wilderness path

a significant inner journey

  Revelation (Apocalypse) for 2021

December 23, 2020
Errol and Imogen

      Hi To You All around the Blue>Green Planet (Actually the colour hue of Jupiter is deep blue and that of Saturn emerald/nature green, so very linked to Space and Earth),

     As you all hopefully know we have done our best to provide some 'guidance' on the Journey through 2020, right up to end December, and we will of course do the same with the Journey through 2021. It is, after all, a Journey. Master Shams, the greatest of Sufi Masters (Rumi's Master too) said 'Do not grieve if the Darkness is long; after the darkness the Brightness will be long'.  And Rumi himself said 'Light and Shadow are the Dance of Love'. 2020 was the slow cycle of Darkness, and 2021 will be the quickening cycle of Light. This Light will be as Bright as the Darkness was Dark (Funny how the BLM Movement>Revolution drew tens of millions of 'white' people. It is said that more than 25 million people marched together for BLM throughout the US, and that these people voted for Biden-Harris, and their victory).

      So, as we enter the Cycle of transmission of Aquarius Energy (governing the New Present>Future of humanity) via Jupiter/Heart/Love and Saturn/Mind/Light (which are co-rulers of Aquarius) we need to remember the following:

      * These two Planets signify that this Aquarius Energy will manifest through humanity in a dynamic Balanced (Jupiter/Spiritual/Vision>Saturn/Material/Creative Action) manner. No longer will there be a 'gap' between these two Opposite>Complementary Planetary Energies, in all human activities. This needs to be made 'conscious'

      * Once we enter 2021 Jupiter will move ahead of Saturn and it will take precedence. First the Inner/Spiritual/Vision/Revelation/Inspiration/Understanding/Faith & Trust/Abundance ...and then followed by the corresponding required new Creative Action>Organisation>Forms. 

      * Jupiter's transit through Aquarius will be very quick (once it starts to move ahead of Saturn) - in fact it will move through Aquarius so fast it will enter Pisces [the 12th sign] in mid May (and remain there until end July, and then move back into Aquarius until the very end of December).

      Once this Jupiter transit really starts to move the Vision>Revelation>Inspiration>Guidance and Grace and even Miracles of the New Humanity will manifest out of the blue. Many positive shocks and surprises will be part of this New Revelation (Apocalypse).

      * In meditation I (Imogen) received a number of Imprints related to the above. Firstly some very new inspirational expressions of 'music>sound>song' will manifest through young people (like what occurred in the 60's but even more beautiful and refined. Very new and older musical instruments will be part of this new music. Secondly a man will emerge out of a Scandanavian nation who will inspire humanity via his Presence and Wisdom and Communication.

     Thirdly many people will receive 'new revelation' through dreams, meditation, intuition, etc. Synchronicity will operate very quickly and magically and will be an integral part of this 'revelation and guidance'. There will be 'no place to hide' from this Great New Incoming Light. It will be like people 'caught in headlights' - like rabbits caught in headlights. Many people will feel overwhelmed and confused by this Great New Potent Illumination (just as they have in the 2020 Darkness. In fact 2020 was a 'preparation' for 2021 - people will need to realise that 'Great Shadow and Light are the Dance of Love'). Many people are going to 'pass on' in 2021 who cannot handle this New Light. This, especially, for people who have no 'inner life' (and choose not to have an Inner Life). 'Death/Passing on' is not a tragedy - not having a Real Balanced Life is the tragedy (Very much the same was quoted in the Harry Potter books/films).    

      People will thus need to realise and act upon the dire need for a Balance between Inner/Spiritual and Outer/Material Life>Living (This was the deeper significance and purpose of all that occurred in 2020). Many people around the world have realised this vital 'balancing' issue. The Superhuman and Angelic kingdoms will be Over-Lighting this accelerated evolutionary process, and people can 'Call Upon Them'  for support and guidance. Many people will move out of the cities and towns and relocate to the countryside and form small 'eco-communities' (be it that the world is still in pandemic mode)      

      * Tens of thousands of 'local/national/global human IT networks' will be activated and emerge into the Light. This will become the new updated expanded (2021>>>) Global Light Network  Revelation>Inspiration will Flow into>through these Light Networks and they will manifest all-manner of unique Creative Expressions

      * Jupiter is very fast but Saturn is very slow, so there will need to be a conscious balance between fast and slow living. Revelation>Inspiration is very quick, but grounding this and putting it into creative organised action is a slow and patient process. Thus focus and flexibility need to go hand in hand.  

      * 144,000 Aquarian Age pioneers will 'lead/guide humanity into this New Age'. 'People Power' will become a major issue all around the world. Peaceful and powerful revolutions will occur in many nations and globally (Sadly there will also be much violence in the US as near-civil war breaks out.

     The US has not had the courage to face its dark shadow and now it must face this within the US itself, for it has 'projected' this shadow on to other nations and races and religions and caused massive suffering as a result. Now this 'shadow' has come home to roost. Many people will 'pass on' in the US via the virus (etc) who refuse to change. At the same time the Light Network in the US will expand and rise up and there will be a similar updated revolution as in the 60's. The BLM Movement will carry on its great work and be complemented by other movements [ecological, women, school children, etc] involving all races).     

            * It is vital in the above regard for people to 'ground' themselves by realising that the Big Things (Jupiter) and Small Daily Things (Saturn) must go 'hand in hand' and both activities (feminine>masculine) must be regarded as 'sacred'. In this ecology need play a major role (Recycling, diet [cutting out meat fully or to a large degree], planting an organic produce garden [very good for children/teenagers to be involved in this; use grey water from the bath and washing dishes to water the garden], using organic products as much as possible [home/cosmetic/food/etc], and...relate to and treat people with love and respect.

     'Moderation in all things' - Delphi Oracle. Fanaticism [re diet/singular school of thought/activity/etc] is not good - no one thing is going to save humanity or anyone for that matter. 'Moderation and Balance' = whole-health. 'Live Simply and in Ordered Beauty' - so that others might simply live. Christ-Mass is not the celebration of the Birth of Jesus - it is the Celebration of the Birth of Christ Consciousness 'within' the Heart (Jupiter/Love>Wisdom>Service) and Mind (Saturn/Creative Intelligence). 'The Kingdom of Heaven (Soul) is Within'.   

      * 'Learning to listen to and obey the intuition' (the Voice of the Soul) will be vital, for the Intuition/Soul KNOWS. The 5th Ray of KNOWLEDGE governs Aquarius - KNOWLEDGE is replacing belief. The Science of the Soul is replacing religious beliefs. Aquarius Keynote 'One Spirit - One Planet - One Humanity - One Destiny' (see Attachment. Download>print>stick on car window/home window/school window/, etc).  Common sense.    

      * Go to Utube and see/hear the many wonderful versions of 'Aquarius' and 'Let the Sunshine In' (from HAIR). Both songs are very appropriate for NOW (We are trying to get appropriate people in S Africa to re-produce HAIR. HAIR is perfect for 2021. It actually begins with a song about the collapse of the old corrupted US/World [now 2020] and the Birth of the New World/Humanity [now 2021], It ends with the Joyful Rebirth Song 'LET THE SUNSHINE IN'). In 2021 the SUN will Indeed Shine In.