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From: Errol

Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2021 7:12 AM

Subject: From Errol & Imogen: The Sun moves out of Capricorn & into Aquarius - A Big New Change A-Coming


     Hi to you All,

      Be AWARE that the SUN moves into Aquarius today at 8.41 pm GMT & thus brings to an end the 2020>2021 Capricorn Cycle (& what might be called the 2020>2021 Capricorn heavy-handed 'testing-trial' cycle) & starts to bring in the Energy Cycle of Aquarius (Thus the Biden-Harris Inauguration occurs in Aquarius). The real potent impact of Aquarius Energy into the Planet & Humanity will occur on January 28 on the Full Sun-Moon of Aquarius (when the Sun & Jupiter are in 8-9-degree conjunction in Aquarius), although the Sun & Jupiter (ruling the Soul of Aquarius) & Saturn (ruling the material expression of Aquarius) are now all in Aquarius so this Energy will Flow In from tonight. Try & Sense the difference in the quality of Energy Flow. One 'contracting' & one 'expanding'.

      Many people (including ourselves) are feeling very exhausted at this time due to this peak completion of the Capricorn Cycle & its heavy 'testing>restriction' process. Once the Sun moves into the Energy Field of Aquarius Aquarius Energies the begin to Stream into>through the Sun & into the solar System & Earth & human race. So...

      At the same time (now) Mars & Uranus (moving through 'fixed earthy-Taurus') make exact conjunction in Taurus & this might manifest as a 'rebellion' without any real energy or success behind it (= a Trump follower rebellion) because both these planets are 'losing their natural energy' in Taurus & thus do not carry any real power. On the other hand this might manifest as earthquakes as Taurus is an 'earth' sign & Uranus governs such 'quakes' (In fact Indonesia has just had a huge earthquake).

      Aquarius always brings in its wake big 'out of the blue' surprises so let's see what happens over the next month. One thing is for sure - 'there can be no going back to the outworn past' & any attempt to do this will fail. Thus if people (& governments, etc,etc) think that 'vaccines' will solve the Pandemic crisis & thus help to 'get things back to normal' everyone is going to be sorely disappointed because 'things will not be allowed to go back to normal' because if they did 'insanity' would return & 'all will be lost'. The solution to the present-future crises is not 'vaccines' but the 'beginning of a whole new Way of Thinking>Feeling>Acting' in all fields of human activity from A to Z. This is the Great Safeguard. Whether people believe it or not the Gods (Superhuman Kingdom) initiated the Crisis in order to force this CHANGE about so there is only one Way to go - 'FORWARD into the NEW' & everyone has something to contribute to the NEW. 'Going back to the dead past' is no longer an option.

      The Aquarius Full Sun-Moon Cycle will make this obvious to 'those who have Eyes to See & Ears to Hear'.

      Keep Positive Alert & thus Safe,

     Errol & Imogen