wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"My current experiences are metaphors for the Path walked by the Mystics,

and all those I encounter are part OF this."

Desert Spirit





Sunday, January 24, 2010

Desert Spirit


     My mind holds only what I think with God. All things are echoes of the Voice for God. This is my holy instant of release from time, space and the ego-thought system. What will You have me do this day, where will You have me go, what will You have me say and to whom? Your Will be done. Decide for God for me for my life, Inner Teacher.


     Today I have thoughts of going to the cabin, and of my concern with the resources I have available to make this trip, as well as my concern for the supply of cleanse our brothers ask for and need. Now I am thinking that if I am away to the cabin, and You make the supply available, I can still receive it in my absence, and distribute it on my return from the cabin.


     Another concern is for a vehicle I will need on my trip to the isolated, sacred site of the cabin. It is a place that requires a different kind of vehicle, one that can meet the demands of the environment with ease. Depending on the conditions of that sacred place when I go will depend on the type of vehicle I will need to travel there. What is the vehicle the spirit travels as it visits other worlds, upon its departure from time, space and the body? What vehicle does spirit use to travel the many realms to which You send it for Your Teachings? There could be only ONE vehicle in both of these experiences - the vehicle must be the AWARENESS OF SAFETY that You provide, in which I reside. In ANY dimension I travel I will travel within the Awareness of Safety, and in this realization ALL I NEED will be provided. Thank You for this kind reminder.


     So I will concern myself with what vehicle I will need when the assignment presents itself. Until then I will concern myself only with the understanding that the Vehicle of Safety is You. For You tell me of the pitiful ego judgments I make and value are all false. Any yet my experiences seem to challenge me, again and again, whom you say only has reality in Spirit. For this reason alone I will come to study and attempt my communications with You, day after day, in anticipation of living the truth of Your lesson and living by the truth of what I am beyond the body. What else would be more meaningful than this?


     Now I ask, “What is it I am to learn/unlearn from this continual delay in supply? If you are the Supplier, how can the supply be delayed?”


     My lesson today reads,


This thing (the body) that it (the ego) speaks of and would yet defend,

 it tells you is yourself. And you believe that

 this is so with stubborn certainty.”


     If I have taught my mind I am a body and an ego, or have a personal mind, a personal identity, and this is reinforced BY those who also think this, then the Unseen will have a difficulty bringing to my mind a reality that is greater than the body. And if the ego/body/brain are to exercise stubborn certainty, by my authority, then it must be possible that this SAME stubborn certainty can be used by You?


     It would require a dramatic shift in events to convince my mind, a mind that is caught in horizontal thinking, that there IS Another World. And so in the lesson with lack and the absence of what comes to me, I find a need for patience and for trust that what our brothers request that I am asked to deliver to them WILL come. And those who have asked for it WILL receive it in a time of Your Choosing.


     How is this lesson and these experiences any different from those who seek truth? My current experiences are metaphors for the Path walked by the Mystics, and all those I encounter are part OF this. Seen by the higher mind, it begins to make sense what all this means. But if my attention rests on the physical world and the perceived reality of the body and the ego’s world of economics and commerce, it is a bleak picture. I will not rest my attention there, but stretch to see these lessons from the Eyes and Ears of Another Dimension.


     You once said to me,


Patience is natural to those who trust.”


     And again now You remind me of this. Many have no patience, no trust, relying rather on ego and body and brain and physical reality to define for them what anything means. They trust unreality. So they come to ask me to deliver a cleansing of their being, and I say, “It is the best cleanse. Yet it comes to those who truly want it. Wait, be patient; it is coming.”


Yet they grow weary, like spoiled children who are hungry, throw temper tantrums, weakened by the idea of wanting and waiting, thinking it will never come. They give up.


     BUT I CANOT GIVE UP. Ever. I MUST BE HERE to give to them what You supply to ME. And I beg them to wait, to trust and be patient. But they drift away, grow angry, impatient, and hurl insults and threats at me. They drop away to go and spread lies and slander about me. They demand proof. They accuse me of being a poor representative, a sham. They accuse me of treason, of theft, of betrayal, of seduction and of deception, and they protect their money like it is a golden calf, a god - Give me what I want right this instant or give me my money back! ” They are like sour grapes, bitter, and worthless, and leave a foul taste in my mouth.


     On and on it goes with the tests. And each day I appeal to the Source for relief, to help me help them with this cleansing, this purging of the mind of its impurities. I appeal day after day for a way to help by delivering to them what they want/need. And they cannot wait; small, impatient, stubborn, pitiful children who drop away, wander off, thinking the answer and the supply will be found elsewhere. They want the universe, in seven days.


     However, more rather than less, remain. More than less have stayed. More remain than those who have abandoned their initial request. Some think they can manipulate me or manipulate You or the situation to their advantage, thinking by some magic spell I can delivery ONLY TO THEM what they desire. They wish to be a favorite. They want me to give special favor to them, boasting to me about how long they have been a good follower, as if time somehow qualifies them for sainthood.


     Some stay. Some go. Some wait quietly, some accuse boldly, and think in reply to their unruly demands the Heavens will open up to them mercifully and serve them. But in spite of what THEY do or not do, I must remain here, waiting on You in Your Certainty everything is exactly as it should be, attempting to exercise my stubborn certainty that when You decide, THEN I will receive and give to them AS I have received.


     So I am here to serve their needs, to carry their needs and their requests to You Who are the Source. And their rewards will be NEVER to have to wait again. Nor will I. For You are the Source.


     In the final analysis of all things, it will be ONLY You and Your Will by which I will live, free of time, liberated from space and released from every demand the ego/body/brain has ever attempted to make my reality.


     Today I wait WITH stubborn certainty You WILL deliver me and deliver TO me what I need as it is needed to fulfill the part You have assigned to me and ask me to play. And they who do not share this stubborn certainty of Your Reality will drop away. Each impatient and distrusting one is another aspect of my self, a part of myself that is cleared out of my mind. For it no longer serves my higher mind. And I need no longer protect these aspects of myself.


     Who remains, in quiet certainty, will share WITH ME and WITH You the Rewards Heaven holds for me and for them. And these Rewards bring with them the lesson’s ending and shedding of all I no longer need, and a freedom not of this world, a peace unspeakable.


     This IS my/our successful outcome that awaits me. It is stubborn certainty that is recycled today to be Stubborn Certainty. It is This that remains when all the otherness dies in me.


     So be it now that You take these thoughts I extend to You and share them with ALL minds, with ALL beings, and use them as YOU wish.


      This is my contribution to the collective mind and those who share it with me. Those who receive it and accept it with me return it TO me one hundred fold as the Echoes of the Voice for God that I cannot NOT see nor hear this day.


     So be it now.

     “It is done. Bless you this day.”