wilderness path

a significant inner journey


 "If you feel trapped, it is only because your level of understanding

about what to do has been exhausted. "


Desert Spirit




Desert Spirit



     In Alcoholics Anonymous it is written, 

We will intuitively know how to handle situations that once baffled us”.

      This intuition is discovered when the ego, the small self, is abandoned for a higher understanding, so to speak. Intuition is of the spirit.

      If I am baffled by circumstances in which I find myself, there has to be an understanding that:

      1.    I placed myself in this situation due to some kind of circumstances that have led to this outcome.

     2.    I have BEEN PLACED IN this situation due to some kind of circumstances that have led me to this outcome.

      If I am in circumstances that seem disharmonious, then I have to discover how I arrived there, and take steps to correct it. Yet I must also realize that no amount of careful planning on my part may lead me to an outcome I desire.

      The direction for understanding our path or our time on the earth is to discover WHAT IS IT THAT MOTIVATES ME. And FROM WHERE DOES THIS MOTIVATION COME?

      To be motivated must suggest that there is an urge, and impelling feeling that is within me that moves me in the external world to the circumstances in which I find myself. I can say, “Well, I certainly did not motivate myself to find someone or something I desire”. Yet that may not be true. Many unconscious thoughts and desires never reach the conscious mind because they are suppressed, but nevertheless manifest in circumstances we do not understand how they come to our life.

      I may meet someone and feel it happened by accident. Yet if I investigate I may discover that I have been seeking to meet someone or some experience that might make me feel alive again.

     Then I discover I have not been feeling alive and unconsciously have been looking for something to spark my interest. And so I find myself in a situation that Life has placed me into, and now I feel alive by feel guilty about being alive because it now challenges the life I had been living.

      So I must take responsibility for the circumstances/lessons in which I find myself.

      Now there are two levels of thinking that can be called HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL thought. Horizontal thought refers to the level of time and space; past, present, future, and all my thoughts I have accumulated from myself and others.

      Vertical thought refers to the level of timelessness. This is hardly known to us because it is outside the realm of our basic understanding. Vertical thought is inspiration. It is intuitive. It is insight. It comes when horizontal thought is suspended.

      How do I suspend horizontal thought?

      Usually through some event that places me in a position in which I find myself helpless to figure a way out. This powerlessness or helplessness is what provokes me to END ANY SEEKING FOR AN ANSWER.

      When I no longer have an answer to my dilemma, it is then that vertical thought enters.

In that moment of inspiration, of insight, everything becomes clear. And although this happens IN me and TO me I realize it is not ME who brought this to my awareness.

      So to find a solution to any problem, we often seek outside, and look for someone else to tell us. Or we are “open to suggestions” and then take the suggestions and apply them and discover “This does not work either”.

      So we are still left with the dilemma.

      Then in a moment of helplessness, I say, “I give up. I surrender. I am in this mess and do not know even how I got here, much less how to get out.” And in that moment of surrender, I discover, “WOW...I am actually FREE to NOT HAVE TO FIGURE THIS OUT!” And I discover this “internal guidance” CAME TO ME when I SUSPENDED ALL MY IDEAS of what I THINK I must do nor not do to “save” myself.

      All life had this internal guidance. In the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, it is called INSTINCT.

      A zebra knows exactly what to do. If it is thirsty, it goes to the river. If it is hot, it finds a shade tree. If there is danger lurking, a lion nearby looking for it to be its meal, it flees. It RUNS LIKE HELL.



     As does ant.

     As does air.

     As does rain.

     As does cloud.

     As do planets.

     As does horse.

     As does lion.

      EVERYTHING IN LIFE knows, INSTINCTUALLY, WHAT TO DO. Only MAN knows not what to do.

Why? Because he has replaced INTUITION with intellect. He has replaced INSPIRATION with thought.

      He THINKS. And to THINK is not to KNOW. To KNOW is to BE. To BE is to not think.

      A zebra does not THINK ABOUT being a zebra. Man DOES think about being what it thinks it is, be it a boy, girl, gay, straight, Russian, American, Catholic, Buddhist, etc. Our BEING does not need all the costumes to define itself.

      That which seeks from within me is that which I seek. In all the external seeking, I am seeking my Self, the intuitive Self that the Universe produced.

      We are part of a Greater Understanding, but threw that away for intellectual knowing. When I cannot fix my life, I only have to ask, “What am I to do?

      When I can truly say, “I DO NOT KNOW” then I have stepped out of the realm of horizontal thinking and have entered the reality of vertical thought, if only for a split second. But in that split second, the physical universe was manifested. THAT is the power of mind.

      The power of mind CANNOT BE USED FOR PERSONAL GAIN. But it can be used to guide me on my path to discovering it.

      When you went to school, you were taught a skill, perhaps how to go graphics art. If you want to maneuver this life, if you wish to know why you are here on the earth, you must be willing to reach to something higher than your present understanding.

      To surrender to a Higher Power must be done willingly.

      You can try to read a book and teach yourself how to assemble a golf cart, but unless you have someone teach you how to read you will ever assemble a golf cart.

      We must have Sane and Wise Direction in our lives, and this comes when I discover “I do not perceive my own best interest, but there is Something in me that does. I will let It guide me now.”

      Your will and power are free. No one can tell you how to use them BECAUSE you are free. And if you use this power and will to imprison yourself then that is your business. But you did not create will or power, although you are a part of them.

      If someone gives you a hammer and you have no idea what it is, you may smash your head and kill yourself or kill someone else. Yet to learn how to properly use a hammer can build a home in which you will live and share with a loved one.

      If you feel trapped, it is only because your level of understanding about what to do has been exhausted. There is no more information available to you. Therefore the situation seems untenable. Yet there are unlimited possibilities in the mind and the use of its power can do anything, IF it is used wisely.

      Ask within yourself the Wise Intuitive Self to come forth and guide your life. Until you do, nothing will interfere with whatever decisions you make for yourself.

      Ask for Guidance and It will be Given, but ask in respect FOR this Guidance and not only because you are curious or desperate to get out of a difficulty.

      I share all this because it is my EXPERIENCE I would share with you, and not because I think I know something you do not.

      In truth, somewhere within you, you have asked me to give this message to you, so you may remember.

      It is the stepping stone to your next great adventure in this we call Life.