aspect of Love. Then, to have love FOR or trust and faith IN something allows this something to makes its presence known. Faith in fear will produce its witnesses. Trust in perceived impossibilities will bring its witnesses. And the conditions for these are generated by the one who unwisely invests his power in them.


     Now the Lesson continues,


And thus the miracle will justify your faith in it,

and show it rested on a world more real that what you saw before;

a world redeemed from what you thought was there.”



     I call forth and claim Love’s Justice now that here and now today heals and corrects ALL things, ALL minds, ALL hearts, ALL souls, all the world. I call forth and claim the Abundant Universe now In Which what is Given me IS for THEM, is for the world.


     Here I perceive today it would Heaven’s Requirements to set up a condition or conditions where a miracle CAN BE performed. Oh my God…if perceived difficulties invoke the request for a miracle, why would I evade difficulties? The curse IS a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to exercise right us of Power.


     It is Written a miracle is inverted perception. It is a realized moment. It is internal, not external. What is intellectually understood has no impact, but a realized moment cleanses one. It purifies the mind, heart, soul and even the body, affecting all minds, all worlds, seen and unseen, for all times.


     Heaven would require conditions be such that would request of me to exercise right use of our United Power. It would therefore be not a gift to MYSELF but that which is extended to all of mankind.


     Now I have looked on “the miracle” as something that I personally needed from which I personally could gain. And yet today my perception is inverted;  “I” do not NEED the miracle. The world needs the miracle. Others need the miracle. The faithless need the miracle. Yet if I am part OF others it would impact my mind/world/life also. Yet it is not FOR the miracle worker for which the miracle is established.


     Who are the faithless who need a miracle except they who misuse their power and exercise power IN faith in the perceived impossibility? Faith in fear is still faith. Faith in poverty, in hunger, in homelessness, in worthlessness is still use of faith and misuse of power, unless this is what a being wants, needs and desires.


     The faithless need the miracle. Who will need a miracle when he relies on the external world to provide TO him, thus establishing faith in what is outside him? Who will need a miracle when the external world is seen as where one must seek for his answers to his perceived problems? For this establishes a need to SEEK OUTSIDE HIMSELF for any answer to any perceived problem.


     The miracle is not for the personal “I”. The miracle is not for ME because I AM the Miracle. And I AM the miracle worker. It is the world of the faithless who need the miracle, but he who asks for miracles challenges his own faithlessness.


     A miracle is an expression in Love. A faithless, loveless world needs an expression and expressor of Love. It is they who trust in and rely on themselves who need the miracle, who need the possible within the perceived impossible demonstrated for them.


     Conditions MUST BE AVAILABLE in order FOR the miracle to be accomplished and appear! Oh my God…


     Heaven’s Requirements state a condition or conditions MUST EXIST IN ORDER FOR a miracle to be demonstrated. For what other use would it be Given?


     Then, it must follow that in a mind that is CERTAIN it lives WITHIN the Place of Miracles forever that miracles are not needed or expected, but are utilized to restore faith to the faithless.


     Now the impact on the Lesson today inverts my perceptions thereby establishing these facts:


1.       Miracles are not FOR me personally. They are for the world of the faithless. Who would recognize faith TO ask for it?


2.       Heaven requires conditions to be such in which the miracle would be used to restore faith to the faithless.


3.       When one is certain, there IS no longer a need for miracles.


     They who would depend on the world and themselves would be unable to rise above any perceived difficulty without an understanding of a Power greater than themselves. And so however infantile or primitive is a being’s “beliefs” in the Infinite, he/she would find his/her answers to all perceived problems based on his/her understanding of himself/herself and his/her relationship to God.


     I have thought the miracle was for me. In this vein of misunderstanding, I did not see myself as the miracle worker but rather the miracle receiver. Now I see it is for the faithless. And as I come to certainty I live IN and AS the Miracle, I no longer anticipate a need for them except for the purpose of extending them.


     I call forth and claim Your Divine Justice within me justifies and corrects and aligns all things within my perceptions NOW, TODAY, affecting all minds now, today.


     The recorded events in scripture of he who performed miracles reveal he did so not for himself but was responding to a need within the faithless. Yet they who asked him FOR the miracle were healed BY THEIR FAITH. And so conditions were necessary FOR him to give TO them what they needed.


     Yet, they, the brothers, made it possible FOR him to perform the miracle. In this regard the brother is his savior.


     He who was certain of his own divine goodness needed not a miracle, nor did he perceive a difficulty in miracles. A flower does not see difficulty in extending its perfume and beauty. For Love is inherent within it, and therefore extends the miracle of beauty effortlessly.


     The miracle IS service to God. It does not take FROM others, but gives TO others.


      Service is for all minds given TO all minds, given to all the world. In Heaven no miracle is needed from where all Love comes, where faith in miracles is non-existent. Yet where the faithless claim their dependency on external circumstances will the miracle be denied them, until the externals are no longer sought AS the place for answers. And then, internally, will be revealed this single truth:



The Kingdom of the Unseen, within all beings,

 is the Home of Miracles and all miracles come from It”.



     Such a truth would end all personal conflict. For today it is seen the miracle is not FOR me but for the world. I Am the Miracle. I need not nor have not need for what I Am.


     Now the world is deemed worthy again. Now does it mirror the happy dream.


     “It is so.”