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Sunday, November 08, 2020

Desert Spirit

Hello Mr. B.,                                           

      I was thinking about what you said today regarding gas prices "in the future" and the "democrats". It occurs to me that you view your life, and consequently your election participation, through the lens of economics, the lens of money. When you do this you limit your perceptions of anything.

      If your life is measured in terms of money, and not in terms of the spirit of unity and love for all people, which is why you are on the earth, you will never, ever be happy.

      And so this is why so many are upset that this election has turned south for Mr. Trump, because he and they have shaped their thinking as you have.

      If you sided with one candidate, was it because you anticipated a future you thought would materialize? Is that why you voted for your candidate? Were you not in fact predicting a future? "I will vote for Trump and he will win". But did your imagined future turn out as you would have wished?

      In much the same way you now want to predict what the price of gas will be "in the future". But I ask you, do you have a crystal ball? Or has God revealed this to you? The fact of the matter is you have no idea what next year will bring, much less what tomorrow will bring.

      You have a pain in your ass, in your prostate. What do you think is causing you this irritation, this discomfort? Should you continue to sow this desire to separate yourself from others, you will continue to manifest this sickness, no doctor will be able to fix this, and it eventually will kill you. And to die in such a way will you find no rest in the afterlife, because we take everything in our thinking and in our hearts with us TO the afterlife.

      If you sided with someone who is only interested in himself, then you sided with someone who wants to separate one part of the population from the other part. This is called SEPARATION.

      He wishes to separate one group from the other. He calls his followers, such as you, "our people". Then it becomes "our people" against "them". And so now he has started a very dangerous situation in which people are arming themselves because they want to "defend" the one who is promoting the "our people" separation.

      When you side with separation, you side with sickness. Those who are sick are those who are on the "our people" team. He has made you sick by convincing you there is "our people" and there is "them".

      If you side with separation, and sickness, then you are promoting sickness. When you promote sickness then you are asking for sickness and separation. If you want separation and sickness then you will suffer, and you will suffer in sickness alone. And your circle of supporters will be small and sick and will also suffer.

      Mr. Trump is not interested in "we" because he is self-consumed with the "I". This means he does not care about everyone. He only cares about himself. In fact, he does not even care about those who agree with him. This is not what is meant by "One Nation under God". He could care less about you, but you think he wants to be your best friend?

      One Nation under God means one people, one human race, oneness.

     Oneness means "There are no red states, and there are no blue states. There are only united states" which is what Mr. Biden has offered to EVERYONE, not just his followers.

      Your time on the earth is to come to join in a collective sharing, not separate yourself from others.

      In the old days the Church labeled anyone who did not agree with it "heretics" and tortured them, burned them alive, skinned them alive and chopped their arms and legs off, ripped their tongues out and mutilated people. Those who listened to the Church then BELIEVED what they were told and consequently carried out their orders. It was called "The Inquisition", a war waged against the people to promote oppression.

      And so many were convinced those who did not think as the Church were bad people, and would murder them "in the name of God" by the order of the Church.

      Your "leader" offers no less then they. How is this dark past any different from what you are doing today, based on the way you think? Is it not true you listen to lies and then you repeat those lies, and you are convinced "they are bad and we are good"?

      But have you ever questioned why inside you this distaste is in you, why you want to make yourself different, why you want to separate yourself from others and why you promote a belief in someone who only has sown hatred towards others?

      You did not come to think this way on your own. You have been manipulated, influenced, to join others who think the way you do, and anyone who does not must be "a democrat".

      You are a human being, Mr. B. You are not a "republican".

     To label yourself in such a limited way is to make yourself small. To say you love your wife while you have such disdain for others makes your definition of love a hypocrisy. Perhaps you really do not know what love is? Is that possible? Because love does not divide.

      If what you want is not what you want for ALL OTHER PEOPLE, then you are not being guided by Love. You are being influenced by the dark forces, as Ms. Trump is, by hatred, by greed and sickness.

      Now you may want to think about these things seriously;

 "Man is not in charge of anything.

Spirits are in charge of everything.

And Their goal is only to unite all minds."

      At the spirit level we are all the same. At the spirit level we do not have gender, race, color or creed. There are no republicans or democrats in the spirit world. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

     Your life should be guided by a Higher Power of Love and Wisdom, not a handful of fools who pontificate lies and deceit who you think "have balls".

      You are a mechanic. Do you think a car can run without gas, or spark plugs? And if not, why not? If I told you that a car can run without gasoline or spark plugs, why will you not believe me? Obviously it is because you know for a fact, based on a direct experience, that fuel and plugs are needed. You do not know this because someone told you. You know this because you had to find out, as a mechanic, for yourself. Or someone taught you this.

       And someone taught you how to see others are "them" and yourselves as "us". And so you can ask yourself why the teachings OF others are attempting to teach you only to separate you from others? And why do you listen to them? What is the attraction? What do you gain by believing things that you do not know are true or not?

      Do you know for a fact what will happen to the price of fuel in the future, and whatever it is will be the fault of "the democrats"? Do you know what is going to happen to you in the future? And if so, how do you know this?

      But I can tell you what MAY happen to you in the future if you continue with your myopic views about life and about others. Your life will become more painful and you will continue to nurture your desire to separate yourself from others. And when this "pain in the ass" grows, it will consume you, and your body, and no one will be able to help you. But it will be what you want, not what was imposed on you. And no doctor can fix what you impose on yourself.

      You said "Finally someone who has balls", but this person does not have balls. He is a coward, a weakling, a loud mouth. He is not even a successful business man. Everyone he has surrounded himself with are in prison. He has betrayed all those who once were loyal to him. He has cheated his friends, his business partners, his wife and even his family. And he has cheated you out of sane thinking. But you do not think so.

      He did not "make a strong economy". He inherited it from a previous administration. And he destroyed it as he did with his family inheritance. His sickness stimulated a collective sickness in others that brought forth hidden pockets of hatred and cruelty in people whose sickness has been hidden for years. It has made you sick.

      He brought out the WORST in people, not the best.

      He exposed the very sickness from which he suffers and encouraged it in others.  And THIS is how the virus became manifest in the world. Sickness and hatred is what brought the Coronavirus to the people, and only unity and love with end it.

      He is not a politician, has no military experience, no education in science, no degree in business ethics, in astronomy, in climatology, in medicine. Yet he thinks he knows more then they who ARE educated in these fields. He is a fool and you are a fool for listening to him.

      If you wish, we can refrain from any further contact, because you are a "republican" and may see me only as a "democrat". And since you side only with what you feel is right, for you, which is being a "republican", then you need to surround yourself only with those who think like you, and do not expect me to join you.

      But if you are interested in unity for ALL PEOPLE, then I would welcome your company.

     It is up to you.

     I wish you well.