wilderness path

a significant inner journey

 Ego says,
"Your brother has what you need. GET IT FROM him.”
Spirit says,
"You have what your brother needs. Give it TO him.”
Desert Spirit

Desert Spirit 
“In the security of reality, fear is totally meaningless.”
“To deny what s can only SEEM to be fearful.”
“Fear cannot be real without a cause, and God is the only Cause.”
     In my study I read ahead to discover these three Thoughts. Yesterday I was driving and the inspiration came to me that said:
“If reality is total peace, security, and is changeless,
then external circumstances CANNOT AFFECT THIS.”
     Therefore, in spite of what I see as my external experiences, reality remains unchanged. I claim the security of reality now, and accept no less than this. Then if this reality is forever present, even if I am often unaware OF it, then nothing can affect it. No external event can change this. In the perceived changes of external events, they provide THIS REMEMBRANCE, that reality is secure, and in its presence fear is totally meaningless.
     So if this peace, this security is forever deep within me, even if I have forgotten it, then to re-identify with it is my willingness to remember this reality and my relationship with Creator.
     The eternal presence of security/reality/peace cannot be affected BY externals, but AFFECTS externals. This means should the externals change, become WORSE, there is no affect ON MY REALITY. Consequently there is no affect on my reality or my security or my eternal peace if the externals become BETTER.
     Regardless what the externals show me, reality remains unchanged.
     To experience and be aware of and recognize this reality daily, moment by moment, forever, is the purpose of all spiritual disciplines. I offer these thoughts to you today that they may be strengthened in me.
“In the security of reality, fear is totally meaningless.”
“The reality of EVERYTHING is total harmlessness.”
     I cannot change this Fact, this Truth.
     But I can NOT KNOW or remember it.

     David, you have no idea how much these words shared with me today are exactly what my spirit needed to hear and claim for myself in this moment, on this day.  As my externals are shifting I have felt myself walking with courage in the presence of fearful thoughts, accepting and realizing that I am safe. 

     I also said to a fellow AA member yesterday I desire to become more disciplined in my spiritual practices and my externals are giving me that opportunity. 

     Thank you for sharing your Lesson with me.



     Hi David,

     I was out for a nature walk today – the weather is beautiful.

     I never heard from Miriam after I sent that last email I shared with you, giving her the choice to sweep things under the carpet or not and so I texted her saying I would just make it easy for her and look for a new Sponsor and I thanked her for being the Sponsor that I had needed. She actually then texted back saying she had been napping and would go read the email. No more word from her, and when I saw her at the meeting she seemed to be trying to avoid me but I went up to her and said ‘hey can we talk a minute’...and so she said she was fine with me finding a new Sponsor and walked away. Her attitude towards me was VERY different...

     I shared your lesson with her this morning, with my reply, I hope you don’t mind. I don’t know how that relationship will evolve...

     The only Bird I encountered today, who flew over me just as I was finishing my 12km hike...


      “Raven totem is the keeper of synchronicity. He is a master of bending and folding time and space so that you are exactly in the right moment at the right time.

     “This beautiful black totem also brings messages of transition, change and healing because of its ability to cast light into the darkness. When this happens, make sure that you are well grounded and have faith in your journey. Raven magic will guide you through.”

     Another reminder of the Safety that is our Reality.