wilderness path

a significant inner journey



Desert Spirit



Hello Alvin,

     I hope I am spelling your name correctly.

     I trust you and Maria had a good trip back to your home in New Jersey. It was a pleasure meeting you both and speaking with you both.

     Although this is addressed to you, Alvin, I invite you to share it with Maria. I hope you both will find the time to read through this slowly and give it the time and space to find its way into your minds and hearts.

     As I said I feel that communication between individuals is lacking in our world. We are too busy trying to "make a living", searching externally for all the things we think we need or will make our lives happy and comfortable. But because the world we have made has used our energy and our time to keep us moving faster and faster, to keep what I call "the machine" working, we do not have much time to stop and talk to one another and ponder what is really going on in our world, or what our personal, individual contribution is to one another or to the world.

     I was thinking about some things after we left your father's house, and I wanted to get my thoughts on paper to share with you before they escaped me. And so I think one of our individual contributions we have to offer the world is our individual experiences. I think our individual experiences, when we share them with each other, have more to offer than all the intellectual knowledge we think we can acquire while we are here alive on the planet.

     There is a lot we can learn from books, and from schools and so on, but most of this learning is mechanical and geared to one end  -  to keep the “system” of work going, to pay the taxes, to pay the corporations, to pay the politicians while we ourselves struggle often in trying to maintain our own existence.

     We go to school to learn to read, write and so forth, but for what? To get jobs. For what? To buy the things we want and think we need. Yet is it not “they” who TELL us what we want or need? Since we have no time to slow down, we do not even ask ourselves the questions:
"Is what I want really what I need? Will it make me peaceful, comfortable, unafraid?"

     But to share our individual experiences is another thing because our individual experiences are not something we can learn in a book or in a school, unless we wrote a book ABOUT our experiences and it became part of the books we would study IN school.

     For example, many great poets and writers offered literature to the world based on their experiences in life and their time on the earth. The books written by authors and poets of the United States such as Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman, who wrote about their individual experiences, actually became part of the literature we had to learn and study when we went to school. Yet our INDIVIDUAL experiences have never been shared with anyone. Why? Because we do not have time to either share or we feel no one is interested in our experiences anyway.

     However, many DO write books ABOUT their individual experiences that later become best selling books and movies. And so our individual experiences are unique in that they are OUR experiences.

     This leads me to believe that EVERYONE OF US has a book inside us, a movie within ourselves to share with the world. But who can find the time to stop long enough to share it or put it on paper and into print?

     So what I mean is our individual experiences that our spirit is here to acquire is a valuable tool to share. And those with whom we share our experiences can learn FROM them, just as we learn from the experiences OTHERS share with us.

     I think parents are not suppose to TELL THEIR CHILDREN what they, the parents, want the child to do. I think the parent's responsibility is to share WITH the child the parent's individual experience and allow the child to grow and develop its OWN individual experiences based on what the parents share with the child. But that is not how it is. What parents teach their offspring is what THE PARENT WANTS THE CHILD TO DO, rather than encourage the child to find its own path in life.

     We all individually have come to this earth to do something. I call it our path or our function. I call it our purpose. This function, this purpose, NO ONE can decide for us. WE must discover it ourselves. And most of us do not know this. Why? Because no one has told us or taught us that we have a function to fulfill and it is our duty to find that function and fulfill it.

      This function, this path, this purpose is buried deep within each one of us.

     This function, this purpose, cannot be learned in a book. It cannot be told to us by a parent or a friend. You cannot purchase it with money, it is nowhere to be found in Walmart or on Facebook, and no college or university can tell you want it is or teach it to you, regardless how many books you read and how many languages you speak.

     But we CAN AND MUST DISCOVER IT DEEP WITHIN US. We HAVE to discover it and this can only BE discovered when we ask some simple questions:

     "What is my function?"
     "What am I doing on the earth plane?"
     "Why have I come here?"
     "What am I doing here?"
     "What is the purpose of my life?"
     "What will be my contribution to the world?"

     We can ask ourselves at any point of our lives these questions. Yet you will hardly meet anyone who would introduce this to you. But I discovered it. It is part of my earthly experience. And now I am sharing it with both of you.

     Find out what you came to the earth plane to do, and encourage this in others also, because THIS is our ONLY function.