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 Date: January 14, 2021

From: Errol

Subject: From Errol & Imogen:

BIG WARNING for this Capricorn (January 14) New Sun-Moon Cycle - Sun-Pluto conjunct/Uranus goes 'direct' & Mars 'squares' Saturn

      Hi To you All,

     PLEASE be aware that this December 14 New Sun-Moon Capricorn Cycle is full of conflicting astrological aspects - the Sun & Pluto are in exact conjunction (= great purgings & upheavals), Uranus goes 'direct' (and thus begins to move 'forward' again after being in 'retrograde' since mid August - so uprisings & revolution about to re-appear) & Mars (in 'earth' Taurus) is in 'square' (major conflict) with Saturn in Aquarius ('air') so big conflicts between two groupings of people (for example Trump supporters & law enforcement/FBI - who are in the process of arresting & charging hundreds of Trump supporters). New Sun-Moon Cycles are 'seeding' cycles so this one 'seeds' the energies of the upcoming Full Sun-Moon in Aquarius on January 28 (which, paradoxically, will bring in the highly potent energies of Aquarius in the positive sense). So this New Sun-Moon Capricorn cycle would seem to be the 'great purging-upheaval darkness' before the 'Great Incoming Light of Aquarius on January 28'. 

     As you know Pluto is still moving through Capricorn & at this time (now) Pluto & the Sun both reached 24-degrees Capricorn, thus their conjunction & Pluto 'purges the shadow into the light' via great upheavals & conflicts (collective/national/personal), but this would seem to be the height of the 2020>January 21 Pluto-purging (The demise of Trump is connected to this. The US military has stated that it will not allow violence to interrupt the coming Biden Inauguration &Twitter & Facebook have banned Trump permanently & Trump is being Impeached for the second time). 

     Uranus governs the future so the upcoming revolutions will be positive & peaceful (& powerful). No one can avoid the conflicts related to the above but it is vital to 'move through them' & 'let them go' so as to prepare for what will be coming Up>Down from January 28>>>the real Impact of the Great Conjunction in Aquarius. Before the Great Light must come the Great Darkness. Hold Tight & Live Day by Day. This is really a Higher Mental Attitude more than anything physical. As with all conflicts 'deep understanding & Forgiveness' (of self & others) is ever the keynote. 'Who can avoid conflict'? 'Harmony & Beauty can only emerge through conflict'.

     Onwards & Jolly Ho