wilderness path

a significant inner journey




Thursday, January 23, 2014


Desert Spirit




     Today my Lesson reads,



Truth answers every call we make to God,

responding first with miracles,

and then returning unto us to be itself.”




     This is my responsibility – making my call to You Who are the Source Whom Nietzsche may call, “imaginary friends”. Yet it is reality to me that intelligence exceeds my brain world understanding and my limited perceptions and physical senses, and that this intelligence, wherever it is, whatever it is, is available to me, to all beings, even when it is not consciously thought of or even considered and sought.


     I remember the insight that stunned me into stupidity,



Flower is an expression of intelligence. Does it need a brain?




      And so for whatever is the reason I make my appeals to the Unseen, it must be that the need arises TO call BECAUSE OF the Elders Whose wisdom is available to me, just as a library is available to those who desire to be well read.


     If I came to this level as a volunteer, rather than cast here as a slave, if I agreed to come and also for every lesson, or that which my spirit and mind would encounter, then it is for this reason the call we make to God is done – truth answers, although it may be UNTRUTH that seems to precede the need for such a call, untruth being another name of fear, guilt, greed, selfishness, shame, loneliness, sadness, insecurity, desperation, poverty, hunger in the soul and in the mind.


     I find myself in a strange place, a foreign land, where so much emphasis, time and attention must be given to the body. The physical world is like an ocean in and by which my spirit is consumed and I am constantly drowning, immersed in so much attention to the body that there is not a single thing here that gives me remembrance that I am spirit.


     The world is utter and total distraction from my spirit, my soul as my reality, and designed to keep me distracted, keep me exhausted and keep me from ever waking up to this truth. Thank God for the call that allows me to go Home for this one instant.


     It is at a disadvantage here, this spirit that I am, where existing at this level of matter and form utilizes all my energy and power and attention that addresses the body’s wants and needs and the laws of the man-made world, like a hungry child that is constantly starving for nutrition.


     And I realize all of it is a REQUIREMENT in my entry to this level. For beyond the body, beyond man-made laws, beyond time and space, beyond physical matter these concerns for the body and this personal life must be moot, of no concern, useless, meaningless, unless I cling to them in my departure as I cling to them now.


     In a perceived end, that which we call “death”, when this flesh rots off my bones and these bones are turned to dust and ash, where will all my worldly concerns be then? Will I then be concerned about NOT having the body? I hardly know what to do WITH the body. When I no longer HAVE the body, will I know what to do WITHOUT it? Oh, then tell me, these experts, “Do not worry. There is nothing beyond physical life. You enter the ‘nothingness’, these ignoble fools who “know” the Nothingness et fail to know themselves or their senseless words.


     Yet I may even MISS the turbulence, struggles and mindless needs of the body and a physical existence when I leave this place. And I will not know what to do with myself in the absence of so much “activity”.


     Until the Other Side calls for me, let me utilize the Tools You have provided to restore my being. Awaken me from the long coma I have been in, so I may be of use to this world in some meager capacity and provide me with the many experiences.


     Need I not call them “lessons” but rather “adventures” to undertake. For I would only share with others the many adventures I encounter, have encountered and will encounter in this existence of flesh. And like reviewing an old movie I am watching, and describing the drama of the events on a movie screen as they unfold, so is my life a movie script, one that any producer or director would die of envy to promote.


     So I make my call to You – here it is, these words laid out for You right before Your Eyes to clearly see, and my daily requests to You that I have unceasingly made to You. What will You Who answers me with truth have me do this day? Where will truth’s answer direct me to go? I need map. What will truth have me say? I need a language. And to whom shall I say it if truth sets my mind and soul free?


     Now Truth’s Answer prescribed for me today brings the miracle, You say, and remains with me to share with the others who are here for the same reason but who perhaps have forgotten what is their time for here and why they have come.


     And so let each existence be tailored for that being. And allow each of us to share these experiences and adventures with they who may have convinced themselves their time here is useless and meaningless and that there is no purpose of them or their body in this God-forsaken world.


     Life is meaningful – I need not make it as meaningless as I have made my Self, or as I have made Those Who walk with me, those imaginary friends I have made my imaginary lovers.