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 Exclusivity is self-imposed.

Exclusivity leads to limitations.

Limitations therefore are self-imposed.


Desert Spirit



Wednesday, November 23, 2016

 Desert Spirit



     You asked for PLAN B. Here it is. But you have to be WILLING to hear what is Offered. 

     You are an intelligent being, created in and by a Higher Intelligence. So you will feel this on a deeper level that your brain will attempt to reject. 

     If one is empty inside, then one will seek the world for as much information as one can muster, and as much intellectual mischief as one can collect. Storing this information in the brain makes one FEEL fulfilled. Yet when one communicates it to others, it is ALL THIS INFORMATION one has collected that is spoken. It is the repeating of OTHER’S ideas. 

     The information one speaks, therefore, is not one’s own. It is what one collected from others. This makes the collector of this information a thief, and not the originator OF this information. This is why one perceives himself to be a “walking encyclopedia.” One has a great deal of INFORMATION but no INSPIRATION. 

     Inspiration comes TO the mind when it is completely empty OF its information.

     Intellectual information is educated ignorance. It does not allow the mind to receive.

      There is a vast difference between information and inspiration.

      The insecure are uninspired. They are not in their spirit or aware they are spirit. The dispirited and the insecure TAKE information from the outside and store it within themselves. They offer it only to defend and hide the insecurity that it covers and then need to collect MORE. It makes them feel superior.

      The inspired RECEIVE inspiration from the inside and never allow it to remain. They expend it in order to make room for more to enter. The more they give, the more they receive. Giving is proof of having. The supply is unlimited, coming from an Unlimited Source. They have nothing to prove.

      You would like us to not speak of things that you feel are not appropriate to business. This is exclusivity. It is saying, I will decide what you can say to me, what you can write to me and what I wish to hear and will limit what others offer me”.

      However, every word we offer IS appropriate for business. This is not exclusivity. It is ALL INCLUSIVE. It invites you to be part of it. It is saying, “We allow you to think and speak as you wish, and will address every thought you offer us.”


     Exclusivity is self-imposed.

     Exclusivity leads to limitations.

     Limitations therefore are self-imposed.


     When you demand others speak ONLY the way you wish for them to speak, then you are practicing exclusivity. You are practicing limitations. When you practice limitations you are limiting what you can receive.

      You live by the brain world, by information you collect from others to use for your physical life.

     We live by the spirit world, by inspiration and wisdom that we receive from Higher Intelligence to use in our physical lives.

      You say, I appreciate and respect how you think but do not speak to me about what I do not wish to discuss”.



This is not appreciation.


It is not respect.


It is demanding exclusivity.


Exclusivity is self-imposed limitations.


     Now with regard to the balances, there seems to be a difficulty in dissolving them. We can dissect this with the brain and its calculating formulas, and we can look at it from the principles of exclusivity and limitations, or we can look at it as a principle, a learning experience.

      The balances that are not paid and the debt that it represents in your life cannot be paid until the limitations of exclusivity have been lifted. You DO realize this is your debt, do you not?

      What this means is that as long as you limit yourself in what you desire to hear or see, you do so by demanding OTHERS limit what they can give to you.

      By offering you only what YOU want to receive, you are limiting what you want to and CAN receive. And so the balances must remain.

      The balances represent YOUR limitations to receive.

     The balances represent YOUR exclusivity.

      The balances are due to your exclusive demand for us to LIMIT what we can say, what we can offer others, and what we can do. In spite of that, we are not limited BY your limits. You THINK you impose these limits on us, but you are actually imposing them on yourself.

      When you say “I want you to sell my products exclusively you are limiting what you wish to give AND receive. When you say I want you to refrain from talking about God and speak only about products and business to me”, you are limiting what you wish to receive.


     “PLAN B” IS:

      When you limit what YOU wish to receive, you limit what WE can give.

      The balances cannot BE paid until you allow yourself to receive MORE by ending your need to demand others give you less.

      The balances cannot BE paid until you allow yourself to receive MORE by ending your need to demand others be part of your exclusivity and your exclusive plan.

      You say you are an atheist. Then, whatever we offer you must not be offensive TO you, because you do not believe in it anyway. Why, then, would you limit it? And why would you limit what promotes and supports and only proves to you your atheism?

      What we offer you CONFIRMS your atheism. Embrace it.

      We hope this is helpful to you. Share it with others.