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 "Most individuals in this world have not a clue as to what the Wise call ‘inner work’."


Desert Spirit





Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Desert Spirit


     In many sacred writings, the idea of encountering difficulties along one’s earthly journey is pretty commonplace. However, it is often misunderstood and seen as treacherous, rather than liberating, the experiences one may encounter through the inner journey.


     Our perceptions, founded in fear, stimulate in us a terror OF the spiritual path as we misperceive what the Wise would offer us along our path of discovery. And so the uneasiness within us often prevent us from fully engaging ourselves IN a spiritual study that would not only liberate us FROM fear, but transform our manifest world.


     To some degree it is true that the path of Self-discovery is painful. Yet this pain is associated with the dying OF the self, or what many paths call the ‘ending of the ego’s rule in the mind’.  For the spirit, it is not painful but liberating to shed the dross of ego. For ego, it is terminal, and is avoided BY ego at all costs.


     We would not even know what to do in situations that we have not yet experienced that we assume may be difficulties we must face should we elect to ‘follow the path of the Wise.’ So this fear of the experience that we have not yet had is called ‘anticipation’.


     We anticipate what we think it will feel like to encounter certain experiences, and even go further to DESCRIBE these encounters. For example, one who has never experienced the death of a child would fear this possibility as a ‘necessary step’ to one’s liberation. And so at the risk of avoiding the death of one’s child, and assuming this is necessary, one may abandon the study.


     And yet we do not even know what it would feel like until we are IN the situation. We only see, through distorted perceptions, OTHERS suffering of the loss of THEIR child and naturally assume this is the experience we too will have to endure. That may be true, and it may be a great lie also.


     The spiritual experience of what I term ‘inner work’ is designed to bring us freedom FROM pain and suffering, and not pain as an essential lesson to learn. So if we do not have a spiritual foundation, or a higher understanding other than the limited views we carry, then we will relate everything from the physical level. But if we have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear, then the experience will look very different.


     I recall a story of one being who wanted to live alone, being in a situation for 10 or so years that had been over for a long time. The thought of living alone after living with someone was fearful to some degree, but also elating for her. Anticipation of what it would be like introduced both of these possibilities.


     Those close to her ‘predicted’ and painted a picture of gloom and doom for her. It was told to her that there would be struggle, fear, pain and sorrow, and even the possibility of death. Not having the experience before, she believed all this gloom and doom prophecy from ‘well-intended’ individuals who she saw as ‘wise and loving’ people.


     Then she moved out and began to live alone, and the prophecies never materialized, except for those who MADE these predictions for her. In fact, these wise and loving people were predicting their OWN demise in the absence of her presence from THEIR world. Clearly it was a projection of their fears onto her.


     So the fear and the anticipation kept her from moving out sooner. But once the step was taken, she found out that the fear and doom were untrue and unfounded. However, in keeping a connection WITH these gloom and doom prophets, they continued to poison her world as long as she remained in contact with them.


     According to her, she had some sort of ‘moral’ obligation to them, feeling their pain was HER fault. Has she not moved out, she speculated, THEY would not be suffering. She did not see this as guilt being placed on her BY they who suffered FROM guilt.


     We perhaps can see in hindsight that we have already been through many painful experiences and survived them with nothing more than a bruised ego. Why? Because we are able to look at those experiences in hindsight once we pass through them, and given the possibility of learning a lesson, we begin to see the lesson differently than what our fear defined it to be.


     So any experience we go through with a higher meaning, we will know it is for our highest good, that it is part of an orderly universe, that it is the ending of the negative karma in us, and that it is part of the purification process of our spirit, heart, mind and soul. And it always leads to a greater freedom and understanding of ourselves.


     People go through painful experiences in the world because they have not discovered these are things within the mind that have not been addressed and are manifesting physical forms they encounter. They think these events are happening TO them, rather than what THEY ARE manifesting themselves. We call them ‘life’s experiences’. But it is really due to the refusal to see in the mind what is there unhealed and uncorrected, and a refusal to do something about our erroneous thinking.


     This can be easily seen. In the body, when we experience worry, for example, all the symptoms OF worry manifest IN the body; sweaty palms, nervous stomach, headache, and a host of other ailments. Then, the more complicated the mind’s sickness, the greater the complication will be one experiences physically.


     Most individuals in this world have not a clue as to what the Wise call ‘inner work’.


     Ironically, painful experiences in the world WILL LEAD beings to COSNIDER doing some inner work. For usually it is the last resort, even after ‘seeking for God’ and discovering there is no relief there either.


     Seeking outside for anything cannot lead to inner correction. This great truth could end ALL sickness and suffering in the world forever.


     So this logically leads to the understanding that to do the inner work can potentially save an individual a lot of pain through experiences she or he would encounter in a physical existence. They can be avoided.


     The inner work ends the need FOR painful experiences in the world because the mind that is producing them no longer manifests them when they have been uncovered, discovered, understood, corrected and released.


     The mind cannot manifest, in the body or earthly experiences, what has been healed, corrected and purified in it. One’s life lessons then become psychological rather than physiological.


     The inner work allows one to work out his or her difficulties in the mind, in ones thinking, rather than having to physically experience them in a physical environment.


     For the masses, this will make absolutely no sense whatsoever.