wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"Today I will be carefree OF my cares

rather than careless WITH my cares."

Desert Spirit




 Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Desert Spirit



     Maybe I cannot even offer You or all minds my Lesson today if I am unwilling to share It and they are unwilling to receive It?


     Today You offer me,   

“This day I choose to spend in perfect peace”.





     I would offer to all minds my insights into the Lesson, but can it be blocked if minds are in discontent and not peaceful? But I will still make an attempt to offer my Lesson. I know at times I block a Lesson also, as I become consumed with my personal cares. That is why I need a daily contact with You my Teacher. 


     Your Lesson offers me perfect peace, which is not of this world, but is in me somewhere. How can I be aware of perfect peace if I do not feel it, if my mind is disturbed, if I am not satisfied with what the day brings or how I feel in the day? I can only offer my concerns and cares TO You, Teacher. This is what perfect peace would do; it would offer me an opportunity to purge my mind of what is turbulent. My cares, regardless what they are, are what I offer TO Perfect Peace now, today.


     It is written, “Cast your cares upon Him Who cares for you.” And so if You are the Perfect Peace Who cares for me, then You will also care FOR my cares.


     Perfect peace is offered me THROUGH my wish or willingness to offer my cares to You. What care can I keep if You ask me to share it WITH You? What care do I have that cannot be dissolved BY perfect peace?


     The Lesson is very clear. It even says,


“God’s Son can have no cares, and must remain forever in the peace of Heaven


     I can and will to have no cares as I remain in the awareness of the peace You offer me today. If I have cares, then I am not aware of this peace of Heaven in me. I am only aware of my cares that I think are too petty to share with You. The presence of worldly cares and concerns means that I am back tying to figure out my life, rather than allow You to Guide it.


     And it means that I am not sharing my cares with You because I think they are too unimportant. But my cares must be important to me if they are disturbing me and I think I have to figure them out. So is it up to me to figure out my concerns and cares, or is it up to me to offer my cares that I think I DO have?


     You tell me I can make this choice today. Rather than think I have no cares, I will offer You my concerns. You say if I have no cares, then I can only be aware of the peace of Heaven in me. I am aware of my disturbances about all things that concern me, and so I am misperceiving the presence of Your peace by perceiving my concerns.


     This is my gift to You; to share my cares with You Who are perfect peace and experience Your perfect peace in me by not CARING ABOUT MY CARES but rather let You take care of them.


     How will Perfect Peace care FOR my cares except IN perfect peace?


     When I am not in peace, I am consumed with my cares and being careless and reckless. But I would have to be in perfect peace if I am not clinging to my cares. If I give all my cares to You, then I can only BE carefree. Today I will be carefree OF my cares rather than careless WITH my cares.


     Now the Lesson says,


“And so, my Father. I would pass this day with You. Your Son has not forgotten You




     If I am Your Son and I have not forgotten You, it is because I am sharing my cares and concerns with You, rather than be upset about them and not share them with You. I cast my cares upon You, my Father because You care for me and You also care FOR MY cares and concerns. Not a single one is too small for You to manage.


     The Lesson offers me a chance to share this with all minds. It offers me this opportunity to say, “If I have cares, I will leave them in Your Care and remember the perfect peace You intend for me today”.


       I cannot have perfect peace nor be aware of it as long as I am trying to manage my cares of my life.


     So today, as You extend Peace to me, I receive Its Power, and use It to reveal all my cares. I do not wish to live my time on the planet full of cares or concerns, and so it is my responsibility to ask You to take care of them. For what else do I need a contact with Inner Teacher unless I am going to share with You what I feel stands in the way of the awareness of Your Peace in me and my usefulness to You?