wilderness path

a significant inner journey



Desert Spirit



     Animals, plants know what to do. They know what they are. They do not have to be taught.

You cannot teach a zebra what to do. It already is related to intelligence.

      The Universe is intelligent. Everything that expresses life in the Universe is intelligent.

      How much does the earth weigh? With all the water on it, how does the water not fall off into space? No one told a planet that it cannot float in space or that it will lose its water by being round.

      This Intelligence is in everything, and everything is within It. Some call it God, some call It Love, some call it Life. But It does not need YOU to name It. It knows what It is. We do not, but we want to “LEARN” what It is.

      And humans are part of this Intelligence. It is INHERENT within us, within our minds, within our being.


      But humans think they must learn. And who wants to learn? Only an ignorant person, a person who does not know wants to learn. Then, learning leads to MORE ignorance.

      If we realized we are also part of Intelligence we would not WANT to learn anything because we would see the violation of that to our intelligent Self. Everything we learn and the more we learn lead us further and further away from the Knowing within us.

      You cannot teach an elephant to be an elephant. When you want to teach an elephant something, it will wind up in a circus, performing for an audience. And that is what the human being is; a being taught to perform in the circus we call society. And look at the mess humans have made of the earth, much less their lives.


     Look at the mess.


      Do you know they are running out of land to place garbage from human waste?

      Do you know we are running out of fresh water?

      Do you know that the earth cannot MAKE more fresh water than what is already on the planet?

Rain does not make more water. It is the process of precipitation that produces rain. The amount of fresh water is limited on the planet.

      How does the earth process rain? The water is absorbed into the atmosphere producing clouds.

When these clouds get too heavy they release the water as rain.

      Did anyone tell a cloud that it cannot float in the air while containing ten millions gallon of water? How much would such a cloud weigh?

      There is an Intelligence in the Universe to which everything, except the human being, is related. Everything, expect the human being, contributes to and is part of the harmonious universe. Only humans take FROM the earth and in the process destroy it.

      Did you know there are no landfills in the plant, mineral or animal kingdoms? How did we, as part of the Great Intelligent Spirit, become so dark?


     It is time to wake up.