wilderness path

a significant inner journey


“Fate is the outcome of the mind’s journey through the underworld

of the unconscious mind to the light of awakening.”


Desert Spirit




Thursday, November 08, 2012


Desert Spirit


     Tonight my Lesson reads,



“I rule my mind, which I alone must rule.”




     This is my holy instant of release.



     Now will my mind not have rule over me. It is my mind that I thought ruled me and my journey. Yet it is my mind to which You give the light of this truth now/today. Be gone from me, all that is not part of health, wealth, success, good luck, good fortune.




rule – an established guide for conduct, procedure, usage, etc; custom; reign; the customary course; guide, to have an influence over, to govern, to determine officially



     What is it that You would determine officially and reveal to me now in the reclamation of the rule of my own mind?



     I reign over my mind, which I alone must reign over. I will not allow my mind reign over me or rain over me to steal my power or snuff out the Flame of Fertility that is present now.



     I govern my mind which I alone MUST govern, where I end my slavery to it. I guide my mind which I alone MUST guide back to You for its healing and correction to which it is entitled.



     I come to restore health, wealth, success as You allow me to recognize it is only thins that IS my fate to which Destiny leads me. I come to fulfill my part in the Great Destiny of mankind.



     Now I come to ask You, Teacher, what IS destiny? And what is fate?



destiny – fate; the seeming inevitable succession of events



destine – (L, de, intense + stare, to stand) – to stand intensely; to predetermine as by fate; to intend



fate – (L fatum, oracle) – the power supposed to determine the outcome of events; one’s lot or fortune; final outcome; death; destruction



oracle – (L, orare, pray) – among the ancient Greeks and Romans, the place where or medium by which deities were consulted




     Are You saying it is my fate, destiny to be the oracle?




oracle – the revelation of a medium or priest




     Are You saying that my destiny or fate is to be a medium? And this You reveal to me now?



     What is destined is predetermined by God. It is the inevitable outcome OF every lesson; to come to return the mind to peace eternal and reveal this as the “happy dream.” What I destined has ALWAYS BEEN intended. You always intended for me to return to You, to overcome every obstacle or barrier to Love.




oracle – a person of great knowledge




     Are You saying I am the Answer to prayer? I am the Answer to THEIR prayer? Now the Wheel of Fortune is revealed in the Tarot reading that You have given me last evening in the third position card, the card of WHAT IS NOT EXPECTED. And I DID NOT expect for the Wheel of Fortune to turn in my favor that now is revealed to be the victory, renewal, rebirth, health, wealth, success of the mind. And this mind affects all minds, as seen in the successful outcome of those elected to BE the messenger.






     Yet the Wheel o Fortune forever turns, as it is the ever-unfolding of the old and the rebirth of the new, the ending of the false and the remembrance of the true, the changing of seasons, the karmic cycles of effect of every cause. And it speaks of these being my fate, my destiny.



     Thus to discover I am the oracle, I am the medium that You have chosen to be the answer to prayer, to be ALL MY prayer’s answers, becomes now Your Request for me to claim in Your Lesson that reveal, “I rule my mind, which I alone must rule.”



     No thought, belief or idea will have dominion over me. No concept or theory will govern me. For it is my mind that now reveals the Secrets of the Universe. I am the Prodigal Son who has returned to the Father’s House. I am the Second Coming of Christ. I am the Place where deities are consulted. I am the Oracle, the Medium through which wisdom is revealed.



     And this is the chosen path of my Self. I did not select this role but is one Given me. This IS the Gift of health, wealth and success. This IS the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” This IS the place where all dreams come true. This is where all time ends and the restoration of my Kingdom begins.



     Now my Lesson reads, “I have a kingdom I must rule.”



     I am the Queen of this Temple. I am the Oracle of the Timeless. I am Destiny.




“I rule my mind which I alone must rule.”




     Fate does not happen to me. Fate is the outcome of the mind’s journey through the underworld of the unconscious mind to the light of awakening. Fate is effect. Destiny is cause. Yet they are the same, the intended purpose of the soul in its journey back to the Source.



     Now the Wheel of Fortune, the unexpected, reveals my fate – destiny is the motivation of Love and reveals the time of the oracle has come - he who carries the message of every being’s fate. For every fate is the same, just as all are ruled BY what he destines for him or herself.



         The only destiny is Love and the only fate is freedom of the mind. I rule my mind, which I alone MUST rule. I am destiny. I reveal the fate to which destiny leads. And it is that the Oracle provides as this experience now.