wilderness path

a significant inner journey

2020 will only End at the End of December

(Capricorn Full Sun-Moon Cycle)

and the Coming Great Revelation of January 28


Errol and Imogen

December 26, 2020

     Hi to You All,

     Let’s remember that 2020 is NOT yet over. It only ends at the very end of December, so the 2020 Impacts are still very active, despite the Great Conjunction on December 21 (which only 'seeded' this new Aquarius Impulse and its influences that will unfold through 2021>>).

     This 2020 completion will take two major hits. Over the past week (especially Tuesday>Wednesday>Thursday) Mars and Pluto made their third and final '90-degree square', which was the final 2020 conflict of shadow purging, collectively, nationally and personally. This is the time that, for example, the virus mutated in the UK, S Africa, etc, and many more people became infected and 'passed on' (especially in the US, UK, Germany, S Africa, etc).

     Also the time that Trump put on his last futile attempt to overturn the US election results (and attacked his ex-close buddies like VP Pence, Barr, etc. It might be said that Trump is losing his mind, not that he has one to lose, due to the knowledge that he is finished and might well be paying the price for his criminal behaviour, which obviously is stressing him out. Meanwhile 320,000 people have passed on in the US due to the virus and the virus is totally out of control, and 50 million people are having to use food banks to survive, but all Trump is concerned about is holding on to power that he has already lost. The US of A is 'collapsing from within').

     Then on December 30 there will be the Full Sun-Moon of Capricorn (the final Full Sun-Moon Cycle of 2020), This is very significant because Capricorn ('earth/matter') governed 2020, and is the sign in which human ego/material effort reaches its peak and cannot go further, so the culmination of 2020 is in fact finally governed by this Capricorn Full Sun-Moon Cycle, and will result (positively) in the final collapse and downfall of the human ego (symbolically the mythological Tower of Babel; man trying to play God and the Tower comes tumbling down. 'All the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't put humpty -dumpty together again'). 

      And then we move into 2021 and the first real stage of the Jupiter>Saturn conjunction beginning to manifest itself, which will define the new soul-future for humanity governed by Aquarius. 

      Good to also be aware that the Full Sun-Moon of Aquarius occurs on January 28, and that JUPITER (which rules the Soul of Aquarius) will be conjunct the Sun in Aquarius at this time, so the two Ray 2 (Love-Wisdom/Christ Consciousness) planets of our solar System will be in conjunction which is really when Aquarius Energy (in its true high potent sense) will manifest into the Earth>Humanity (January 28 is also my 72nd birthday so very good things will be manifesting for me too.

     This is also the Rising Sign of Russia - 7-8 degrees Aquarius, so this will Impact the Russian Soul/Dusha. It will also Impact Sweden). From January 28 the influences of the Great Conjunction in Aquarius will really begin to Flow Out into humanity and the nations, and we can expect some out of the deep blue Surprises from the date onwards (Maybe I am the Messiah - if so please ask me for anything you need - Money/cars/helicopters/homes/swimming pools/gorgeous men-women/vaccines/etc). 

      By the way it has just been revealed that the virus vaccine includes DNA from dead foetuses; exactly how did Big Pharma get hold of these foetuses??? Amazing how Governments and the medical profession and the media ask no real questions about 'what do these vaccines contain - besides mercury, human and foetus and animal DNA, etc'?. Fear makes naive slaves out of humans.

     By the way conspiracy theories about these vaccines are not necessary - it is common sense that you do not put poison and foreign DNA into a human system and knock out the immune system. Instead you strengthen the immune system with high-dosages of Vit C/Sunlight-Vit D/Zinc/Selenium and Positive Mentality/Meditation/Mindfulness/Healthy Food/Etc. But this natural immune system empowerment does not make Big Pharma billions of $'s nor does it counteract 'fear' for the 'natural healthy wise way of living' is considered 'not of much real moment', even though this was/is one the main Lessons that humans had to learn via 2020. 'Fear is the great killer', and far more dangerous than the virus itself).  

      So let us be aware that the final climatic culmination of the great crisis of 2020 (which included, at core, the purging of the shadow of the human race/nations/society/humans) will be from December 30 into the very early New Year (and thus the climatic culmination of the 'fall of the Tower of Babel'), followed by the real beginning of the start of the Impact>Influence of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius (Rebirth/Regeneration/Renewal/New Beginnings) with January 28>>> being the time when Aquarius Energies will Flow Directly into Humanity/the Nations/Societies/Humans. 

      Meanwhile May We All have a Great ego-dissolving Soul-Inspiring Entrance into 2021 (2020 = 40 = Initiation via the Wilderness Experience; 2021 = 41 = 5 = the Note of Venus/the Earth's Higher Self/the Solar Angels/the Collective Soul) 

      With Aquarius 'Water Carrier' LOVE>LIGHT>POWER>HUMOUR,

      Errol and Imogen

     Life Education in the 21st Century