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 Vital Spiritual>Astrological>Astronomical Information on

the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn on December 21

 Copyright – Errol and Imogen – Life Education in the 21st Century


     This very rare Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will occur on December 21 in the 11th zodiacal sign of Aquarius, the Sign that governs the new Astrological Age of Aquarius that will last around 2,300 years. The symbols of Aquarius are the Planetary Water Carriers (these are spiritual and not emotional Waters – the Waters of Life) and the Rainbow (synthesising all the 7 colours of the Life-Creation Energy Rainbow. All Life in our cosmic System is governed by the seven cosmic Rays which originate in the seven Stars of the Great Bear Constellation. These 7 Rays govern all creation, from cosmos to planet to nation to human to atom/cell). The Great Conjunction will occur at the very beginning of Aquarius, indicating that this is the very new ‘seed’ beginning of the new Age of Aquarius. Every Zodiacal Sign or Archetype is a Great Life, a Great Zodiacal Spirit, and it is this Spirit that transmits Aquarius Energies into our planetary Energy System and into its seven Planetary Chakras, including of course Humanity, who form the 3rd major Energy Centre, the Brow Chakra (Higher Mind/Intelligence). The human race forms the 4th ‘mediating’ (between the 3 Spiritual and 3 Material Kingdoms) Energy Centre.

      In other words Humanity is essentially a Great Mind, and all Humans are essentially Great Minds(3rd Centre/Ray 3/Creative Intelligence/Creators), which provides the ‘key’ to why we have to Think Deeply to Identify with and Be this Mind (Who We Truly Are as Humans) in order to come into a State of Higher/Soul Consciousness. This Mind is Immortal – Mind/Consciousness cannot die. Thus we refer to Great Humans throughout history as the Great Thinkers. In fact Saturn (Ray 3) is this Mind, so Jupiter (Ray 2/Heart Centre/Love-Wisdom) and Saturn (Mind/Brow Centre/Creative Thought) are the essential Energies/Qualities that will be manifesting via this Great Conjunction. If humans do not Think Deeply (and thus activate the Higher Mind) they cannot come into Higher Consciousness. To Think Deeply means to not believe anything we are told is real or truthful until our Minds have Thought about this, and come to Their Own Clear Rightful Conclusion. Not our minds but our MINDS.

 The Great Conjunction and the Solstice Cycle

      The fact that this Great Conjunction occurs on the Solstice is very significant because the Solstice(especially in the N Hemisphere) is when the Sun (Son) is in the process of moving into its Winter Cycle(Capricorn>Aquarius>Pisces) before it enters its Spring (Rebirth) Cycle in Aries (March 21)>Taurus>Gemini (Winter/Summer Solstice is determined by the date and time the Sun moves into the 10th sign Capricorn. In other words without the science of astrology the Equinox’s and Solstices could not be determined as these four Seasonal Cycles are determined by the date and time the SUN moves into the energy field of Aries/Spring Equinox>Cancer/Summer Solstice>Libra/Autumn Equinox>Capricorn/Winter Solstice. Although these Seasonal Cycles are opposite in the Southern Hemisphere the Zodiacal Signs/Energies are the same).

      And for three days (December 22/23/24) the Sun is in a static state as it begins to make this turnabout. Thus the Winter Solstice (the longest night and shortest day of the Astrological Year, or the ‘dark night of the soul’) is the static>transition/turning point time of the Sun/Son/Light, and these are the three days of ‘crucifixion’ of the Sun (Son) before the Sun (Son/Soul/Christ/Light) makes this turnabout and begins to move forward and begins its ‘Rebirth’ into the Light of a New Dawn (= Christ-Mass Day – December 25. Not Christmas – CHRIST-MASS – a Mass of Christ Consciousness – of Light and Love and Goodwill and Peace and Communion). So the Great Conjunction falling on this Solstice Day is very significant and in a way unique as it signifies the end>crucifixion of the old Cycle/old ego-based World/old World Order and the very new Beginning/Rebirth of a New Soul/Christ-Based World Order. The Conjunction occurs at the very beginning of Aquarius/Air (New Spiritual-Age of Aquarius) and thus too the very end of Capricorn/Earth (old material world order).

      And the numerology is very significant too – 21 (= 3) of the 12th month (= 3) 2020 (40 – number of major initiation. The human race has gone through its extreme ‘testing>trial and dark night of the soul’ and also ‘opportunity’ in 2020). 3 (and double 3) IS the number of JUPITER, the planet directly connected with the Christ/Christ/Vishnu Consciousness as it is governed by Ray 2 – LOVE-WISDOM, the essential quality of the Christ/Soul/Atma Consciousness. Saturn (ruling Capricorn) is now ahead of Jupiter (as they transit through Capricorn) but on December 21 Jupiter catches up to Saturn (= exact conjunction), and then Jupiter starts to move ahead of Saturn (Jupiter will take one year to move through Aquarius – 2021). Whereas Saturn in Capricorn = severe restriction and containment and even malfunctioning, Jupiter in Aquarius = the opposite – great expansion, revelation, movement, growth, abundance, grace and even miracles. So ‘after the great darkness comes the great Light’.

 The Mystery of Initiation

      Therefore certain out of the blue Events will occur on December 21 to December 25 and also into the New Year, especially as the Capricorn Full SUN-Moon occurs on December 30 (another 3). Everyone should prepare themselves for what might occur because this time of final climatic 2020>2021 ‘crucifixion of the old>rebirth of the new’ will be very intense and even traumatic, and certain Events might occur that are aligned to this collective Death>Rebirth. 2020 was/is the Year of both the ‘dark night of the soul’ (Pandemic>lockdowns> economic collapse (much more far reaching than Governments admit to)>mask wearing>keeping 6-foot distance/apart (very Saturn – Saturn is associated with the Hermit/Ascetic/Disciple, and Saturn is ‘masked’ or has ‘two-faces’ – one very serious and one laughing)>cleaning hands and cleaning body and eating healthier and boosting the immune system (= purification), all associated with ‘testing-trial-opportunity’ and ‘preparation for taking major initiation’ (which is governed by Virgo. The Conjunctions that occurred in 2020 were all in the 6th ‘house’ of Virgo). This initiation will occur from December 21>end December and through 2021. Initiation in the Age of Aquarius is very different to the outgoing Age of Pisces. In Pisces initiation took place between the outer guru and disciple (And this too re Jesus and his disciples). In Aquarius initiation takes place on the ‘inner’ planes between the Soul/Solar Angel and the disciple (To gain a much deeper understanding of initiation in Aquarius read the section on ‘Initiation’ in the book ‘Ponder On This’ by the Master DK and Alice Bailey).

     Initiation is in fact far more mysterious than normally presumed, and the degree of initiation is obviously related to the level of consciousness of the disciple/individual. Mass numbers of humans will be taking the 1st initiation (the Second Birth); tens of millions will be taking the 2nd initiation (the Baptism in the Waters); 144,000 will be taking the 3rd initiation (the Transfiguration on the Mountain Top); and a minute few will be taking the 4th initiation (Crucifixion/the Great Renunciation). The 144,000 has nothing to do with Christians and their naïve arrogant beliefs. It has to do with humanity and the 144,000 3rd degree initiates who will ‘guide’ humanity into the new Age of Aquarius. Many are already doing this ‘guiding’. All the above is leading to what will be the greatest Event in human history – the out of the blue Appearance of the World Avatar, the Christ Maitreya, the Lord of LOVE and Prince of PEACE, the Master of Masters and of Angels Alike, the Planetary Water Carrier, the Avatar of Aquarius, the Kalki Avatar (Hinduism), The Buddha Maitreya (Buddhism), the Imam Maydi (Islam;

Islamic arrogant belief claims that Mohammed was the last and final Prophet, and then says that the Imam Maydi, the Greatest Imam, will soon be Appearing. If this is so Mohammed cannot be the final Prophet). In the New Testament (Luke 22.10) Jesus forecasts the Appearance of the Christ to inaugurate the new Age of Aquarius, the ‘Man Carrying the Pitcher of Water’. St Mark says that ‘Christ will come like a thief in the night’ meaning the Christ will Appear out of the blue, when least expected.

 The Coming Greatest Event in Human History

 When the World Avatar appears (the first time in human history) He will be Appearing with a number ofHis major Disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, and a number of His Angels (also forecast in the NewTestament). This is because Aquarius is a ‘Group’ Sign, its Energies can only stream into Group Units (as They embody highly potent cosmic Electrical Fire), and thus, this time round, the Avatar will be Appearing in Group Formation, with His Master Disciples and Angels (The main three Masters will be Master Morya [Ray 1], Master Kutumi {Ray 2] and Master Jesus [Ray 6]. Other Masters will Appear too). When the Christ Appears ‘Things will Change in the Twinkling of an Eye’. The World and Humanity will literally ‘change overnight’. The selfish material forces (the dark Lodge) will be rendered powerless, as they have no power under the Overwhelming Power of the Christ. The World Avatar will Appear to all humanity instantaneously via IT (WHO do we think revealed the secrets of IT to humanity? All Comes from Above. One moment IT was not here, and then the next moment IT was here. Thank you especially Steve Jobs, a major disciple of the Christ, who gave his physical life in service of the Christ and Humanity. Also Bill and Melinda Gates, when he/she is/are in their Soul Consciousness. Like all humans they sometimes descend into ego/wrong-minded consciousness. Why do so many people think they are not subject to their own ego/wrong thinking and thus come down so hard on Bill Gates and other folk? Small minds think small. ‘Pride cometh before a fall’). The dark Forces who think they control IT will soon receive a very big shock for IT belongs to all humanity (and was given to humanity by the Superhuman Kingdom).

      When the World Avatar Appears to all Humanity...Humanity will go into Rapture – into Great Joy andeven Bliss, as humanities Heart and Mind Centres ‘Opens Up>In’. This is what the Rapture means. It has nothing to do with the simplistic childish arrogant beliefs of so-called Christians (or Jews or Muslims, etc). These outdated religious groupings live in their ignorant, separative arrogant ‘we are God’s chosen’ ego’s (all ego traits which have nothing to do with the Soul/Christ Consciousness). Of course agnostics (and their equally arrogant beliefs) will be shocked Awake too. With this Joyful Rapture will also come great forced humility, as everyone will have to admit they have been taken by complete Shock and Surprise, and Joy. The Christ is not coming to ‘save’ humanity. He cannot ‘save’ humanity. The World Avatar is coming to present the New Aquarius Message and New Teaching (The New Testament of Aquarius), which will greatly expand upon all previous Astrological Age Teachings/Testaments.

     This is because humanity is ready for this New Aquarius (Waters of Life) Revelation (Apoca-lypse from Greek means ‘New Revelation’. We are in the times of Apoca-Lypse). By studying and exploring and living these Teachings humanity/nations/humans can ‘save’ themselves, and this over time. Nothing in life and evolution comes easy. Time, effort, energy, responsibility, commitment and wisdom and maturity is required to ‘be saved’. Nevertheless the GREAT PRESENCE and TEACHING of the Christ Maitreya will be the most Potent Awakening of Christ Consciousness in Humanity in human history. It will nothing less than a Miracle. At this Appearance there will be simultaneous miraculous Healing occurring all around the world. The PURE and PERFECTED PRESENCE of the Christ encompasses the Entire Planetary Atmosphere and the Christ ‘Within’ All Humanity and All Humans, and this Appearance will automatically bring about this Healing. The Christ, as the World Avatar, has the divine Authority to ‘clear out the karma from the Age of Pisces’ and this includes the Healing of ills/diseases from this past history (Jesus did the same via his ‘crucifixion’ for the outgoing Age of Aries). The great 7th Ray/Violet Healing  Angels will be over-lighting humanity in this regard as They serve the Christ (All the Angels on the seven Rays serve the Christ).

      We once again repeat that the Christ Maitreya is not Master Jesus. He has taken seven major initiations (Master Jesus has taken five = a Master of the Wisdom) and is thus a Solar Initiate, the highest possible Initiate in our Planetary System (The historical Buddha has also taken seven initiations but He is no longer involved with humanity). The vast majority of the human race have no idea whatsoever about What is Soon to Happen – the conscious disciples of the Christ, who exist all around the world, are aware of this Happening. There are in fact millions of these disciples. The vast majority of them belong to no religion or even to any school of thought. They are Free-Thinking Individualised Independent Humanity-Serving men/women. They have incarnated to prepare humanity for this coming Appearance. The more advanced of these disciples compose the 144,000. After December 21 they will start to Appear to ‘prepare the Way’ for the Christ’s Appearance. Things are about to accelerate beyond human belief (Aquarius is a very fast-moving Zodiacal Energy, as are the Energies of Jupiter and Uranus, co-governing Planets of Aquarius. December 21 will ‘activate’ this Aquarius Energy. Also interesting that the Pandemic has forced humanity to not be able to participate in traditional Christmas as families and groupings and churches cannot meet as normal. A New Christ-Mass is coming – at last. PAN-demic has knocked out the old corrupted materialised christmas. Do we think that killing tens of millions of turkeys is connected to Christ-Mass. To treating the animal kingdom with love and respect. Really. What gross stupid ignorance).

The Astronomical Equation

     From an astronomical (physical/allopathic astronomy) perspective this Great Conjunction only occurs at very rare times of human history. Astronomy only considers the physical phenomena, and not the astrological dimension of such conjunctions. This Conjunction (in Pisces) occurred around 6/8 BC and initiated the beginning of the Age of Pisces (Symbol – The Two Fish Swimming in Opposite Directions, and linked by the Silver Cord. This was the symbol drawn by the followers of Jesus in the catacombs of Rome as the sign of the followers of Jesus, although they did not realise what this symbol meant). Other Conjunctions occurred in 1226 and 1623. Thus 2020 [400-year Cycles]. Of course the interpretation of such Conjunctions had to be aligned to the times in which they occur, as circumstances are very different in this regard. 2020/21 will be very different in global circumstances to past date Conjunctions.

     The Great Conjunction will last directly for 2 minutes and 10 seconds, and will be seen most directly in S America (and will thus have a very potent influence in that Continent). Overall it will last about 3 hours, and will have its final impact in Africa (as it unfolds its physical>spiritual influence from S America through to Africa). It will have a very potent influence on Brazil (A short while back three great ‘fireballs from the Heavens’ occurred over Brazil, which is perhaps a symbol for that country re the coming Conjunction).

      This Great Conjunction will actually look like (in the Heavens) these two large Planets are forming a double-planet and look like a great Star in the Sky. Thus its association with the so-called Star in the East, which the three Astrologer Kings recognised as the sign of the birth of Jesus, the initiate Messiah of the Age of Pisces. In other words their dual/opposite>complementary (Blue-Green/Heart-Mind/Love-Intelligence) Energies will fuse/synthesise (conjunct) in the same degree of Aquarius (as a result there might be some Heavenly phenomena connected to Blue-Green fused Light Lighting up the Sky).

      We are about to See and Witness and Experience the new Star in the East, except this time it is in Aquarius. And this time round it is hundreds of astrologers (and not a mere three) who are Seeing the Star in the East and foretelling the coming Appearance of the Avatar of Aquarius, who will not need to physically incarnate as this is the World Avatar, who is already fully Liberated and Immortal and is Here-Already and will simply Appear at the Chosen Time. This Great Conjunction signals the accelerated coming Appearance of the Avatar of Aquarius, the Planetary Water Carrier, just as the same Conjunction in 6/8 AD signalled the physical incarnation of Jesus, the Avatar/Messiah of the Age of Pisces.

 The Great Difference between Astronomical and

Astrological Perception and Interpretation

 It is interesting to note that astronomers do not even consider the zodiacal sign that the Great Conjunction occurs in. To astronomers (who study the physical/allopathic universe) astrology is a non-science, despite the fact that the science of (spiritual>psychological) astrology has always existed beside the science of physical astronomy (Allopathic medical practitioners do the same with health and healing. They study and deal with the physical body and ignore the invisible [and causal/underlying] etheric and emotional and mental bodies, never mind the Soul Bodies). And yet in more ancient times these two sciences were considered completely interconnected with one another. Isaac Newton (considered the master scientist of the times) was an astronomer and astrologer. When asked by Halley (the discover of Halley’s comet) ‘how he could believe in astrology’ Newton answered ‘My dear sir I have studied the subject and you have not’. Some of the greatest astronomers of those times were also astrologers. In those days if a King/Queen/Leader did not have an astrologer they were considered crazy (The opposite exists today – ha ha). Queen Elisabeth 1 had an astrologer, as did Napoleon (In France the birth times are included in ‘births’ in hospitals as a result of Napoleon’s influence re astrology. Nostradamus was also an advanced astrologer). Many of the modern day Asian national leaders (India, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, etc) have astrologers who guide them in their decisions. The separation of astronomy (physical study of the Universe) and astrology (spiritual and psychological study of the Universe) is very typical of modern-day western civilisation – all the parts that compose the Whole are separated rather than integrated (Imagine someone saying that all the parts [heart/brain/organs/nerves/blood/etc] that compose the human body are not connected and inter-functional? They would be considered mighty ignorant).

      The cosmic Law of Correspondence states ‘As in the Micro-cosmos So in the Macro-cosmos’ (and visa versa). Plain common sense. The latest discoveries by scientists of the nature of the cell (sub-micro-cosmos, of which 50 trillion exist in the human body system) show the cell to be a dynamic living energy system, like a micro-galaxy. Atoms and cells (the sub-micro-cosmos) at essence are actually minute elementals or living evolving entities, and they respond to our Thoughts/thoughts and emotions, as we, as Humans, are their Gods. They serve us/our Energy System, as we Humans serve the God of our larger System. If the cells are living dynamic evolving micro-energy systems so of course are all the Energy Systems of the Universe, including the Planets and Zodiacal Archetypes.

      So astronomers do not even mention that the Great Conjunction occurs in Aquarius, and what this‘means’. Nor do they even consider the meaning and significance of Jupiter and Saturn. In other words astronomers do not even consider that the Universe/Cosmos/Solar System/Planets/Earth have any meaning or living energy. This is because astronomers (and allopathic medical practitioners) only use their lower rational minds to ‘perceive’ and not their Higher Minds/Intelligence and Intuition to ‘Perceive’. And we wonder why the human race has a disastrous history (Disaster from Latin ‘To be Separated from the Stars’; history from ‘hisstory’. Catastrophe from Greek ‘To look down’).

     We might validly and intelligently ask ‘So what if Saturn and Jupiter make Great Conjunction in the physical heavens’? ‘If nothing occurs of any significance outside of two physical planets meeting together in the physical heavens so what’? Big deal. So you see a big Light/Star in the sky. So what? Who bloody cares. It is like saying that two humans (man-woman) meet physically but nothing occurs outside of these two humans meeting physically. But of course when man-woman meet physically they also enter into some sort of ‘connection communication- relationship’ (= man-woman conjunction). Same with Jupiter (Ray 2/Love-Wisdom-Feminine) and Saturn (Ray 3/Creative Intelligence/Masculine). There is deep Purpose, Meaning and Significance in everything in Heaven and Earth. Or as Shakespeare said ‘There are more Things in Heaven and Earth than our dreams are made of’. So who do we trust in – Sir Isaac Newton and Shakespeare or some normal-minded astronomer? (Do these astronomers ever ask themselves this question?).

      The lower mind makes a huge thing out of nothing. No Purpose, no Meaning, no Significance, and obviously no God/Spirit/Life. Really? But astronomers admit that the SUN emits Life Force that enlivens the whole solar System and all creation in it, including humans and nature. And Nature produces Oxygen, which enables humans to Live, and Nature gets its Life Force from the SUN which enables Nature to Live, and so? And if the SUN provides the LIFE Force so do all the SUNS in the Galaxy of 100 and more billion Stars, and where does micro-human ego fit into this Galactic LIFE Force Picture? And man/woman have the audacity to imagine they are intelligent, and regard astrology as a false science?

      In this regard we can see how the lower rational mind disconnects from the Higher Intelligent>Intuitive Mind because, if it made this connection, it would clearly SEE that LIFE Force governs everything in the Universe, and Life Force (Prana/Chi/Ki/Ka) is ALIVE and gives LIFE to all physical creation. Which gives Meaning and Significance to the Universe. And since scientists admit that whatever exists is part of creation and that all forms of creation must have a creator per se So - ‘Who created this Life Force’? And ‘Who created the SUN and Planets and Galaxy’? Mmmm. As Einstein said (in answer to the question ‘how do we awaken the nonactive brain cells’) ‘You have to THINK(not think). Sagittarius IS the sign of the Higher Mind – the Archer [Mind] on his/her Horse (personality/ego) Firing his/her Arrows of Higher Thought towards the Sun (of Higher Reality/Truth/Soul). When we THINK DEEPLY about whatever it awakens the corresponding brain cell(s) and out of these cells (human-brain software) emerges the information and knowledge connected to the THINKING process. It is because humans have not been taught to THINK and because they do not bother to THINK that humans do not KNOW, and thus make up all sort of conflicting ego-beliefs (including religious and political beliefs), which create conflict and violence and wars. In fact when we consider the vital question of ‘how to get out of the complex confusions and conflicts of normal ego-based mental>emotional living’ the answer is to Align to the higher Mind (Saturn/Brahma/Holy Spirit) and Heart (Jupiter/Vishnu/Christ Consciousness), which exist beyond the ego, and which compose our True Immortal Selves. So the Great Conjunction at its highest offers us humans this Great Opportunity IF we take hold of it. It is a Big Leap in Consciousness, in Right Heart-Mind Balanced Living, and we all need to be aware of This.

 What Living Energies Do Jupiter and Saturn Embody and Manifest?

      A Conjunction means that the Energies of these two Great Planets meet>merge>synthesise so what are these two Energies? Let’s examine them:

                   Jupiter                                          Saturn

      Colour Hue – Deep Blue/Electric Blue                  Emerald Green

      Expansion (of Consciousness, and forms)                  Contraction/Restriction

       Love & Intuition                                                       Creative Intelligence

       (Intuitive/Spiritual Perception)                                  (The Mind that Creates)

       Inner Spiritual Life/Illumination                                Outer Life/Creation of Forms

         Heart/Inclusivity/Ray 2                                         Intelligence/Mind/Ray 3

         The Vision>Inspiration of the new Future            Creating the Form and                                                                                 structures to Manifest

                                                                                 this Future


         Abundance (Manifestation of Needs)                   Practical Thinking and

           via Grace and Faith and Trust                                                                                   Planning & Organisation

                                                                                  re these needs


         Faith and Trust – based upon Knowledge            Aligning Practical Material

                                                                                life to this Faith and Trust


      Movement and Growth and Evolution and    

      Organisation of forms to  corresponding                   Education &  Knowledge to

                                                                                   create this Education


      Revelation/Guidance through meditation/dreams/etc    Putting this into action

              (and synchronicity occurring far more often)


      Globally – The Christ, Lord of Love-Wisdom           Lucifer – Lord of Matter

(Thus The Christ and Lucifer Work Together for the Divine Plan. They are not enemies. Spirit and Matter are not separate. They are Interconnected)

      In other words these two Planetary Energies>Qualities>Gifts merge together to bring about their Synthesis in the solar System and in our Planetary System and Humanity (and National and Human) System(s), and right into human Society itself. This is why this Great Conjunction is so significant, and will see the above process manifesting in the human kingdom and in nations, societies and peoples lives.


      ‘When Jupiter aligns with Saturn in Aquarius...this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius...Aquarius...Aquarius. Harmony and Understanding...’ (sing along – a slight variation of the song from the theatrical production ‘Aquarius’. See/hear the original song on UTube)

      The Great Conjunction in Aquarius will thus manifest Aquarius Energy. Overall Keynotes – the Brotherhood-Sisterhood of Humanity. Unity-in-Diversity. The United Federation of Nations. Co-operation(Jupiter) and Co-Creation (Saturn) between the Nations and the Peoples of the World. The Synthesis between Spirit (Inner Life) and Matter (Outer Life). This of course is relative to the ‘state of consciousness’ of nations/national leaders/governments/and humans as whole (individuals, partnerships, families, groups, networks, communities, etc). But the Energy Impact of this Great Conjunction in Aquarius (especially since Aquarius governs the new incoming Age) will manifest in humanity, all nations, all governments, societies and humans and this will begin to bring about a whole new type of Living System, based upon the above keynotes of Aquarius.

     So we have:

 * AQUARIUS/Overall Governing Zodiacal Archetype

* Jupiter - Inner/Heart/Consciousness Ruler of Aquarius

* Saturn - Outer/Mind/Form ruler of Aquarius

* Added to this triple equation comes Uranus, the other (Ray 7/Spirit-Matter Synthesis and Intelligent updated Ceremonial Ritual/Colour – Violet) ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is moving through Taurus (fixed-earth) and Aquarius (fixed-air), and Taurus (Earth/Matter/Material sign) are in 90-degree (‘square’) conflict, so Air/Mind and Earth-Matter have to be integrated and function as a whole. January-February 2021 will be the time for this to occur in one way or another (as these three planets make this 90-degree ‘square’ during these two months).

 The SUN moves into the Energy Field of Aquarius – January 20

January 20 (SUN moving into Aquarius) is when the new US Biden-Harris Administration takes power,but this great change in world, national and human affairs will occur all around the planet. We can expect great revolutionary uprisings and movements all around the world (Aquarius and Uranus both govern such pioneering Revolutionary Movements). This ‘New Way of Living’ will directly include Community (Experimental) Living, both spiritual and ecological (= Spirit-Matter Synthesis). Ceremonial Ritual is part of this process – the application of new updated intelligent ‘ceremonial rituals’ that act as a medium to ‘Bring Spirit into Matter’. Meditation itself is a ceremonial ritual. Work as ‘Love in Action’ is a ritual. Sharing and Communication is a ritual. Preparing and Eating healthy meals together is a ritual (as is washing the dishes, etc, as is cleaning the home, and creating ‘ordered beauty’ in the home-family-community environment). In this creative sense ‘All needs to be planned & created and organised into simple ecological Ordered Beauty’ (= Ray 7, governing Uranus governing Aquarius). This is in fact the ‘key’ to right balanced living, and thus too the ‘key’ to resolving many of modern-day societies human problems. This might sound rather simplistic but it is actually the simple ‘key’ to the healing of many of the problems facing humanity. Living a daily life of simple Ordered (masculine) Beauty (feminine) = Intelligent Balanced Constructive Living. Or, as the Master St Germain (Master of the 7th Ray) says ‘Live simply and elegantly’ (Elegantly = Ordered Beauty). If people do this greed and selfish ambition and a variciousness will naturally vanish. This takes effort, but what does not take effort?

      This is the New Way and World and Human Living System that is coming with this Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. It will manifest in millions of diverse interconnected ways, depending upon the nation/race/culture/people/circumstances/etc, and Unity-in-Diversity will be the overall keynote. Nevertheless it will be the pioneers of the this New Way who will Lead the Way into this New Future. Tens of millions and more of these pioneers will emerge into the Light when this Great Conjunction occurs on December 21 and through 2021>22>23>>>>>>. These Aquarius and Jupiter-Saturn Energies are not simply symbolical. They literally stream into the Energy Centres of our Planet, which includes the three higher spiritual Centres, the 4th human ‘mediating’ Centre (the human race and thus too the nations, etc), and the three lower Centres (animal>vegetable>mineral kingdoms). The central ruling Ray of Aquarius is Ray 5 – Knowledge, or more so scientific Knowledge, both spiritual and material and technological (Aquarius cum Uranus governs IT. Uranus in fact governs ‘electricity’, a cosmic energy, and where would humanity be without Electricity. No IT, no Light. For a really great movie on the subject of ‘electricity’ see ‘POWDER’. The biggest electricity shock and surprise scene comes at the very end of this unique and remarkable movie).

Nations, Cities and Human Beings ruled by Aquarius

     The SUN will move through the Energy Field of Aquarius from January 20 to February 19 and Jupiter and Saturn will enter into conjunction with the Sun on January 24 (Saturn) and 29 (Jupiter), and these two days will be very important in terms of Aquarius Energies being anchored into matter and humanity (Sun- Saturn) and expanded vision and inspiration entering human consciousness (Sun-Jupiter). During this time and through February the Aquarius Rising Signs of three nations will be activated by both Jupiter and Saturn – the USA (under its new Biden-Harris Administration), Russia, and South Africa (Holland also has Aquarius Rising). We can expect big new surprises coming out of all three nations, and a number of others who have their Sun in Aquarius (Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine). Cities governed by Aquarius are: Moscow, St Petersburg, Stockholm, Brighton/UK. Russia has a great pioneering part to play in the new Age of Aquarius with both the Nation and its two major Cities being ruled by Aquarius (Russia has Aquarius Rising at about 7-8-degrees. S Africa has its Aquarius Rising at 11-degrees. Both nations Aquarius-Souls will be activated in January-February). Sweden also with the Nation and Capital ruled by Aquarius (The two great Presidents of the USA, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt, both had their Sun’s in Aquarius. Lincoln also had Aquarius Rising. The other great US President Thomas Jefferson had Aquarius Rising).

      Plato, Paracelsus, Carl Jung (also an astrologer), Krishnamurti, Karl Marx and Obama had/have Aquarius Rising, and all made major contributions to human evolution (Prince Charles oft-radical philosophy was inspired by him reading Paracelsus; Karl Marx never once in his famous book ‘Das Capital/Capital’ mentioned anything to do with USSR-type Communism. The central theme of Marx’s book was the economic injustice between employer and employees, and creating an economic system in which this injustice was rectified (See Prof Richard Wolff on UTube, one of the world’s foremost experts on the true nature of Marx’s philosophy).

      Some of the great pioneering musicians had/have their Sun in Aquarius – Phil Collins (originally of the group GENESIS. Listen to the original music/songs of this group), Bob Marley, and Peter Gabriel (also of GENESIS, and later founder of World Music). Another great 60’s/70’s Aquarius music group was King Crimson (listen to their great futuristic songs ‘21st Century Schizoid Man’ and ‘Epitaph’, which could literally be an epitaph for modern-day humanity and for 2020. And to their great new 2016 CD ‘"Radical Action to Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind" – very Aquarius indeed. The great conjunction of seven planets in Aquarius in February 1962 set off all the great music and songs of the 60’s/70’s). Will new Aquarius-type music/songs emerge in 2021? Hopefully. The 60’s and 70’s produced the greatest music and songs in human history. There is nothing like it today (or since). We can only pray and hope that from 2021 new Aquarius-type music>songs will re-appear. This would truly be Inspirational. Aquarius Energy is ‘group-impulsed’ which means it can only move through ‘group’ energy fields and also have collective global influence. Thus the 60’s music ‘groups’ that spread around the planet and changed the consciousness of humanity. Something like this is coming from January 2021. GET READY.

      Many great authors too – Charles Dickens, James Joyce, Jules Verne, Boris Pasternak, Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland), Germain Greer (pioneering feminist), Gertrude Stein, Simone Weil. Oprah Winfrey and Yoko Ono also have Sun in Aquarius. And so do I (Errol). Aquarius/Uranus governs the science of Astrology, the spiritual>depth-psychological science of how the inner Universe (out there and in here) works. We can expect a huge new interest in astrology and esoteric/spiritual science as we enter 2021, especially among the younger generations (Hopefully this will produce a move away from excessive objective-watching IT).

      PS: It is of course impossible for anyone to really ‘feel’ the massive pain that huge numbers of the human race have undergone this year. It would break anyone’s heart to do so, but it is important to in some way ‘feel’ this pain so that we understand its deeper implications for the present-future. One unusual way to do this is to listen to King Crimson’s song ‘Epitaph’ (the version in which the lyrics are displayed along with the song) because this ‘opens up the heart’ and enables one to feel the ‘pain and suffering of humanity’ as it hits the heart chord. PPS: In this regard it should also be noted that many countries are now experiencing the worst Covid-19 infections in the whole of this year. The USA has 80,000 people in hospital, and over 13 million known infections, with over 250.000 having ‘passed on’. In Texas (a Trump/Republican State) many hospitals cannot cope with the huge number of infected people. There are more dead bodies than the morgues or crematoriums can handle. And the outgoing Trump Administration is doing nothing about this, as Trump cares nothing about the American people and only about his loss in the elections, spending huge amounts of money in futile court cases. Italy is now experiencing another big Wave of Covid-19, as is Spain, Germany, France, UK, Czech Rep, Israel, etc.

     And S. Africa is also experiencing another big Wave of the virus. WHY? Because far too many people are refusing to wear masks and keep social distance, etc. WHY? Because the human ego, a selfish beast, only thinks of its selfish interests, and cannot believe that it actually has to make sacrifices and self-discipline its life. And this means that such people have failed to learn the necessary lessons of the 2020 ‘turning point’ crisis. And those who have failed to learn this lesson are not going to get the benefits of 2021 because, as such, they will still be stuck in 2020. This is why we sent you all the article by the US nurse, who shared what is really going on in the hospitals in the US. It is far worse than anyone can comprehend. It is a real catastrophe. Covid-19 can effect peoples health for the rest of their lives. And if it does this it also effects ones loved ones, relationships, work, business, etc. Many nice ego-based people are becoming murderers because by not taking heed of the warnings and safeguard requirements they can give other people the virus that lead to their deaths. In fact many people who die from the virus were given the virus by their so-called loved ones. Millions of people are soon to be evicted from their homes and tens of millions are living in real poverty and hunger. The economy is shattered. Over 25% unemployed. Unless the new US Administration can radically change traditional tact this national disaster will not be solved. The best that can come out of it is a wholesale revolution by the awakened masses.

      Extra: The Biden-Harris Administration ‘White House Communication Team’ is composed of all women, and dynamic women at that. A good start.

     Last but not lease everyone should INVOKE the Christ’s Appearance because the Christ responds to mass Invocation (not simply prayer). Align high up in Space and Invoke the Christ’s Appearance (7 times).