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Desert Spirit



     Hello S,

       Happy new year of new beginnings.

       Anya was saying perhaps I did not answer one of your questions about friendship, so I will give you my experiences with the concept.

       friend - someone whom one knows well and is fond of; a kind person; not hostile; an ally; helpful; supportive

       In anything we must always start with ourselves and not assume or take for granted the idea that we know what anything means. So buy a pocket dictionary and use it often. It will become your closest friend and ally.

       When you study the above definition do you think about how this applies to someone  else, or yourself?

       We are TAUGHT AND TOLD by others what a friend may or may not be without THEIR OWN understanding or knowledge of what a friend is. So would you say such people are friends, or people who only add to the confusion of the concept?

       If one can develop a personal relationship with oneself, would such a person need a friend, in the traditional sense of the word?

       If one is a friend to oneself one has no need OF or FOR friends, and yet EVERYONE would then be perceived as a friend because one’s foundation would be from a premise OF true friendship.

       Could you say you are a friend to yourself? Or are you looking for acceptance from others?

       I have discovered over the years the idea of true friendship has evolved as everything at the level of this world must, being a level of change. And so what I THOUGHT was friendship really was nothing but passing acquaintances.

       Alcohol was a true friend; it never let me down and I always knew where I stood with it. IIn recovery I had to part from this friend and it was painful. I have fond memories of my friend.

       I raised a German Shepherd from a pup. He was a true friend. He gave me full acceptance of myself. He loved and cared about me more than I loved and cared for myself. When he died I was devastated. Years later he came to me when I was experiencing an out of body experience and it was very healing for me. 

       I eventually developed a need to discover trust and friendship in someone or something Greater than myself. This led me to discover the Wise Who guide each of us.

       I do not see how man can evolve in his myopic ways of thinking unless he first:

       1. Discovers something of him/herself to offer the world without a need for reciprocation for that offering.

       2. Discover an Intelligence and Wisdom that exceeds his own to Guide him on his Quest of Self Discovery.

       Without the first the second is not possible. And yet it is the second that MAKES POSSIBLE the first.

       If one can do this then everyone will reflect back TO one the factual nature of True Friendship.


       Go to the above link and read the letter I wrote to one of my customers who claims to understand the concept of friendship. When he received that message and without recognizing the message came from me he wrote in reply to it “KISS MY ASS!”

       Of course he rescinded his words once he discovered the message came from me, thereby revealing his true unconscious thoughts and feelings. I have since departed from any contact with him.

     We are entering the vibrations of the New Earth. Those who have not prepared for this evolution in consciousness will be left behind in the old earth of conflict and separation.

       Where will you be?

       I hope this is helpful.