wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"What form can proceed from a thought of debt forgiven

if thought is that from which forms precede?"


Desert Spirit





Sunday, December 04, 2011

Desert Spirit


“I bless the world because I bless myself.”


     Now begins a new day, in which I come to receive the Thoughts of God and respond according to my part in the Great Awakening. From the Lord God of my Being I call forth the Christ Self I Am. Come forth now, lift my mind and spirit into the awareness of God Creator and bring a peace not of this world to my mind now. Thank You.


     This day I pray, “What will you have me do, in my mind, where will You have me go, in my thoughts, what will You have me say to my Self, and to whom shall I extend it? Your Will be done through me. Decide for me for my life.”


     Today my Lesson read,


If the thought (of sacrifice, pain, loss, sickness, grief, poverty, starvation, death) occurs, its very presence proves that error has arisen, and correction must be made. Your blessing will correct it.”


     My sacredness will correct it, or wishes to see correction of error in what I perceive. Then, You the Teacher clearly reveal right here and now that ERROR is ANY FORM that may arise in my mind-world that manifests as sacrifice, pain, loss, sickness, grief, poverty, starvation and death.


     You are saying ALL THESE ARE ERRORS IN PERCEPTION. You are telling me that the presence OF any of these is the proof of my misperceptions, be they in thought or in actual experiences. These prove I am misperceiving. These prove I am not identifying with correction. These prove I would rather have these and give power and value to these than the correction, healing of them and release from them.


     This single sentence that You offer me today is the entire Course summed up. This single thought practiced diligently, repeatedly would end ALL error, ALL illusion and what would I possibly fear if I were to fully recognize and live this one truth? Would it satisfy my Karmic Debt to You and to all minds?


     In the face of lack, delay and loss that I perceive I call forth the blessing You offer me now that will correct ALL ideas I have valued and have attempted to prove are true and real. I will satisfy ALL debt here and now today. I will meet every request a brother makes to me effortlessly, joyously, speedily. I will satisfy every perceived difficulty. I will accept only the correction that You give my mind that will reveal only the blessing of every experience I will demonstrate.


     In this writing I WILL PROVE this is the only truth. And in this I am free.


     My Debt IS paid to You in this Service to You.




     I am abundant; nothing can further delay the giving to those who ask and wait for this Internal Cleansing. It is the Mind of God That cleanses all minds in these lessons of every perceived parasite that has attempted to live in my mind and feed on my power. I receive willingly now this Divine Opportunity to rightly use my power and accept no less than this.


     Work is not the goal of Life.


     Be it so now.

     “It is done.”




Now my Lesson reads,


Given first to you, it now is yours to give as well.

No form of sacrifice and suffering can endure

before the face of one who has forgiven and has blessed himself.”


     The key word here is NOW. Clearly, You reveal here that correction of error is forgiveness; correction of perceived error is healing, and therefore healing is forgiveness, and is that which I must accept for myself FIRST. For how can I transmit to another what I have not discovered first within myself?


     Correction is given TO me, FIRST, in the disturbances I perceive. The brother is the catalyst FOR these disturbances. The brother then is used to assist me in coming into contact WITH my disturbances AND the correction OF them. This then makes the brother my savior who offers me a divine opportunity to find within myself the disturbances for which I would attempt to hold him or her responsible.


     I am not a victim. There ARE no victims. There ARE no perpetrators. There are only my misperceptions and You and Your Gift of Correction. There are no ‘others’. There is nothing outside myself.


     I perceive them as robots that only know to serve the world’s rules; “service with a smile,” pontificating from cue cards the appropriate response they will give to others. They will not ever be free as long as there is no other understanding.


     Today I receive the blessing of the Lesson; correction of error comes TO me:



Given first to you…”



          Who gives it if You are the Great Corrector? It comes TO me, as forgiveness for myself, and in this what the world attempts to teach me is senseless to involve myself with. If You, Creator, are the Source, and the Resources are available, then You WILL make available to me what YOU will for me to give.


     The form error takes is “lack within form” rather than “lack OF form,” as I perceive the form should be and how it should appear to me.


     Form is external manifestation. Yet what lacks if I have only what You give to me TO give?


     And so if there is something I am expected to give, it will be given to me first, to give to them. And what I give to them is what they must be asking to receive. One I will call Helica asks me for a payment, one who counts her pennies, who has never given of herself in her life. And when she asks me for payment, I gave her what she asks for - nothing. I give her lack. For her counting of her pennies proves she prefers lack than the abundance I would give her.


     What MORE can I give her if she is satisfied with LESS?


     The blessing must be seeing error’s presence IS the presence of Your Answer. And EVERYONE must discover that what they perceive is in someone else is actually IN THEMSELVES.


     So Helica will think of me as someone who is suppose to give her a payment, and defines what the payment is suppose to be. But I DO give her a payment; I give her the payment she requests; a payment of lack, a payment of less, a payment of nothing. And she may never in this lifetime discover that she is the source of this lack.


     Never will she find comfort. A mattress does not exist in this world, regardless of its price, that will ever provide comfort to this being.


     Error, for me, is only error because I think it is supposed to be different. It is only error because I have decided what I experience is not the experience I desire. But if I have agreed to demonstrate the rising above my perceived disturbances, then crisis and challenges are those I have requested, knowing Your Answers will be a show of Your grace, Your presence, Your miracles in my journey.


     Now this day I perceive an absence, however temporarily, of Water for Nourishment that I would utilize to drink and satisfy my thirst. And You SAY, “Gratitude is the only debt you owe your brother…”


     Skeptical spectator shouts, “Tell the bank that….”


    Then, banks are more powerful than Creator. Man’s rules are more powerful than Creation Itself.


     A gratuity must be what I will give. In the realization of error being present, then so must be opportunity to rise above it.


     And so I call on You for the Answer, the Gratuity You give me to give. If it is You my Creator in them Who asks for what they would receive, regardless of who they are and how they appear to me, how shall I respond to You in them?


     “Creator is the Source. What Creator provides I will provide to those to whom Creator asks me to provide.”


     And so in this writing DO I offer this to all minds.


gratuity - a gift (of money), especially as service


     Gratitude is not a word. It is expression. Today I give gratitude for the service of being the channel through which Your Gifts flow to them. They do not see it is because of You Who are the Giver that they receive their daily bread, if You are the Provider.


     Today if You give me a service, let it be to extend the truth of what I am. Today here and now You say gratitude is the ONLY debt I owe another. I will BE grateful, or full of Your Greatness that provides to those who ask FOR Your Gratefulness, Your Gratitude. Let them learn to BE grateful, for they only have what they have because of You.


     Now the gratuity I will give to them, You give to me. It is NOW and HERE. You say to my mind it is given. This day Your gratuity is given to my mind. Today I claim the gift You give to me to give.


     I will give this gift of gratefulness that is given me. Today You give Me the “forgiving of a debt.” Then today I claim all debt is forgiven, all is returned to their rightful owners, all that is owed is paid.


     What form can proceed from a thought of debt forgiven if thought is that from which forms precede?


     Today this lesson given me reveals my Karmic Debt is paid; “Forgive us our illusions, our Father, and help us to come to right relationship with You.”


     Today You the Inner Teacher reveal that my Karmic Debt is paid.


     Skeptical spectator wants to know, “How do you know it is true? What physical proof do you have?”


     This is the Gift of Forgiveness. I need not carry their burdens another day. In this are my burdens lifted and theirs are also. You have given forth Your Light. You have corrected my thinking. The world of anxiety and pressure cannot own me. I am free of the Karmic Debt I have carried.  Removing my power from them, they decompose, like rotting flesh returns to dust.


     If You reveal here I am free of Karmic Debt, then I am given gratefulness. I am grateful for the debit I owed to our brothers I have paid. The world may try to teach otherwise,


     Skeptical spectator demands, “You must make your payments…”


     The world attempts to teach me that the external forms my Karmic Debt has taken remain unaffected by this revelation. Yet these are forms as to how my Karmic Debt has appeared. And here today You reveal my Karmic Debt, gratitude I owe our brothers, is paid. If this IS true, then it must be here somewhere in this lesson.


     And You show it to me:


No form of sacrifice and suffering can long endure

 before the face of one who has forgiven and has blessed himself.”



     No form can long endure. And so time ideas die, and so do the forms that time has held together.


     Forms to which I have given no power must decompose. I withdraw my power now from the idea of debts I owe. And You the Creator reveal through the Inner Teacher You have Authorized this release; my full karmic release from the debt of gratitude I owe all brothers is given.


     All Karmic Debt is paid. It is given today this blessing now. Would the world’s injustices say it is otherwise?


     Skeptical spectator shrieks, “And what proof do you have this is true?”


     Its very presence proves correction has been made.


     I dwell not in the House of Debt. I dwell in the Kingdom of Gratefulness. I gladly give this revelation to all minds. My Karmic Debt is paid. Even if it is not, it is. And in this is the decomposition of all forms of debt that once stood before my face.



     Today I face the prospects of a re-composition of my Kingdom, one that is debt free. As I compose this message of gratefulness, it is the gratuity I give all minds. For it is Your Gift to me. Let them measure their own skeptical spectator with it.


     How do I know Your Gratuity of freeing my mind of Karmic Debt is given? You tell me so, in a timeless instant:


Given first to you, it now is yours to give as well.”


     The key word is NOW. And so I leave this payment gladly with them.


     Be it so now.

     “It is done.”


     Skeptical spectators reply, “Wishful thinking….”


     Yes, indeed it is. 


      I wonder who will read this who will realize and fully accept and appreciate the Fact that their Karmic Debt has been paid? For it is not a time idea, nor is it that which time can provide.






     After writing this lesson today, I went to the front porch. There I sat and ate a breakfast. The sun was shining, it was quiet and cool, and there was a slight wind.


     As I sat I noticed in the front yard, about 25 yards away, laying in the grass, a piece of plastic paper about the size of a piece of notebook paper. I was too lazy to get up and remove the paper that littered the lawn. I said to the paper, “Blow up here on the front porch so I do not have to walk to you, so I can throw you away.”


     I became very, very tired, heavy-eyed, to the point I could not keep my eyes open. I put back my head on the chair, and feel into a deep, deep sleep.


     I have no idea how much time passed. When I woke from this sleep, I noticed, at my feet, was this piece of paper.


     Not thinking anything of this, I picked it up, came into the house, and threw it away. I then went to my bed, where I slept further for many hours.


     I woke up as the sun was going down. I went into the shower, and began to bathe. And the thought hit me,


Would he whose Karmic Debt is paid,

 command control of the wind?


And what other forces are available to him 

whose Karmic Debt is paid?