wilderness path

a significant inner journey

 Date: January 27, 2021 at 1:53:02 PM EST

Subject: From Errol & Imogen:

Expanded information of the Aquarius Full Sun-Moon Cycle

      Hi to You All around the Blue>Green Earth,

     Tomorrow evening at 7.17 pm (GMT) is the Aquarius Full Sun>Moon. The exact 'time' is vital because it is only at this time (adjusted to local times) that the Spirit of Aquarius transmits Aquarius Energies into the Energy Field of the Earth - which means the Higher Spiritual Energy Centres of the Planet - which in turn transmit this Energy into the Energy Field of humanity & into the Consciousness of all those humans who are ready to receive these Energies. Let's remember that 'All is Living Energy'. 

     At this Aquarius Full Sun (in Aquarius) - Moon (in Leo) the Sun & Jupiter are together in 8/9-degrees Aquarius, which means that a potent double input of Ray 2 Energy (LOVE-Wisdom>Updated Expanded Revelation or Christ/Soul Consciousness) will be streaming into these Energy Centres & manifesting & expressing in whole number of ways around the world (over the 'outwave' of this Cycle > 29/30/31 to the 2nd Quarter Moon on February 4).

     At the very same time Venus & Pluto make exact conjunction in Capricorn at 25-degrees. This is very different to Sun-Jupiter in Aquarius (Rebirth>Revelation of the Future) & more geared towards the radical 'ending>transformation' of the past/history which will manifest via the agency of some powerful women (Venus-Pluto) per se. There is a chance that via this highly potent Aquarius Full Sun-Moon Cycle (re both Sun-Jupiter & Venus-Pluto) that one (or a number of) powerful man/men (Sun-Jupiter) & woman/women (Venus-Pluto) will appear on the world stage to both initiate the New & break up the old system. Although this might seem to be a conflicting duality it is in fact a co-operative union of the Forces of 'death>rebirth'. In a way though this applies to all men/women who serve the Greater Good of humanity & human evolution & who are called the (Aquarius) 'Planetary Water Carriers'. These are not 'emotional' waters but Spiritual Waters - Light>Love>Power.   

     There can of course be no true Rebirth without the death of the old & outdated (In Hinduism there is Shiva>Kali the Destroyer & Brahma the Creator & out of this seeming duality comes Vishnu the Preserver or Builder). So it would seem that this Potent Aquarius Cycle will manifest in both a 'destructive' & 'constructive' fashion (Since Pluto & Venus are both 'feminine' planets & have a link to the earth per se - Pluto is the Kundalini Fire at the Core of the Earth - this might manifest as some so-called 'natural disaster' or it could manifest as the Rising Up of women around the world). Love & Power are not enemies. 'It takes two to tango'.

     Friday>Sunday will be the major impact. Russia will be directly impacted (Women are rising up in Russia at present). S Africa will be impacted in February. The US will also be impacted & Sweden but Aquarius impacts all humanity.

     Watch your dreams & 'imprints' (especially around -+ 4 am) for personal inflows of Aquarius Energy/Guidance/Inspiration