wilderness path

a significant inner journey

"Now you boast of having a 'tough skin', and that you are a 'private person'.

Why, then, do you think I need to make you comfortable?

If your skin is that tough, you would feel nothing from me.

Yet I am like the sun. In spite of your not hearing anything I am saying,

you still feel the heat."


Desert Spirit




Desert Spirit




     Today I receive a message from Arthur , with whom I have been dealing in the business of internal cleansing for 18 years. Over the course of our relationship, it has become, for me, a discussion of principles and an opportunity to extend, rather than just business. It has become a topic of how the principles of inner correction changes perceptions. For him, it is a dueling of the intellect, who claims to be “highly intelligent who speaks four languages and is learning a fifth”.


Arthur has been communicating that there is no God, no evidence of God in the world, and professes to be a “self-proclaimed atheist”. And as it has been introduced to me, “Nothing happens by accident, and chance plays no part in God’s Plan,” it is interesting that Spirit would bring us together. And so my lesson today reveals, “There is no confusion in the Kingdom, because there is only one meaning. This meaning comes from God and IS God.”


If I am confused about whatever is the lesson I experience, then I am not seeing the Lesson as Creator would have me see it. I therefore must develop eyes to see and ears to hear that are not of this world. And so regardless OF my confusion regarding my relationship with Arthur, I remain within the conviction that there is only Order, there is only God’s Plan, and that the blessings of His Light will be seen by each individual in their respective ways.


So we begin the exchange with Arthur with his words in his attempts to “prove” the non-existence of God after a  recent statement I made when the miracle delivered to me much needed product, which was explained to me was a “mistake by the warehouse”. In my explanation to him OF this miracle, I offered him, “So there IS a God…”


Lol. And what would you say about the 9 million children around the world die every single year before they reach the age of 5? Many of them in ultra religious Christian countries like the Philippines. Be it from tsunamis or diseases and this god seems not to care despite their religious parents praying like crazy that their lives be spared...and of course, they end up dying because god either doesn't care or wants to inflict pain on innocent children (and is thus evil). So on the one hand, god is merciful and helps David but kills 9 million innocent children in the mean time. Let me guess at the answer... Oh, I got it - it must be that "god works in mysterious ways" right? ;)

I used to be VERY religious David (for a few years) and now I'm an atheist for a pretty reason David. I see zero evidence of any kind for god, especially the "personal god" who interferes in the lives of people. A deist point of view (which states that god created the world but doesn't interfere in the affairs of people) is, of course, impossible disprove (despite the fact that there are many facts which point to a universe without a creator as outlined by Dawkins) just like the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or the Russell's Celestial Teapot both of which are impossible to disprove as well. However, at least the deist point of view is at least possible.

So the possibility of a "personal god" is to me, on the other hand, the least probable scenario of all. Even if you assume, by the way, that there A god, one god, because 75%-80% of the world believes in other gods and other methods of salvation (and believes in them just as strongly as you believe in Jesus), it means that even if we assume there is one god, chances are therefore, based on sheer probabilities, that you got the wrong one :) Luckily, there's nothing to worry about of course, as the whole idea was clearly invented by people themselves to explain the incredibly complex outside world (and the priests promoted to gain power). The fact is that our Universe took 13 billion years to "work itself out" including 4.5 billion years of the existence of Earth and 3 billion of evolution of life on Earth. Just try to imagine 15,000 years (first civilizations). Most people have trouble imagining these lengths of time because human life span of 80 years makes our brains ill-suited to comprehend 15,000 year types of time frames. And as difficult as this sounds, how can we comprehend 100,000 years, a million years. Just mind-boggling. So imagining the incredible changes which 3 billion years of life on Earth can bring. Given that a 1000 million is a billions, it's way to much for our brains (all of us, including mine of course) to comprehand what types of monumental changes can occur in those incredibly long time frames. So for me the naturalistic explanations of everything make way more sense than any other supernatural explanations of anything.

That's my New Year's message, I guess :)

Again, happy New Year and all the best.



You think you have it all figured out. Great. I often wonder what Creator did before you were born?


Do not guess. Be certain that is what you want to say and believe.


The short answer to your message is that when I say “God” I am not speaking about religion. I am not “religious”. A religious moment is a moment of insight. That happens WITHIN oneself. That is why “religious people” are not insightful or wise. They are empty shells.


I do not know where “up there” is. So I have no idea of what you are speaking when you say these things.


But what you have done is you have tuned in to specific words, and based on YOUR perceptions and experiences OF those words, you have assumed that when I use similar words, I am speaking of the things you believe about these words. So you project your ideas onto me and then assign your meaning of these words to my life. That is why you have no idea what I speak about. We are speaking two different languages.


As I said before, truth speaks one language. Yet self-deception speaks four, five, even more languages. It must, because it does not have a heart to communicate truth.


The conditions you describe of the world are because of MAN’S “creation” of God. They are a result of what MAN has decided what God is, just like you have done. MAN made God in MAN’S image in the world of form. Yet it is backwards. Creator is Immortal Spirit. It is not responsible for this world. It is man’s self-manifested nightmare. Those who read and study and interpret the Bible do so from the perspective that God made man mortal as well as a physical world on which he must dwell. This not accurate.


In the Bible it speaks of a deep sleep that fell upon Adam, but here is no mention anywhere of his awakening. Man is in an immortal sleep, dreaming his nightmares of a physical world in a physical body. It is all in his mind, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. She is in a coma in her bed while she dreams of being in and traveling through Oz. Yet her family only wish to awaken her. She is still in her bed, safe, surrounded by loved ones, dreaming a nightmare.


This is that from which man suffers. This is why Arthur cannot find any evidence of God in Oz or in the world. IT IS NOT THERE.


Spirit created the spirit of each being in Its image. Consciousness, or spirit, lives in Higher Consciousness, dreaming. Consciousness survives the body in what we call “physical death”. Unless you have directly had this experience, you have no idea about what I am speaking, and so therefore it remains to you a belief. I have had and continue to have the experience of consciousness outside the body. This is the etheric self, the real you/me.


The conditions you describe of the world and children and so forth is because OF folks like you who have first MADE a God what he wants or does not want it to be, influenced by very poor teachers (parents) and then have KILLED the God they have made when it is not explainable to him. It is all child’s play. You scoff at those who have direct experiences with the Unseen. And yet it is only you, a small boy whistling in the dark, who fears of discovering something greater than himself.


If you think man is related to his true nature, as the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms are, then look again. Man has destroyed those kingdoms AND his own world and mind that Nature has given TO man. THAT is why there is suffering, not because there is no Divine Intelligence.


If you want a clear explanation of all you wrote, I can give it, but I do not feel you are sufficiently open-minded to hear it, nor am I interested in casting pearls before swine to trample upon and use as his own personal toilet paper. You explained to me you did not want to discuss these things, and that they were disturbing and strange to you. But you implore me TO speak of them, because a part of you thirsts for it, and the other part of you loathes it. This is the battle that is raging in YOU, not in me.


As I said, your attempt to place limits on me only is an imposing of limits on yourself, WHILE you ask me for what you want me to send to you. That is a contradiction. How can you expect to receive what is not limited if everything you impose in your own life IS limitations that you demand from others?


I WILL say that you DID ask me to ask “the Powers that be” for more a few weeks ago. So I did, and was sent 25 “free” cleanse packs when I needed them.


Of course you will argue that this was all a mistake and so on and so forth by your very well managed staff and warehouse. However, you DID say you would not send product without paying for it first, and in spite of your attempts to plan this way and withhold product, we received the product nevertheless.


If the Universal Mind is not concerned about the balances, why are you? The Universe does not care about your trying to control the flow of product to the customer. It just sees a need, and it was met.


You will have to begin the inward journey, sooner or later, if you want clarity, but if you are afraid to look at yourself, which you are, then it will not be something you will undertake. There are more wise entities that have graced the planet who have expressed Higher Intelligence that no evidence is needed. When man destroyed what Spirit gave to him freely, the sacred words disappeared from the earth. And they will not be revealed to those who have “proven” to themselves “there is no evidence of God”.


You did not create yourself, nor your body, nor your spirit, nor your non-physical mind.


Nor do you know how your spirit arrived in the particular vehicle it now possesses on this plane. But it has been on this plane many times before, attempting to work out its karma. And to leave this planet AGAIN with the idea “there is no God” would be another very dark journey for you indeed. Yet it is only you who delay your own awakening.


I will say this – in 1985 drunk David was getting sober in A.A. in Miami Florida. In the same year Anya was living in Lithuania, learning to speak English.


In 2000 Anya was in Canada and was told with whom she could have a relationship, and David was in Lecanto Florida who does not live by such asinine rules of man that man attempts to impose on others. Today they live and love together.


This single fact alone demonstrates what is not explainable by the human brain, as much as it would like to do so. Yet you have reduced it to something else, accusing me of various things and slandering her.


You spend way too much time looking outside yourself, and that is why you cannot stop. You are running from your Self.


That which seeks is that which you seek. It is inside you, not outside.


We will never find peace, happiness, love or success outside ourselves. And those who continue, will remain fearful and afraid.


The fact is most will never discover the reality of Higher Intelligence because it would require them to introspect, and scrutinize all that is dark and hidden within themselves, and it is obvious by the conditions of the world that most are not interested in doing so. So man will continue to suffer, and in defense to that suffering will seek outside himself for all he thinks will bring him “peace, prosperity and happiness and freedom”. Yet it is all a foundation built on sand, and the winds will come and blow it all away, AGAIN, and then man will start rebuilding his “enterprise” again, because he has not learned what a waste of time all these external pursuits really are.


Now you boast of having a “tough skin”, and that you are a “private person”. Why, then, do you think I need to make you comfortable? If your skin is that tough, you would feel nothing from me. Yet I am like the sun. In spite of your not hearing anything I am saying, you still feel the heat. To say you have a tough skin is like saying you carry a turtle shell on your back, into which you can recline when there is a perceived danger, or discomfort.


Yet what I REALLY hear you say is “I have secrets and must remain under the radar, and I wear a suit of heavy armor because I cannot allow myself to feel anything true. And when they touch me I will not feel it. I live in this artificial environment for my protection”.


You say your staff finds me disturbing, with whom they do not want to deal. They said the same about Yeshua. But what they say about me is mild compared to what they have said about you.


I never said I “believe” in Jesus. You said that. You put many words in my mouth and ideas in my head that do not exist except in your mouth and head. I said that Yeshua’s spirit, like any others’ spirit, is immortal and available to you when you are ready to face the truth. And of course, because they did not want to hear what he had to say then, just like you and your staff do not want to hear what I have to say, their answer was to be rid of him, pretend he never existed, distort his words, and they too grew themselves tough skin so they too would never have to feel.


The symbol of the cross ( + ) is integration of the horizontal plane, intersected by the vertical plane. The horizontal is time and space, past present and future. The vertical is timelessness, from lower to higher consciousness.




We think along the lines of the horizontal plane when we think according to the world’s dictates. It is the horizontal plane of time and space; past, present, future.


The vertical plane is ascension OUT OF that plane of existence.


1985 – David says, “I cannot conceive of a life without alcohol.” Then in A.A. two years later something occurs.

1987 – David says, “I CAN conceive of a life without alcohol.”


This is a change in consciousness.


1987 – David says, “I can conceive of a life with alcohol, but I cannot conceive of a life without A.A.” Then something occurs 10 years later.

1997 – David says, “I CAN conceive of a life without A.A.


This is another shift in consciousness.


This is how mankind will heal the planet, himself, and his brothers, where the insanity you perceive in the world will not be, and where individuals will not have to individually pursue their self-centered pursuits, grabbing all he can for himself. Then man will realize there is ONLY abundance and there is no need to compete against or exploit one another because we will all share what we have within each other.


Yet until such a time is evident, there will be very difficult times on this plane for mankind before this level of consciousness occurs.


Keep whistling in the dark. That is your prerogative. Soon, the sun will rise again and you will feel the warmth upon your thick skin. 




Now you say God does not answer the prayers of the sick and suffering and that you were “religious”. It must be that the Creator that did not answer YOUR prayers is how you came to this foolish conclusion. This perception of a Creator is that of a child. It makes God a Santa Claus.


You claim there is no evidence of God, yet you go on and on and on and on about how old the earth is and so on and so forth, and that the human brain cannot grasp it. In this single statement you provide the evidence of God. For how can you explain what you do not even understand if it is “too much for the brain to grasp”? In that regard, we are speaking of an Intelligence that exceeds man’s brain’s understanding.


Your evidence proves to you there is no Higher Intelligence. Yet, the evidence also proves that you who claim to BE intelligent have yet to demonstrate it. For only a fool would claim there is no evidence of a Higher Intelligence.


To make such a statement from a brain that Intelligence designed displays only ignorance and arrogance. Or would you insist that man designed the brain and have proof?


Where is the proof, the evidence of your intelligence?


How did your heart become so dark? You say, “God does not answer their prayers”.

And they the customer, ask, or pray, for the cleanse, the product. And they wait, and wait, and wait.


Perhaps you do not realize there are no “my customers” and “your customers”. They are only customers, others, who ask to receive “your” product. They ask to receive what will bring them relief.


Yet you delay. You do not answer their many requests, their prayer. You deny them relief.


Does not this makes you the God Who does not answer their prayers?

And by doing so, is this why God does not answer YOUR prayers?


Actually the product belongs to Creator, but you think otherwise, and as easily as it was Given, so it can be taken away.




There is an inspiring story Spirit brings to my attention, asking me to share it with you. It is contained in the ancient writings, a story of two men whose paths crossed and the outcome of their respective relationships. Perhaps you have heard it, but what is most interesting in the story is the principle that is demonstrated in the story, and is synonymous with our relationship.


You can deny there is a God, and it is not my job to convince you otherwise, but you cannot deny the Universe has brought us together, and our paths have crossed.


None of your careful planning of your life could explain how our paths crossed, just as Anya’s and my paths crossed. In Anya and my path's crossing, the outcome was love and harmony. Yet it begs to ask the question what the outcome of your and my path's crossing will be.


So here is the story. Give it the space it deserves. Observe the similarities of our relationship in the story. This is the short version.


Pharaoh held the people in Egypt to do his bidding, yet his brother Moses demanded his people be released and freed. Rather than this, Pharaoh unleashed a curse on the people, that the first born of every family be killed, not realizing that in doing so he would bring upon himself this terrible tragedy. What he wishes for others he wished for himself. For Pharaoh had a son also who was his first born. When the plague Pharaoh wished upon the people visited his OWN house, the child took ill and died. In the deep, crushing and unbearable despair that followed, Pharaoh eventually released the people to Moses who led them to the Promised Land. As they approached the great sea, and in the passion of his deep despair and hatred, Pharaoh sent his men to destroy Moses and his people, only to again lead his own soldiers to their ultimate death.


Now we can say that the people are the customers.

We can say I am Moses.

We can say you are Pharaoh.

We can say the denial of the customer’s request is your attempt to imprison them to Egypt.

We can say that your denial of the customer’s request is your denial to them of the cure they need for their respective illnesses.


You DO have a son, do you not?


Would you bring upon your own son, or your own family, or yourself a tragic illness only to be shown that all your careful planning could not prevent such a fate?


Would you deny others need for a cure to THEIR illness while thinking you or your own family or your own son deserves good health?

Would that be the proof you require to become convinced there IS or IS NOT a Power greater than yourself?


In the hour of your own heart and gut-wrenching despair and the physical, mental and financial suffering it would bring to you and your family, would you beg for the restoration of health to your son to a God that does not exist for you?


Maybe you will say, “Pharaoh did not have good medical in those days” and yet many die today in various ways in spite of advancements in medicine and technology.


It was the lesson of the Pharaoh. It can also be your lesson if that is the lesson you asked to live though in this lifetime. It can be your lesson if that is the proof you need of the existence of a Divine Intelligence.


Perhaps you WERE the Pharaoh in a past life, and is WHY you are convinced “there is no evidence of God”.


Perhaps after thousands of years your heart has not been healed of this hatred toward God and you continue to be sent back to this level to learn this?


Is that even remotely possible? And how would you know otherwise? I only pray that this is a lesson that you never have to endure.


As I said before, you are looking in the wrong place if you are seeking for evidence of a Power greater than yourself OUTSIDE yourself. Yet any child could understand the Reality of Higher Intelligence.


Can you reach the sun, for example, by extending your hand to it? Of course not. But would you then say the sun does not exist because you cannot touch it?


Yet in spite of your not being able to touch the sun with your hand, it CAN and DOES TOUCH YOU. It touches you with its light and its warmth. There is your evidence that the sun can reach you even if you cannot reach it.


That is how Spirit is.


It attempts to touch you with every word I send to you. It is sad that you never feel it.