wilderness path

a significant inner journey

"Love will never weep. It has no time to regret."

Desert Spirit





Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Desert Spirit




     Today my Lesson reads,



I am in need of nothing but the truth.”




     This is my holy instant of release from time and space and ego-thought system by which the world of bodies lives. Let these thoughts affect all minds now, today. I call forth and claim this fact now – if I have no need except the truth of my creation, as spirit, and if Heaven is my Home to which I have awakened, then everything within the happy dream must reflect this in a form I will understand today, now.


     And so from the Lord God of my being I call forth Christ the holy Self I Am. Come forth now, lift my spirit and bring Your peace to my mind now.


     If I am in need of nothing but the truth, what will You have me do this day, where will You have me go, what will You have me say and to whom? Your Will be done. Decide for me for my earthly journey this day, Teacher.


     I come to receive the Thoughts of God and respond accordingly. I come to extend the truth of what I am. Give us this day our daily bread, our daily lesson, our daily wisdom, our daily spirit sustainment, and lead us not into the temptations of the ego and its merciless use of the mind and its inherent power.


So be it now.

“It is done.”



 My Lesson reveals,



I sought for many things and found despair.

Now do I seek but one, for in that one is all I need, and only what I need.”




   Is this a truth for me? Do I live this truth? Or shall I just repeat the words and agree with them, and BELIEVE this is a living truth for me?


     What single need have I ever sought? When have I ever attempted to live free of worldly temptations? And what did I rely on in these trying times?


     I attempted to live without pleasures for the body, without things, without food. I attempted to live without a livelihood, without my own shelter, without transportation, without contact with the world except to extend my experiences to anyone I encountered in my journey.


     I sought to live free of alcohol, family, fear, guilt, shame and ideas of harming others or myself. I sought to live not by the arrogant authority of man in the face of threat. And I sought not to give power to the system of man-made laws, of punishment and justice, as they came to handcuff me and call me a criminal.


     And in every lesson You led me through what I depended on or sought to depend on was Your Grace and Wisdom, even when I slept in a jail cell, on the floor with cockroaches and ants among caged, insane minds, even when I could not or would not eat for seven days, when I had no means to support myself, was ridiculed and shunned.


     In the end You led me back TO the world, asking me to reveal my experiences to it, providing different ears and eyes, a different mind, one not recognized by the insane world where bodies have reality. Perhaps I did not go deep enough to the complete surrender of ego, for physical death never came. Yet I would leave this place and body gladly if You request it. In fact I did, as a child, my skull crushed by a horse’s hoof, losing brain matter, left of the dry, dirt road, there to mingle with horse manure, and Your reply to me was, “You must go back. There are things you must do and must learn.”


     Then, is it possible these entities, these 20 children, and 6 adults, recently departed in a hail of bullets, have learned their lessons? What will the “survivors” learn FROM their demonstration? Are they so self-consumed in pain that they cannot even think ABOUT the lesson the departed provide?


     Will it be merely a lesson of the “innocent” taken by “evil”? Are we this small in our mind? Did “evil” escort the “innocent" to the unseen worlds? Did they share the lesson? Do they now travel in separate vehicles? Do they go separate ways?


     Until such time is appointed for my passing, I will to extend the truth of what I am, and every experience through which I have lived I will share. I HAVE shared. And I have seen, as I look upon the “suffocating suffering” others endure, as they call it, I realize this level of sadness and despair is not necessary. On and on and on it goes, hour after hour, day after day the world reports this message, clutching the world in the grip of “unspeakable suffering” that they demand we all share. They care more for their misery than the entities that have been released. I cannot share this. I cannot. I will not.


     Their sorrow is more precious to them than an undying eternal Love that You say lives in every heart and mind, a Self they have abandoned, to replace it with a child. And who will tell them, “Your children, dear ones, are not your children”? Who will be joyful in their release from this world, where man-made rules and insanity has replaced God’s Laws? Who will come to receive the lesson Appointed to them willingly? When will their demonstrations not require a great deal of misery, suffering and sorrow? Is there not a lesson Joy has to teach? What will it take for the sorrowful to awaken to this single truth You send me today? And what would You expect me to do with it?


     You say, “Let the dead bury the dead,” and they walk up in droves to “pay respect” to the body, to mingle with anguish and “unimaginable sorrow”, carrying on with a tradition older than time, where this sin is passed on to the young entities who will pass it on to their offspring.


     Now who will sit in introspection to find the truth that claims their “reality” is their own self-imposed nightmare?


     I could not travel to their town, physically, to make such an announcement to them. They would arrest me. They would stone me in the town square. Yet You tell me that my reality is not of form, but of the formless, that all minds are joined, and that one mind affects all minds. Then, from the quiet of my physical dwelling and in this introspection I will to extend these thoughts to all minds now. Take them from me, Inner Teacher, and do with them as You see fit, or discard them if they are mere garbage.


     Today I use this right use of time to extend these thoughts to the miserable and the destitute and the lifeless and the homeless and sorrowful, that it may affect their minds and allow their hearts to see the blessing of events that allow the entities to depart swiftly, rather than contribute to a bleak meaningless world full of sleeping entities that have no use of their sacred minds except to have it ensnared by misperceptions of what they are.


       The young entities will never become part of man’s idiotic world, and in the end waste away in a body confined to a bed in a nursing home, thinking their “life” was a “blessed” one.


     Now as I remain on this plane to share in the dream of forgetfulness, I rise to this truth, and all You ask of me will be provided. I accept no less than this truth now.


     So be it.

     “It is done.”



     Now my Lesson reads,



All that I sought before I needed not, and did not even want.

My only need I did not recognize. 

But now I see that I need only truth.”



     If I see I need only truth, it must be I recognize what is the truth. Yet I would not even know where to begin to describe it were it not for You to point it out to me. What other truth is there except my relationship to and with You? And what need would not be met IN such a relationship?


     I did not recognize I did have a need, and with my thinking, could not figure out the need. And yet I was haunted by it, like a ghost constantly whispering in my ear, yet never was I able to audibly hear what the ghost was saying. But I did FEEL something, deeply, was missing.


     My ideas of family were shattered by the examples I was shown by my “role models”. For family was a nightmare I could never sponsor. Nor would a binding of two bodies by a piece of paper ever light my doorstep. These worldly ambitions were mere ideas of what I THOUGHT I needed, that was part of carrying on traditional ideas. And yet each one, be it religious, social, educational, was inane and as empty as the next. What they gave WAS emptiness, for nothing of this world could ever fulfill the perfection of an entity created in the Light of the Unseen.


     To be related to the habitual ideas passed on from generation to generation, I will not deny any entity his “earthly experience”. Yet who would have need for anything of the world, be it education, worldly knowledge, religion or society? Who within a divine reality thinks he or she is not to discover the unlimited, while existing within a coffin of flesh that binds the mind to this small world, a mere speck of dust in the Vast Universe?


     Now today I will to renew my part, as I receive the Lesson, extending these facts to all minds. Or shall it be preferable to send them flowers?






     Let all minds be touched by the Joy of Truth, and wipe away the endless rivers of tears already shed. Let us depart from misery and meaninglessness.



     Love will never weep. It has no time to regret.



     Now each tear shed must cleans the being of the death hormone that has pacified man’s spirit and made him a living corpse. Now he will betray Love no more. Now he will begin to breath New Air as the stale, old energy of sorrow, hidden deeply, is released, purged, and departs the mind of God’s Child.


     The pool of misery, trapped within the earthbound entity, will burst forth like a raging volcano, and allow his Memory to be restored to him. And in this harsh and relentless, unyielding rude awakening, let their lesson be for the many who have yet to come to this plane, as a reminder of what is no longer necessary. For the time for those who have chosen to sleep is over.


     Awaken and be free, as are those souls who now happily depart this world. Now must all minds be.


     Be it so.

     “It is so.”