wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"The Source of Healing is the Life Force


that moves my hand that moves this pen across this tablet.


IT is the Healing Ray.


It is IN me and It is what animates this body."



Desert Spirit







Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Today my Lesson reads,


We will try to find the source of healing, which is in our minds because our Father placed it there for us.”


And I respond as my part in the Great Awakening.


Healing is NOT outside me, but it is inside me. And healing is where sickness must be. So sickness does not move me to scribe, but healing does and becomes the energy and power that removes, displaces all sickness, all ill use of my power.


We will, it is our will to apply, it is our willingness to apply our power, our life force to discovering the source of healing of our minds and our thinking - it is Life Itself.


The Source of Healing is the Life Force that moves my hand that moves this pen across this tablet. IT is the Healing Ray. It is IN me and It is what animates this body.


The Life Force that flows through this hand that scribes THESE WORDES is the Healing Energy.  On this tablet is written on this paper in this ink in this pen I use the only single valuable source that will EVER satisfy ALL things I think, feel, experience.


Nothing in this world will ever satisfy me, but this Life Force that moves my hand and this pen is the ONLY thing that will ever bring me peace. And so it guides me through this world, carrying satisfaction with me to every experience I ever have in this world.


It is in me. It is what moves this body, uses this brain and experiences all It does in a world of bodies that have been made more real than It.


It is the only Source that will satisfy me, and all I think, feel, experience. It has One Law - it is this:


In God WE Trust.”


IT trusts in Itself.


They who Guide me are Those Who claim, “In God We Trust” and give freely to me this One Law, One Commandment today.


IN GOD WE TRUST - it is he Universal Currency that can be used in ANY country, ANY time in history, past or present world, ANY place, ANY region, ANY culture, ANY world, ANY life, in ANY form.


This one single claim IS the Universal Currency, the Universal Current that PAYS ALL DEBT, large or small, significant or insignificant, and offers reward that supercedes ALL things that have been made to replace It.


It is the utter and total benefit of all life.


In GOD we TRUST - and I call forth now and claim THIS SINGLE LAW is the ONLY Law that will ever lift my mind out of its lawlessness, uselessness and into Order/Harmony/Peace Eternal.


No book can offer this. No time, no place, no amount of money, nothing of this world or in this world can provide this. It is MY INHERITANCE, the single Gift given me in the creation of my Spirit and Mind by the Source of all Life.


It is a Gift that keeps on giving, for all times.


Now in this healing and timeless instant I shout this claim to ALL universes, ALL worlds seen and unseen, ALL mind, in every form, everywhere, under every rock, within every tree, behind every wall, within ever grain of sand on ever beach, and for all times.


I cannot NOT be heard in this claim I make today, because it is Your Lesson that fuels my mind and body TO make this discovery - In GOD we TRUST.


If You placed Your Life Force into me and if I could only write these words with the Power of Love for my Self and You my Creator, then here and now today is the ONLY Law, the ONLY currency, the ONLY current, the ONLY action that can, will be and is expended and bring healing/payment/successful outcome to every lesson in every form it takes.


Here me, all Unseen Worlds and Their Occupants, this sacred claim I today make. It IS the full/total/one/utter/complete/final payment I WILL ever make to You and to ALL minds -


In God WE Trust.”


I write it in red ink, a symbol of my passion, my bleeding heart, my life force.




This paper today upon which this claim is scribed is the single most valuable document that will ever be printed in my lifetime.


It is the Universal Currency that pays ALL debt I owe to our brothers, because it is a statement of gratitude to You and to them that has allowed me to remember, “Gratitude is the only debt you owe to your brother.”


I accept no less than this truth.


Be it so now.

“It is done.”