wilderness path

a significant inner journey



"How difficult must it be for me to accept what is true?

For the lies spoken to me have been so easily

allowed to dwell in me,

teaching me of their reality.

And how strong and unwilling they are to depart from

my world and mind forever."


Desert Spirit






Sunday, November 06, 2011

Desert Spirit



“Salvation of the world depends on me.”


     I will uphold my part to do what God appointed me to do. I will fulfill the function assigned by the Elders. I will uphold my part and do the Will of the Eternal Spirit World that has come to heal mankind and make him no longer dependent on the external world for safety, security and survival.


     My Lesson has recently revealed,


     Arrogance makes an image of yourself that is not real. It is this image which quails and retreats in terror, as the Voice for God assures you that you have strength, the wisdom and the holiness to go beyond all images. You are not weak, as is the image of yourself. You are not ignorant and helpless. Sin can not tarnish the truth in you, and misery can come not near the holy home of God.”


     In this You offer me an advancing, a moving forward on my path with courage to do so. You offer me assurance that what is my present experiences are that which You will guide me through safely and certainly. You extend from Your Mind to me true strength to resist the temptations of lies with which my mind attempts to poison me.


     You remind me of the wisdom and the holiness that has led me to this place and this point in my journey And you reveal this new dwelling, as well as all I reside in, are safe, protected by the Light within me, and that misery, loss, damage or destruction cannot come near this home that is my sacred mind, manifesting the world I experience, my kingdom that reflects the Eternal Home on this earth plane.


     What but my acceptance of these truths must I exercise? How difficult must it be for me to accept what is true? For the lies spoken to me have been so easily allowed to dwell in me, teaching me of their reality. And how strong and unwilling they are to depart from my world and mind forever.


     Now, today in my Lesson, the sentence I begin my day with says,


All this the Voice for God relates to you.”


     This sentence stops me dead in my tracks….



     How is it possible I hear Your Voice here and now, my Creator, through Yeshua who speaks these words to me this instant, in this new day, in the quiet of this cool morning? You say the image of myself would retreat in terror from His Voice, but what happens is I am lifted into the Wonder of His Voice, for it is revealed to me the Order I am within and of which I am a part.


     I have read this word, relate, just last evening in the manuscript of DISCOVERIES II, although these writings have been dormant for years. In the last few months I began the editing of this manuscript again that has been sitting collecting dust since the publication of DISCOVERIES in October of the year 2000.


     Last night, editing Chapter Eleven, the lesson I had extended to another, spoke specifically about the concept of relating. Chapter Eleven was scribed for the purpose of extending the concept of relating. And last evening, in the year 2011, I read about relating, only to awaken this day to my current Lesson where You offer me the same word, the same principle.


     Who will, right now, relate to this kind of Order? Who will, in this moment, identify it in their own inner journey?


     I am speechless.


     How is it You would arrange these events to be brought together in my mind this day? It is “daylight savings time”; a movement back in time. Yet the years prior to 2000, when Chapter Eleven was scribed, are brought to the year 2011, on this specific day.


     The wonder of it I cannot even begin to explain meaningfully in words.


     Last night, unaware of what would be revealed to me this morning in my present study of Workbook Lesson 186, I edited Chapter Eleven, where the principle of relating is expressed and demonstrated. In DISCOVERIES II I read,


“Our discussion surrounding Sally and my meeting with her center on the idea of identity, or the idea of relating.

The events of one’s life are directly related to our own thoughts.”


     This morning in my study You bring to me the Words,


All this the Voice for God relates to you.”


     I am awe struck.


     How is this possible unless all things are possible with You Who are the Order of the Uni-Verse? How is this possible unless He Who resides within You, Who are the Elder Brother in charge of this process of awakening, made it so?


     It is another demonstration that You reveal to me nothing happens by accident, that chance plays no part in God’s Plan, and I can only be in the Direction you wish for me.


     The only thing that stops me from being certain about being guided by You is in my perceptions and doubts of what I think is best for me. In fact, all my uncertainty, all my speculation is only an assurance that I move within Great Mystery. For where else could I ever be? What else exists?


relate - to bring back


     All this the Voice for God brings back to me. The word relate also means to identify with. ALL this, the Lesson says, the Voice for God identifies in me. Then the question that remains to be answered is, “Why do You identify with and relate to within me that is of Your Nature, but I do not? Why do I accept myself as less than You created me?”


     All this, meaning Your assurance of my safety, Your strength in me, Your order, Your balance and harmony in me, Your wisdom and holiness and divine intelligence in me, Your conviction, determination and certainty in me You relate to me, You bring back to me, You identify, You find, discover and uncover in me.


     You assure me that no misery will come to this home, this place within which I reside. No misery will come to my kingdom, my world, my mind, this dwelling or the cabin dwelling. How could it if I dwell only in You?


     My home, my dwellings, here, there, anywhere, are safe; they are protected because they are extensions of my mind which You show me now is safe and protected.


     And those who read this lesson may also see this in their world, in their life, in their respective kingdoms, in their mind. It is made real to them as their mind received it, as they receive this lesson into their heart and feel it, as they relate to and identify with its deeper, higher meaning.


     We are safe.


     No misery will come to me because You are in me and our Kingdom is one I make manifest and perceive in form. As it is in the Heavens, so it must be on earth.


     ALL THIS Your Voice brings back to me. And You bring back the message of DISCOVERIES II to me and to the world. ALL THIS I see this new day, this new beginning in my journey through time and space.


     It is You Who have decided for me that it is time to bring back DISCOVERIES II. It is You Who have made this possible. I could only return to this work in my new place of study. This must be Order, this is Harmony, this is Abundant Supply.


     I am not where I am by chance, or accident, or sin, or mistake, or immorality or whatever excuse egos would make. I am here because Love has Decided it is what is to be. And I will accept this as Love’s Gift and feel It if I open my mind and heart to this truth.


     Now I looked at my garden this morning, as I noticed a change there. There was one rose bush that I assumed was dead. For it has not shown any sign of life since I have been here, a term of several months. Yet this morning, on what appeared to be a pitifully sick and old rose bush, I discovered the budding of new life. This plant has been dormant, not dead, as have I. And in the cool of this morning I discover new buds, new life springing from it. It is awakening as I awaken.


     Life surrounds me. Life is Love. Love surrounds me.


     Now my Lesson reads,


And as He speaks, the image trembles and seeks to attack the threat it does not know,

sensing its basis crumble. Let it go.”


     Yes, as I hear Your Voice today I do not identify with or relate to the ego’s terror.  Rather, your Voice infuses me with strength and power.


     This of what you speak, Teacher, I perceive has been the conditions from which I have suffered unnecessarily in the uncertainty of my duties. This was recently prophesized in my recent Tarot reading; position 3 of my reading, the card that denotes what is not expected, the Page of Swords, the young entity positioned to strike out at the undetected and unseen and undefined threat that seemed to surround him.


     And yet, when Your Voice spoke these words this day to me, I did not tremble. There was a trembling of excitement rather than a trembling of fear. And I do seek to attack the undefineable source of my discomfort, but to attack also means ‘to attach itself to.” I will attach myself to That Which comes to purge these from my bones.


     Your Voice, then, is that to which I will attach my Self, rather than attack It. As I relate to the Voice that speaks to me of our Relations, I move closer to Your Words.


     Today it is a blessing Your Message reveals to me. Spirit is in a state of grace forever. You relate to me my seriousness, determination, certainty and the duties You give. This I relate to Your Words is the message of our relating, and is revealed in my study today, the exact same message I edited in DISCOVERIES II last evening.


     The principle of relating or identifying with Your Voice is unified in Your Course and in DISCOVERIES II. I do not tremble in fear or terror, but I will lay down this sword of defensiveness and welcome Your Embrace.


     I rise above the perceived threat and go beyond it. For I see there is no threat to me, although ego’s survival and ideas of sustainment in this world it has attempted to define for me is now a pile of broken pieces. Its foundation has crumbled and is no more.


     I stand on the precipice of certainty, welcoming this new discovery, Teacher. It is You Who bring me back to the remembrance of His Voice in these writings, as He has arranged to bring me back to DISCOVERIES II. And now I am ascending into insight, resurrected after a long sleep, and moving according to Your Will as it will be introduced to this world.


     It becomes another brick in the wall, another stone in the foundation of my kingdom of certainty. I thank You for this blessing this day.


     Be it so now in the Name of the One Mind of Which I am and all are a Part.


     “It is done.”