wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"You are looking for what you want in the wrong place

and you will continue to do so until you end your external seeking."


Desert Spirit




 Desert Spirit



     Today my lesson reads, 


God wills to create and your will is His.

It follows, then, that you will to create

since your will follows from His.

And being an extension of His Will,

yours must be the same.” 


     Whatever follows from you, meaning whatever you do in this world reflects the source that guides you. 

     So a flower follows from Life. It extends what it is. As does all things that express Life. And so it is this for everything that lives. 

     Then, my earthly experience must extend from what He is as in, “The Kingdom of God is within me”. It must follow then that He is within His Kingdom within me. 

     And so when I look at my earthly existence, I can see FROM WHERE this existence comes. If it is chaotic, then God and His Kingdom in me is chaotic. If it is peaceful, loving, harmonious, giving, then so is His Kingdom within me.

     Then what my life reflects is a representation of what I think the Kingdom of God and God in His Kingdom IS within me.


     Now the lesson continues, 

Yet what you will you do not know.”

     He says I do not know what my will is, and being a part of Him it must mean that I do know know His Will. This means at the spirit level we do not know what our will is, because we have replaced it with what we think we want. To will is not to want. And to want is not to will. 

    We WANT because we are empty. We first think we are empty, or not at peace. Or we think “I want a comfortable life” or “I want a husband” or “I want a wife” or “I want a son”, I want a family”, “I want a relationship” which implies my life IS NOT comfortable without my selected wants. 

     This emptiness within, this absence of peace, this discomfort, then, becomes the MOTIVATOR AND MOTIVATION FOR everything I do, and manifests as the experiences I have in this world.

     Then, what I hear inside stems from what I think IS inside. And my external life becomes an effect OF what is inside. If my outside life is not harmonious or comfortable or peaceful, then there is chaos within me that guides me. 

     Whatever is the voice within becomes the guide I follow, and the guide I follow directs my actions in the world. 

     Then, if the voices inside tell me I have to do this, I have to do that, I have to be afraid of this and that, then this voice is that to which I respond, thereby giving my power TO the voices in me.

     Yet it begs to ask the question, “If the Kingdom of God is within me, and He is within His Kingdom within me, why do I not hear His Voice, and why is my life so chaotic?” And the answer must be, “I am listening to another voice that is not in alignment with His Voice and His Will”.

     He has something to do in the world, through me. When I only desire to find out what that is, then I have taken the first step in following His Will. And if there is only His Will, why not find out what He wills to do through me and stop wasting time trying to get what I want or THINK I want?

     If my life is not what I want it to be, at what point do I realize I do not know what is best for me and that all I think and do is based on a wounded self?


     The lesson then continues,


Yet what you will you do not know.

This is not strange when you realize that to deny is to “not know”.

God’s Will is that you are His Son.

By denying this you deny your own will,

and therefore do not know what it is.


     He says I deny His Will. Then all my actions and thinking stem from what I DO NOT KNOW, instead of what I do know. To not know is discomfort.

     So these Words come from Higher Intelligence. If I think I already know what they mean, then I have already achieved a higher intelligence, which means a higher consciousness. If that is true, then my intelligence exceeds anything in time and space and on the earth, and my life is a reflection of that. 


     But it says,


By denying this (that His Will is that I am His Son)

you deny your own will, and therefore do not know what it is.”


     He says I deny or do not know I am His Son and that He is in me, and that He comes to extend His Light to the world through me. I do not know this because I deny what is true. If I deny my own will, if I do not know what my will and His Will is, then I must know only what I want.

     What I want then becomes the motivator of everything I do.

     In truth, according to Him, I do not know what my will is. I do not know what I am.

     I DO KNOW what I want to believe I am. I DO KNOW what I think I want.


     You say, “I just want a comfortable life” implying that you know how to achieve this. Yet if you look at your life, you have NEVER KNOWN what comfort is. And you have sought it in endless ways outside yourself.

     Comfort is not external. It is internal. What is internal is what motivates me in the world. Comfort will lead me TO it. Discomfort will lead me TO it.

     You are looking for what you want in the wrong place and you will continue to do so until you end your external seeking.

     Once you begin an inner journey to uncover all the discomfort in you, then you have taken the first step in understanding what your will and what His Will is, because His Will is for you to be His Son, and you cannot know that if you are full of wanting, full of sadness, full of what you think you want or need.

     You cannot know you are as He created you as long as you seek outside yourself. Because His Will is INSIDE YOU, it must be that He wills for you to discover your Self and Him there, inside you. Then you will end all your external seeking.

     You think you will “have the time” to do this some time “in the future”. But you never will because you are using your will, your power, to postpone and delay and elongate the end to external seeking. 

     He that is only Light is not empty in you. Your Self is not empty in you.

     Yet you are empty inside because you have not discovered He is in you and you and He are One.

     If He is in you, then all you will never need in this world must be there also. If you then discover Him in you, Who IS Comfort, Who IS fulfilled, what would you need externally? Would He NOT provide it?

     As long as you seek to provide to yourself, He cannot provide to you. Yet you listen to voices that say “I just want to be comfortable”. You deny His Comfort within you.

     And so you listen to this voice tell you how to pursue all the things that will make you comfortable. But you remain forever in discomfort.

     Why? Because your desire for comfort means OTHERS MUST PROVIDE TO YOU what you demand they provide so you may be comfortable.

     YOUR desire to “be comfortable” requires OTHERS to serve you, and give you what you want or think you need.

     When they do not, you want to buy a gun and shoot them. And you remain in discomfort and are angry because THEY are not fulfilling their roles in your life to do what they are suppose to do in YOUR PLAN to “be comfortable”. 

     If you were never to expect others to fulfill YOUR DESIRE for comfort, you would not expect anything from anyone else.

     That means YOU WOULD ALREADY BE COMFORTABLE with or without them and with or without the things you think will bring you comfort.

     You are uncomfortable. You listen to a voice tell you how to BE COMFORTABLE. But this voice is the voice of discomfort. You are deceived. And self-deception is your guide. The voice of discomfort motivates you to seek comfort outside yourself. It does this so you will never seek out this voice and weed it out of your mind. 

     How can that which is NOT comfortable FIND comfort? If it knew what comfort is, would it be seeking FOR it? 

     His Will is that you are already forever within His Comfort. Then when you discover this it is this you will give TO the world, rather than seek FOR comfort IN the world.

     Comfort, true comfort, is Peace of God, Love of God, Kingdom of God, within you. We threw this away and now seek for it OUTSIDE OURSELVES. But it is not there. It never was. It never will be.

     When you discover your true Comfort inside, then you will want nor need nothing FROM the outside. And you will live your life extending this Inner Comfort to all others who struggle like you. For those who are empty inside, this will never be enough because their emptiness inside dictates to them they think THIS IS SOMETHING TO GET rather than Something to discover BY extending It.  

     A flower extends, or displays inner comfort. It is in harmony. It wants nothing from the world. Its only function is to give itself TO the world.  That is the function of Life. 

     When you discover your function you will only give to the world, rather than waste all your time and energy seeking to satisfy an endless discomfort within you and the voice of discomfort that directs all you think, say and do.

     There is only Spirit. You are spirit, an extension of the Eternal Spirit. The Spirit is “Son of God”. It is just another name used for It. Some call It Higher Self. 

     The Son of God is within the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is within you. Then the Son of God must be within this Kingdom within you with Him.

     Here, in this single discovery, lies your true Comfort.