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"When you begin to know yourself, then you will not be afraid of yourself. When you are not afraid of yourself you will discover that everyone else is doing the same thing, some to a greater or lesser degree."

Desert Spirit 


Monday, November 06, 2017

Desert Spirit


     EVERYTHING, everything is a theory until you decide you wish to experience it, and then move to apply the theory. 

     Even going to school to be a graphics artist is a theory until you take the steps to learn the lessons to become a graphics artist. Someone tells you ABOUT becoming graphics artist, that you can get a good job doing this work, that it pays well, that the field is interesting, that there are schools that teach it, etc.


     Would you say, “I do not understand theories...I do not want theories...I do not need to hear this...I need the experience”? 

     Then, for the experience you would have to take an action, and FOLLOW SOMEONE ELSE’S direction in order to become a graphics artist. 

     That it how it is in this world. That is how it is in the Universe and beyond this world. 

     If you think you have to figure out everything on your own, and discover everything yourself and do not want to hear what others have to say, be it their theories or experiences, then you are full of pride. 

     If you are full of pride you are full of yourself, of ego. It means you are self–centered. It means you think you are different than others. It means you think you are special. 

     You are not special.  And you are not different from others. We are all the same. When you discover this then you will draw FROM OTHERS what they have to share/offer. And you will discover WHAT OTHERS SHARE AND OFFER ARE MERE THEORIES TO YOU.

      Why are they theories? Because they are THEIR EXPERIENCES, not yours.

      In order for you to make THEIR THEORIES YOUR EXPERIENCE you must apply what is offered. To apply what is offered means YOU MUST LEARN TO FOLLOW DIRECTION.

     To learn to follow direction means you must come to humility. It means you must have an open mind. It means you must be willing to try what others offer.

      Until you discover what humility is you will attempt to prove to yourself that you need not others’ “theories” to discover things about yourself, regardless of who the “other” is. 

     My experience has been my introduction to things that are non-physical reality, or what is termed “spiritual”. What is spiritual is not necessarily religious. Many people shy away from SPIRITUAL CONCEPTS and THEORIES because they confuse them with RELIGION. 

      Religion is man-made. Spiritual is not man-made. It is Life. In Life everything contains spirit. Another word for spirit is ENERGY. Life is Energy.

      There is “the spirit of freedom”. There is “the spirit of desire”. There is “the spirit of discovery”. These are what stimulate individuals to aspire; it is the “spirit of the unknown” that presses one to discover. But this spirit of the unknown is SHARED, and so we are all looking for the same thing.

      What is it for which we are all looking? We are looking for our place in the world, in the universe, in the scheme of things. We are looking for our purpose. We are looking for our function. We are looking for what the hell we are doing on the earth.

      I shared with you in the past, “That which seeks is that which we seek.”

     That which seeks (what motivates us to do anything) is what we seek. WHAT MOTIVATES US IS WHAT WE SEEK. It will never be found in the world. It will never be found in relationships. It will never be found in a job. It will never be found in education. It will never be found in religion.

      It will only be found when the individual is open to discover it. In order to do that we must LOOK WITHIN because WHAT motivates us IS within. Why, then, do we externally seek? But without the experience, to look within IS A THEORY.

      And so we must be willing to open our minds to those who have had the experience and humble ourselves sufficiently to follow the direction they may offer. And the direction is the same for all of us. That direction is INWARD. Then, we may discover that EVERYONE IS BEING MOTIVATED FROM WITHIN.

      All things are part of energy. It is this energy that motivates us. It is this energy that we seek. We see our Selves. This is Lost Knowledge. But it is being discovered on the earth plane.

      HOW you use the energy determines what you think you are and what you wish to experience in your life. If you wish to experience YOU, then you will have to be open and humble to discover who and what you are, not as a body, not as “Stanley”, but as Something Else.  

     You have resistance to following directions that others offer. Somewhere in you there is this desire to “not be told”, and yet you feel “obligated” to your “parents” to “listen” to them BECAUSE they are your parents. But unconsciously you resist what they offer because you want to discover things for yourself. And that is great.

     But you carry this resentment of being “told what to do” into all your affairs and set up unconscious defenses in you. From there you SEEM to be accommodating TO others, but you actually dispense with what most of what others offer, BECAUSE YOU WANT TO DO THINGS YOURSELF.

      My experience has been that the thing we resist the most is the thing that MOTIVATES US. I discovered, through my contact with others, that our place on the earth is like a job. When you or I accept a job we “sign a contract”. It may not be an actual paper I sign, but I DO sign a contract, so to speak. I agree to the terms. When I violate the terms then I experience conflict.

      You say, “This is just a theory. I need the experience.”


      Trust means TO FOLLOW DIRECTION. If you feel lost then you are following your own direction. If you do not know how you wound up in your present conditions, how can you know your way out?  

     If you are following a path is the forest that others have walked, you will be fine as long as you remain on the path that has already been made for you. But if you venture off the beaten path, then you are in the forest, and discover you are lost, unless you have a compass. Or unless you LOOK UP.

      If you are lost, then you either placed yourself into being lost to discover your own internal compass, or you just do not listen to others. Someone may have said, “Take a compass if you travel into the forest and get off the main path and get lost”.

     But you do not listen, and you do not want to follow the path of others as it is a “theory” for you, so you try to figure it out yourself. And so with no compass you get lost. 

     Then two things happen; you either stay lost or you ask for help, meaning you become HUMBLE and humility OPENS YOUR MIND and HEART to something BEYOND YOU, something that is “theoretical” to you because you have HEARD ABOUT IT BUT NEVER EXPERIENCED IT.

     And this humility of being lost opens something inside so that you will consider what others offer actually contains something that may be useful, if it directs you INWARD and not outward.

     Because outward you are lost. And inward you are afraid. So fear becomes your guide.

     But if you say, “Maybe I am not lost. Maybe I just do not see a clear picture because my fear is guiding me”. Then you may still feel lost, but you have a calm certainty in you that being lost is actually a good thing that teaches you to LISTEN TO YOURSELF and not your fear. So this calm humility in you is there and suddenly you have an insight and it says, “Look up”.

     And you find your way out of the forest because you are guided by the stars, and you know, FROM THE THEORY OF OTHERS, that the North Star is the brightest in the sky, and you follow this theory because you say you want the experience. You then follow the North Star and it leads you north, out of the forest.

      So this is just a theory until you actually become humble enough to utilize it for your own experience. But you will not find your way out of anything if you think YOU and YOU ALONE have the answer. For that is what pride is. And pride is always self-centered.

      We come to the earth with a contract already written. That means we already have the various lessons in place we will experience. The lessons are designed to teach us about ourselves. NOT OUR EGO. BUT OUR SPIRIT. OUR ENERGY. 

     The function each comes to the earth to discovery CONTRIBUTES TO THE WHOLE. It is not isolated. It is not separate. It is part of the whole. It contributes to the whole.

      You say, “This is a theory. I need to know the direct experience.”

     If you can begin to see that your desire to reduce everything to a theory is your desire to remain self-centered, then you have taken the first step in coming to know yourself. Being self-centered means you are afraid. Of what are you afraid? 

    You are afraid of your Self.

      When you begin to know yourself, then you will not be afraid of yourself. When you are not afraid of yourself you will discover that everyone else is doing the same thing, some to a greater or lesser degree. Yet we come to know ourselves NOT BY ISOLATING ourselves from others, but from utilizing what others offer for our own good.

      The function of everything that contains energy on the planet is to demonstrate life is harmony. If you feel not harmonious then you have not discovered your personal contribution, and think you must remain separate from others. Or we can say your personal contribution is to extend disharmony and fear of yourself to the whole. And who among them in your world currently are experiencing your harmony?

      Who among them are experiencing your turmoil? In other words, currently what IS your contribution, theoretically speaking?

      Everything teaches us about ourselves. This is not a theory. It is the hardest step to discover humility. It is the most difficult step to understand that our self-centeredness is the root of all our troubles. 

     We may discover this self-centeredness is fear.  And fear is resistance to Love.

      Love means “KNOW YOURSELF”.

     Or as it is written, “Know thy Self”.