wilderness path

a significant inner journey

 2020 Completes and the ego 'surrenders' and

Capricorn has Triple-Influence and Illumination Results

and humanity enters 2021

 December 28, 2020

Errol and Imogen

      Hi To You All,

      We are about to finally Close Down 2020. You will be feeling this, although most probably in a very confusing exhausting (and even traumatic) way. Why? 

      This Close Down is connected to the 10th sign of the zodiac, CAPRICORN, for this Sign governed the whole Year AND the planet/humanity is now in the monthly Cycle of Capricorn (December 21 to January 19), and on this Wednesday December 30 (3.29 am GMT) we have the Capricorn Full Sun-Moon Cycle (when the Energies of this Sign enter our Planet>Humanity>Nations with streamlined intensive focus). So...a triple Capricorn Impact.

      The symbol of Capricorn is the 'two-horned mountain goat' (the human ego, governed by conflicting dualities) 'climbing the steep mountain' (of either material ambition or spiritual aspiration and initiation) - but, 'before he/she/they can reach the Peak of the Mountain' (= success/achievement/the high goal) the 'ego has to surrender and give up' (thus Capricorn rules the knees, symbol of 'getting down on one's knees in surrender'). 

      Since we are about to Close Down 2020 this 'surrender' is about to take place (collectively/nationally/personally/etc) to a Peak Degree, but this process occurs unconsciously (even disciples and initiates find it very complex). The 'surrender of the ego' is occurring (since December 21 to end December) but people do not know what is happening in this regard because this is an unconscious and confusing (and out of ego-control) process. It manifests as confusion, near-collapse exhaustion, at times disarray and chaos, not being able to control things (as in normal times), at times crying and/or screaming, at times ugly projections (blaming others for this situation), etc. 

      What is really happening is that the lower ego (not the Higher Ego/Soul, which is calm and tranquil through this all - see Imogen's painting) is 'dying' for 'surrender' to the ego is 'death' (of its identity, which in any case is mortal). So the ego fights to maintain its identity and pride, but it is 'dying' and cannot control things anymore. Thus the 'sense of dying' and 'losing control' and exhaustion and confusion, etc (In this regard it is very fascinating to note that the Covid-19 virus is mutating in order not to 'die' via the activity of the immune system.

     The ego of the virus does not want to 'die' - like the human ego - so it mutates in order to try and deceive the immune system. And then the human ego scientists invent a vaccine to 'boost the immune system' so that it can 'kill' the virus, which the virus somehow knows about, and it mutates to counteract the vaccine and the power of the immune system. Vaccines do not 'kill' the virus - they are supposed to (?) boost the immune system, which is 'within' the human system, and the white-blood warrior-cells of the immune system then attack the virus and 'swallow it up'.

     Of course natural healthy Vit's and Minerals and the Sun and Positive Mentality and Laughter do the same to the immune system, so why use vaccines if we have these natural power-boosters?. No bucks to be made by natural methods. Sunlight/Vit D is free. Oxygen is free. Positive Thinking and Laughter is free. And even Vit C, etc is not that expensive. In this sense the old human world and its ignorant arrogant greed-ridden belief systems are the real virus, and we 'new human beings' who use natural life-health>healing methods are the Immune System of humanity. Big Thing to Think About, but Time to Think Very Big).

      What to do about the 'surrender'. 

     * Just realise this is the 'time of required surrender' and  let go and Give Up

     * 'Ground' oneself on a daily basis by 'doing what has to be done in the home/garden/etc', and what has to be done re 'ones daily work' (money-earning or not)

     * Take time to just relax and if needed take a sleep in the day when required

     * Take long baths with relaxing essential oils, and cold or warm showers (not hot because hot exhausts the system)

     * Remember after an argument (with or without screaming) to 'Forgive' oneself and the other person (partner/parent/child/etc). Do this quickly so that the ego-pride 'dies' quickly (Many a marriage/partnership and family is 'saved' via Forgiveness and Humility). Hug a lot after the Forgiving (be it a real hug or Covid elbow-hug

     * Read books that absorb your mind, be it non-fiction or fiction books (Not only spiritual, etc books. Just relaxing easy-going books)

     * Go for walks and remember masks can be taken off if one is walking in nature to 'breath oxygen and release carbon dioxide'. Put the mask on when in near contact with people. We need to use masks intelligently (but they are totally necessary). Many people are now 'dying' because they refused to wear masks (imagine how these people feel when they leave their physical bodies and realise what fools they have been and the pain they have caused their loved ones. Foolishness and selfishness go together)

      It is only after the 'surrender' that one 'reaches the Mountain Peak' (of 2020) and this without even understanding 'how one reached the Peak' since one (the ego) did not do this final climb as it was 'knocked out'. 'WHO took one to the Mountain Peak'? 

      This Peak/Achievement/Realisation/Revelation will be different for everyone. And, as a result, one can then see what is on the other side of the Mountain = the new Future (2021) - which is the Revelation (Apocalypse = New Uprising>Revelation). This 'surrender' and 'revelation' will be the culmination of the Capricorn Full Sun-Moon Cycle (December 30 to January 5). 

      We then 'come down from this Mountain Peak>Mountain' to give out>share this Illumination>Revelation with others. And thus enter 2021 - the Year of the Apocalypse. And of the Energies of the Great Conjunction in Aquarius. The Beginning of the New Age of Aquarius. And many Electrical Light Shocks and Surprises to unfold.